Title: Moonlit Lunacy

Part: 1

Chapter 1: Moon Madness

Crossovers: Manga and anime sailor Moon

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Quote of the day:

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long enough into an abyss, the abyss gazes also gazes into you."

- Friedrich Nietzsche**

Usagi Tsukino was asleep in bed but her dreams were filled with terrible things. She wasn't dreaming of Mamoru, friends, fun things, food, manga/anime or cute things. In her mind, she was being tormented psychologically. A shadow was in her mind. It was trying to shatter her psyche by twisting all of Usagi's memories. It was trying to turn Usagi into a puppet of evil, madness and mass destruction. Tonight, it would succeed. For many hours it made her see many terrible lies and it also tormented her with visions of traitorous friends, angry friends, vengeful friends. Usagi remained strong. However, the shadow persisted and showed Usagi more terrible things to break her soul. Usagi screamed for all of it to go away, but it continued until all Usagi could see were these scenes:

"Go to hell, Usagi. You are weak and stupid!" Rei was angrily saying."No! It's all lies! Shut up!" Usagi yelled. She yelled in anguish as she listened to their words. The words… of the warped memories, the words of her twisted dreams… the words of a broken world…

"I hate her. She should never be the leader." Rei was speaking. "She will never be strong enough." Makoto snidely spoke and smirked darkly. "She is not smart enough. She is a lazy student, after all..." Ami spoke and had a cold look on her face. Minako spoke coldly. "She is too naïve… she has never seen or felt pain." Setsuna spoke coldly.

"She will never comprehend the importance of the future. She is a silly princess." Hotaru spoke cruelly. "I only became her friend because of Chibiusa." Haruka spoke. "She can't become stronger. She is weak." Michiru spoke. "She is an inelegant child." Mamoru was disdainful. He walked away and muttered, "I only love her because it is fate. She is a whiny worthless princess..."

Then, Chibiusa spoke and that was the last straw. Chibiusa muttered, "She is too stupid and lazy. How can she even be my mother?"

Queen Serenity appeared and spoke, "You are weak. You are worthless."

Then Ikuko, Shingo, and Kenji also said terrible things to her.

The scenes repeated over and over again, with some cruel variations. Usagi mumbled the word no loudly and repetitively. she also cringed in a corner. Usagi's eyes started to turn vacant. Tears leaked out of her eyes. many insecure thoughts then floated in her mind. They were: They are my friends. No, they did not hate me. They did not... it was all lies. They had to be lies. It was all lies...

But a small part of her mind had cracked. It said that everything Usagi had seen was the truth.

Usagi felt somewhat convinced yet very confused, so she bit her lips and closed her eyes."No… this … You lie… shut up. Shut up. Shut up!" She was screaming. She was crying. She was confused. The darkness surrounded her. A cold voice spoke to her. "Serenity, listen to them. Can you feel the hate? Can you hear their nasty words? Take action, destroy them! Hurt them. Kill them! Fight them and destroy the earth. You have the power. You must take revenge. You must imbue me with your power…"

She bit her lips and let out a breath. She closed her eyes. Her fists were clenched with rage. In the right frame of mind, she would have never listened to the cold voice. She would have defied it and defeated it. However... as it was, she was broken now. She was scared, filled with tension, fear, panic, sadness, hate, anger and a deep feeling of loneliness. The broken and lonely feelings would help the voice taint her. Her soul was filled with many negative emotions.

All her negative emotions absorbed some dark energy that was lingering around her. Then, her sanity snapped like a brittle rocky cliff crumbling into dust. A strong flare of rage filled her as she saw their condescending faces. A sense of fury filled her mind. She then spoke. "Yes. They aren't my friends. I want revenge." A pitiless expression was on her face. As she spoke, all the images of the insults, the doubts, and taunts… they all shattered. The cold, angry and vengeful words made her decision. Shadows whirled around her, tainting her…

Usagi smiled darkly."Who are you?"

The shadow whirled around Usagi and chuckled with satisfaction. Yes, this would do. She was ripe for the picking. The shadow had those thoughts and more. As it examined her soul, Usagi's eyes darkened.

Usagi whispered, "Your power…" looking at the scenes of hatred, insults, and doubt with rage. She wanted all of them gone. She wanted them all to die. The darkness in her psyche was increasing and causing her psyche to crack even more.

The shadow spoke. "I am everyone's rage, I am vengeance. I am chaos." She had a small grin on her face. "So, you are my archenemy…" she spoke. The shadow giggled sinisterly but corrected her.

