This story was written for FAGE Six-Pack.

Title: Besotted

Written for: White Wolf Legend

Written by: mama4dukes

Prompt used: The world is on the verge of destruction. Your couple is part of the team who help to save it.

Summary: Love can be found in the most unusual places—a zombie apocalypse certainly counts as one. Join Caius Volturi as he conquers zombies and falls in love with the gun-wielding girl of his dreams.

Special thank you to LosT-in-Twific for the beautiful banner and the new friendship. :)

Beta'd by IzzyBffAddict92-my sister from another mother.

This story is AU/OOC.

Rated M for course language.

All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.


"You missed one." Jane Volturi stared directly at the newborn while smiling sinisterly at the Cullens.

Edward placed the newborn behind him for safety. His face took on a stunned expression as he turned to her. They stared into each other's eyes as if there were no others around.

That's when Bella knew it was over between them. There was no more Bella and Edward. It would be Edward and the scrawny looking vampire with the greasy hair. She would be alone; or would she? That kiss she'd shared with Jacob had made her think. It had certainly been better than any of Edward's cold, hard kisses. Although she still felt that Jacob was more like her brother, that kiss had made her think of possibilities. That maybe Edward wasn't the only thing out there. Maybe...

Jane looked between the scrawny vampire and Bella then to Edward. "Well, it appears you have a choice to make. Is it going to be Isabella or your mate?" Her voice was laced with poison.

It took Edward a mere second to say to Bella, "I'm sorry." In all honesty, he didn't look sorry at all. He leaned down to his mate and whispered something. Bella couldn't hear him, but everyone else did.

"No!" Esme screamed. "Carlisle, do something!"

"It's Edward's decision."

Jane's ecstatic cackle rent the air. "Well, it was nice knowing you, Isabella. Have a nice death."

With that final statement, she disappeared through the woods; her brother Alex, the Volturi strong-arm Felix, and the tracker Demetri followed in her wake. The latter two turned just in time to witness Edward's mate knocking down Isabella Swan and sinking her teeth into her wrist. They shook their heads; completely stunned that Edward Cullen could be so callous as to sacrifice someone who had loved him so purely. Even they weren't that without feeling. They ran to catch up with Jane and Alex, anxious to get away from these atrocious vampires.

As the Volturi disappeared, sheer chaos broke out amongst the Cullens. Esme took Edward's mate and flung her as far as she could. A furious Edward punched Esme in the nose. Alice stepped in to defend her and shoved Edward, giving Esme time to help Isabella. Jasper, meanwhile, kept Edward's newborn restrained with his gift. Carlisle grabbed his wife, shook her, and yelled, "I told you that the decision was Edward's!"

"It's wrong, Carlisle! After what she's been through, it's..." Esme was stopped mid-speech as Carlisle slapped her on her cheek. She fell to the ground.

"You will obey my command, Esme!"

She had vowed never to be abused at the hands of a man again, this included Carlisle. This time, she stood up and fought back. All around, chaos ensued. Alice was still fighting Edward, Jasper had his attention focused on the newborn waif, and Rosalie jumped into the fray to assist Esme. Emmett took the opportunity to check on Bella who was screaming in agony. He sunk his teeth into her jugular and injected his venom, continuing on to her wrists.

With the newborn incapacitated, Jasper came to check on Bella. "Not enough venom," he informed Emmett and tore off her clothes. He bit into her arteries to inject his venom—behind her kneecaps, on her ankles, and finally over her heart. He kissed her on the forehead before running to assist Alice with Edward.

Emmett took his shirt off, placed it on Bella, cradling her lovingly as a brother would.

"Go, Esme!" Rosalie urged as Emmett gingerly placed his changing sister into her arms. He kissed her on the cheek. "I love you, Little Bear." He looked up at Esme. "Run! Tell her; tell her that we love her! We'll find you!"

With that, Esme ran as fast and as far away as she could from the only life she'd ever known as a vampire, wondering how in hell she and Isabella were going to survive this mess, but determined to make things work.