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The horror.

"Oh hell no!" Reila yelled. "I refuse to go to the Leaf!"

"You will do as I say!" Her mother grabbed hold of her long white hair preventing the young woman from storming away. "Your father sent me a letter before he died, he wants you to go to the village and become a ninja."

"He is not my fucking father. Jiraiya was nothing more then your sperm donor. He never truly loved-." She was silenced by a hard slap to the face, blinking at her mother her green eyes widened.

"Never speak about your father that way, he loved you with all his being." Mother yelled in the young girls face.

"He never loved you though! To him you were just a convenient fuck! A replacement for that damn woman he could never bed."

"That is enough Reila, your father loved you."

"I'm not arguing if Jiraiya loved me or not, I know he did. I was given the best tutors, he came whenever he could get away. I know father loved me, he didn't love you though!"

Her mother sighed, they had this argument every time Jiraiya was mentioned and both were as tired of it as each other. "Fine, if you will not honour his last wishes then honour mine. I want you to go to the village hidden in the leaves. You are near the age of his former apprentice Naruto. They need skilled fighters and that is what you are, we both know that, please go help your fathers village."

"Mother..."Reila whined. "What will you do if I die?"

"I would prefer you die in battle then some of the things that could happen in this remote place, you can get in your training, fall in love..." She sighed happy.

"Mother I'm only twenty!"

"You are unique!" the older woman yelled pulling her daughters hair again. "You have my old beauty and the use of all chakra elements! You will be needed girl now hop to it!"

Reila sighed, she love her mother, she really did. When her mother is not yanking on her hair, she is the one pulling on hers. They have a very strange relationship, but that is what makes every day so much fun they both insisted on many occasions. "I'm glad I got your looks, I would have had to do the honourable thing and kill myself if I had Jiraiya's." Reila quickly turned and grabbed a fist full of her mothers hair and bending the older woman's head back she kissed her forehead. "I love you mum."

"I love you too, now go get packed!" They released each others hair and Reila was pushed gently out of the room tutting all the while. "Make sure you dress in your traveling clothes, and make sure your weapons are sharp!"

"I know old woman, stop nagging at me!" Reila yelled back from her room.