Usagi stared at the scenes of hatred, insults, and doubt with a truly deepening and darkening rage. She wanted all of them gone. She wanted them all to die. The shadow spoke. "I am everyone's rage, I am vengeance. I am chaos." She had a small grin on her face.

Usagi frowned. "So, you are my archenemy…" she spoke. A tinge of determination remained in her psyche. The Darkness knew what it had to do to kill that determination. To do that, the voice then corrected her.

"No, that was the truth before this. Yes, you were my enemy, but now, we shall be allies."Usagi's smile became wider. Her forehead glowed. The crescent moon appeared only to shatter and be replaced with a glowing black star with eight points. Usagi then spoke hollowly. "I choose it. I like it…Hatred… vengeance and… chaos." she spoke. "I choose it for my vengeance... and their pain." Her hands were clenched and she shook with rage.

A shadow appeared in front of her. It looked similar to her, but it had a sinister smile and it uttered some words with malice. The eerie shadow purred at her and tendrils curled around Usagi's face. The shadow's voice was smug. It spoke with great satisfaction, "Ooh, yes. You have made a good choice. We will unleash Chaos on the world, together." Then, it merged with her…

Usagi's eyes became vacant for a few seconds, then, she fell asleep.

In her unconscious state, her symbol, a golden crescent moon appeared momentarily on her forehead, before being replaced with an upturned black crescent moon. Then that vanished. As all of that happened, an eight-pointed star symbol floated above that and faded. Her soul was fracturing and shattering. A part of her which was filled with resentment, hatred, and frustration was in charge of Usagi's body. An hour later, Usagi woke up and she smiled darkly. She stared at the clock darkly. It was ringing. She was early. She blinked. Then, she giggled softly as a few dark thoughts entered her head. The thoughts were: yes. I will do it. This planet will be ruined. All of them will die by my hands…

That was the thought that ran through her head. She was bent on obliterating all she had once held dear. Usagi then grabbed her eternal brooch and looked at it. "It's weak… This is not my true power. I want more power… I want the power of the stars... the universe... the full powers of the cosmos..." she spoke coldly. Chaos, which had been the sinister voice, the horrible shadow and the cause of Usagi's shattering dream, spoke in her mind.

"Visit them. Hate them and I will lend you my power…"

Usagi smiled and whispered, "What power would that be? Will it kill them? Can I do as I wish?"

The voice of Chaos answered her. " Yes. You can kill them. You can do as you wish. You could even brainwash them to be evil too. Now listen to me... My power...It is the power of a black, black heart. By using my power, you will gain your truth. Use your distorted desires to rule over those who would hurt you. Trample those who would hurt us." Usagi smiled. She would do that. She then got changed. She fastened the brooch to her uniform. Then, she went to school. That day would turn out to be a terribly disturbing and nightmarish day for her family, friends, and teacher and fellow classmates.

Afterward, at Juuban High school, she behaved normally for the first half of the day and period. She acted so well that nobody, not even her friends, family and guardians, the senshi of the four guardian deities suspected a thing. The sensei, Ayugai Satoshi was handing out a pop quiz. Then, she heard the voice whisper. "Do it now. Hurt them." Usagi smiled darkly. She put up her right hand as the Sensei walked towards her. He looked at her with surprise in his eyes. She was not a student who normally had any interest in mathematics… so why was she holding her hand up? That was the thought that entered his head just before she spoke. Her voice was cold and cruel.

"Sensei, I will not be doing that test. I can see your skeptical expression now. You are thinking that this is a joke. Well, I will say this only once... This is no joke. For you see, I will bring about the end of the world. Yes, you heard me correctly. I shall ruin it all..." She then slammed her raised hand onto the desk. "I will bring a rule of pain and darkness..." When she spoke, it was unbelievable. Rei stared. Minako frowned. Ami gasped. Makoto looked horrified. The teacher, Satoshi… blinked. Then, Satoshi looked at her disbelievingly. "Are you joking? This is not funny. I will not have such a prank played upon…"

Then he was silenced as she stood up. She had a merciless and evil look on her face. It was like she had changed into a completely different person. She smiled and shouted the words that would change his world. She tilted her head and smiled coldly. Then, she raised her left hand and the Eternal Moon Article in the air and yelled. "What I said was the truth. I wasn't joking. To prove that, sensei…I will say these words once. Distorted Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Distorted? Minako, Ami, Rei, and Makoto instantly stared at Usagi with shock, horror, and disbelief as they heard the extra word in Usagi's transformation phrase.

In a blinding flash of multi-colored wondrous lights, a chalice with crescent moons and feathers and five seconds, Usagi had transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. She had the wings and everything… Even her Eternal Tier was in her right hand. However… there was one thing odd about her. Her sigil, the crescent moon on her forehead… It was black and upturned.

"No… This can't be…" The teacher was aghast and he nervously and hastily retreated. This was shocking. "Holy freaking shit… she is Eternal Sailor Moon…" A few other students mumbled in unison. A few other students had screamed and just looked absolutely horrified and amazed.

Eternal Sailor Moon heard them and she was pleased. She then giggled and spoke in an uncharacteristically psychotic tone, "Ooh, yes… I finally get to transform! Hee, hee! Yes! Ooh yes! Everyone will suffer! Yes... suffer... oh... oh yes...Master chaos will be happy with me. It was fun pretending to be good. Well, I can say this. Being bad is better. Now…I will start with school and you…All of you will perish. Let's have some fun… I will be the bad girl for once... Teehee...Teehehehehehe!" Usagi smiled and giggled ominously.

Usagi spoke slowly, in a menacing and derisive tone. Satoshi shuddered. She then pointed a finger at Satoshi and spoke quietly. "You will be my slave…My evil... evil slave... yes... You will be my servant." Her scepter appeared and her lips curled into a malicious and hate-filled smile. Satoshi started to back away. This was wrong. Usagi was not evil, right? She could not possibly be a crazy villain. This was impossible…

But it was happening. Most of the students were frozen in their seats, frozen with fear, horror, and disbelief. A normally delinquent student tried to stop her but as he lunged at her, she whispered. " Moonlit Persecution sphere…" Then, she merely and callously hurled two dark balls of glowing energy at him. When the balls of energy hit the student, he screamed, thrashed and fell unconscious on the floor. He had a bloody gash on his arm. He also had a broken leg. Eternal Sailor Moon giggled. After that, she spoke in disgust."Hee, hee… how weak, stupid and pathetic was that juvenile fool? He thought that he could defeat me? What a laugh. I am a goddess! I am invincible. I have power! I am a princess! I am a sailor soldier. I have the ultimate powers! I am the guardian of distortions, injustice, hatred, and clarity... yes, the clarity of darkness!"

Four students who were in the same class as Usagi watched in utter shock, disbelief, and horror as Usagi spoke coldly.

Why was she calling herself a goddess?

This was not good. Minako gulped and spoke, "We have to do something!" Rei spoke in an undertone, "Yes, but what can we do? Usagi-chan is our friend and can't... we can't hurt her." Minako spoke and sighed. "We must transform!" she whispered fiercely. "Yes, but what about our identities…" Makoto whispered. Ami looked stern. "We will take the risk. We can't let her cause havoc. We need to stop her!"Ami looked determined and spoke. "We will get her back to normal… our beloved princess…" Makoto spoke.

A resolution… common and strong was within the four. Then, Minako started it. "Everyone, transform now!" Rei, Ami and Makoto also followed suit. "yes!" They all yelled, stood up and raised their hands. Then, they all yelled in this order…

"Venus crystal power! Make Up!" "Mars crystal power! Make Up!" "Mercury Crystal Power! Make Up!" "Jupiter crystal power! Make Up!"

Within two seconds, with orange, red, blue and green lights... The four had transformed.

Now, the sensei and the other students were beyond shock and disbelief.

Sailor Venus then pointed at Eternal Sailor Moon and yelled. "This is not you! Please stop this and listen to me.. please stop this!, Usagi-chan, wake up! Stop this now! "

Eternal Sailor Moon glared at her. Then she spoke haughtily, "Eternal Sailor Venus… I am enjoying this. Why should I stop? You shall taste my wrath. Starlight honeymoon evil kiss!"

It was a deviation of one word but it caused havoc. It was not rainbow-hued. It was in varying shades of gray and it spoke of great evil. Eternal Sailor Venus dodged the attack as it barreled at her. It missed her by an inch. It crashed into a wall and it went breaking through the wall with little effort. The wall crumbled. There was a pile of dust, wires, and rubble on the floor and on the grounds below. The sensei and all the students screamed as they scrambled away from the falling debris.

Eternal Sailor Venus blinked. Her eyes widened. She looked horrified. The other three saw the destruction and were baffled, horrified and shocked. How could this be? How could she be so powerful, so violent and evil? Eternal Sailor Moon…How? How did her attack blast through a wall? How in the world was this happening? Usagi… why was she doing this? She knew that she had no choice now. Since diplomacy was futile, aggressive negotiations would have to snap their beloved friend and princess out of the madness she was in…

She pointed at their now-deranged princess. She looked at the insane eternal sailor Senshi and yelled tremulously, "Attack her now! We must fight her! She isn't the Usagi we know and love! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" She blew a deadly kiss in the shape of a golden-orange heart at the enemy, who was also Eternal Sailor Moon...

The other three hesitated for a second. However, they quickly became calm and started yelling out their attacks with determination. All the inner sailor senshi knew that she was no longer the Usagi they knew.

"Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Eternal Sailor Mercury yelled. A swirling stream of water formed a sphere, which she guided in an arc with her right hand. She then dropped it and it splashed at her feet. It then swirled around her body madly. She then raised her arms above her head and shoved them in front of her, sending forth a large column of water that divided into smaller columns, and it sought Eternal Sailor Moon…

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" Eternal Sailor Jupiter yelled. Leaves swirled around her, and they flew at Eternal Sailor Moon…

"Mars Flame Sniper!" Eternal Sailor Mars yelled. She held an arrow made of fire. She aimed it at Eternal Sailor Moon. She pulled it and then unleashed it…

Eternal Sailor Moon merely smiled and held up her right hand. Then, an unknown force stopped all their attacks. The inner sailors were stunned. Then, the attacks reversed their trajectory and hit all the inner sailor senshi with great force, making them fall to the floor in pain. It also forced them to turn back into their civilian forms.

"What? This can't be! How is she this strong?" Minako shouted and stared in shock, her arms and legs were in pain. She grimaced as she felt her whole body ache.

Minako stared at Usagi, bewildered. This… it was very wrong. She stubbornly ignored the pains she was feeling and struggled to comprehend what had just occurred.

Rei was in disbelief. She had some burns on her arms.

Rei exclaimed, "She stopped my arrow! She's too powerful!"

Ami was stunned. She was drenched and feeling strangely exhausted. She had only used one attack... so why was she feeling so tired? She stared at her hands and silently tried to force herself to get up.

Makoto was shocked. "That... that was my most powerful attack..." Makoto blinked. Some leaves were stuck in her hair and she was struggling to get up.

Makoto frowned and muttered, "What the hell did she do? How could she even do that? I thought that was not possible…"

The other three inner sailor senshi agreed. Most of all, in their minds... they all wondered: How does she possess so much power? She forced our attacks and transformations to reverse...

"Stop hurting them! No… no! No…I don't want this! Please!" A small remnant of sanity, a tiny weak voice in Usagi's head screamed. But nobody heard her, because that voice was in Usagi's head.

But Eternal Sailor Moon mercilessly thrust the voice into the depths of her mind and smirked darkly. The plan was going well. They would all die soon. Eternal Sailor Moon then smiled darkly. "You are all weak. Your attacks were useless. That was futile. You can't defeat me. I am your princess..." she spoke coldly. She spoke as if they were puny insects to be crushed.

As she spoke those words, Usagi's psyche shattered into five pieces... of individuals that started to battle each other for dominance in Usagi's mind. The Darkness laughed silently. This was what she wanted. It was all going to plan.

Rei turned pale. She recalled their previous enemies...

Minako was biting her lip and holding back the urge to cry. "No...no...please...Princess Serenity, stop! Usagi-chan...No! You mustn't!"

Ami was shocked and tried to transform again, but to no avail

Makoto stood up and wavered slightly but had a grim look on her face. "We won't let you!"

Eternal Sailor Moon's lips curled into a horrible smile. It was a smile that spoke of pain, destruction, and agony.

She smirked and spoke... arrogantly, coldly and condescendingly, "What can all of you do? I am more powerful. The truth that chaos has shown... I see it now! Greed, madness and cruelty will rule the world!" She raved in a delusional way.

She craved revenge but the need for power was greater. She would toy with them first. They would pay for their sins.

Eternal Sailor Moon smiled darkly. Then, she looked at the sky and spoke. "The world will be mine and you all are useless… Whatever you all do, it will not work. Just prepare to die and look at a crimson bloody world. I will rule it and everyone will either die or kneel... or bow to me. Decide now or I will decide your fates for you!"

The students and teachers all either bowed and... or kneeled to Eternal Sailor Moon

Minako gasped at the unnerving sight. She gritted her teeth and tried to transform again. Her attempt failed. Rei tried to transform too but failed. She gasped and gritted her teeth. Makoto and Ami stared at each other and nodded determinedly. They attempted to transform too, but their attempts also failed.

"No..." Minako whispered fiercely.

Makoto frowned and yelled, "We won't give up, even if we have no powers!"

Rei nodded with determination. She attempted to transform again. however, her attempt was to no avail. Ami also did the same as Rei. Tears gathered in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she screamed her transformation phrase many times. She wanted to save Usagi. All of them wanted to save Usagi from the madness that had possessed her. She had already saved them so many times already. This... would be their repayment of her kindness.

Minako and Makoto also try to transform many times. However, all their efforts were to no avail.

Minako clenches her fists as she ponders over why they can't transform. Makoto punches a wall next to her with frustration, creating a fist-sized hole in it.

Eternal Sailor Moon laughed insanely and smirked darkly She tilted her head and her eyes glinted with some very mysterious and sinister power. Then, she giggled like a deranged murderer.

Eternal Sailor Moon spoke coldly and loudly, "I am going to make all of you hurt... I hope you are all prepared to despair, hate, suffer and experience all the negative emotions in the universe! This world will suffer! yes... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Then after letting out that demented laughter… an unholy smile graced her face.

Author's notes:

I had to do this. I had to…

This will combine several versions of sailor moon together, new and old( manga/anime( SMC and 90's)) and PGSM live action and musical and video game stuff- this note was added on thursday 29 june, at 2.03 at 1 oct 2018 monday(A)

It's a psychological need of mine; I need to see an evil Usagi Tsukino…

But this will have a happy ending( for the real ending(I promise))( there are many ways this can end up...)… with angst. I am not sure how to explain it but I have an urge… a need to write this. I need to forgive someone, but I can't really let go of the emotional baggage, so this fan fiction is the one and only way to let my emotions go wild.

This is for me, an emotional thing...something of rage and forgiveness, sins and redemption. It is a catharsis of sorts for me…

So to all of you who are the people who read of this fanfiction, I ask of you one thing: please put up with the morose crap in this Author's Note.

This is a parallel Sailor Moon world of sorts. It is a combination of (A). Certain things have been omitted.

A general idea of the whole storyline will be given in the author's notes in the final chapter, which will be the epilogue (not a true chapter, but it will be important).

Satoshi Ayugai = he is my own fan-made character. He is just an unimportant yet important character. Read on and you will see. Note: the reason why I put his name as Ayugai Satoshi is due to this: In Japan, the surname should come first, despite the regular use of the Western style. Most surnames consist of two kanji characters.

His name is written like this:

Satoshi is... 敏, meaning "quick, sharp"

Ayugai is... a surname I chose at random. i am not even sure of the meaning. LOL

Damn, I am strange.

Inspired by:

Movies: Despicable Me


Despicable Me by Pharrel Williams

Black Black Heart by David Usher

Anime/ Manga:

Sailor Moon (what can I say? This one is a: duh!)

Naruto ( Oddly enough…)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Persona 5 (also the game inspired me. I watched walkthroughs on youtube)

Classroom of the Elite

Made up transformation phrase:

Distorted Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!

Made –up attacks:

Moonlit Persecution sphere = a dark ball of chaotic energies that will race at an enemy and cause them enormous pain, then the enemy falls unconscious or will get injured

Starlight honeymoon evil kiss= a tainted and slightly more powerful version of Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Japanese words:

Note: I removed some of them from this chapter to make it less irritating.

note: october 3, edited definitions to make them more accurate

Sensei = "teacher; elder"- means teacher in this case.

Chan= a honorific/ suffix Usually used to address young children. Males will typically start getting addressed as -kun around school age by adults. It is also used to address very close friends by people of all ages, and by elder men to address young women (which has a patronizing feel to it.)- used in this fanfic to mean close friendships

Senshi= is Japanese for "soldier", "warrior", "guardian", or "fighter". In this case, it can be either soldier or guardian, based on what the franchise says.

old summary: Usagi has turned evil under Chao's control. Can anyone save her?

note: this is an old fanfic( from 2010), but has a few revisions being made to it.

update Monday 12 Dec 2016, 4 am... made slight edits.

also: Rei used to go to a private school before. but she goes to the same school as Usagi after the Galaxia thing, in my head-canon( my... fanon idea)

The delinquent getting hurt was to show that Eternal Sailor Moon wasn't fooling around.

I will try to inject some humor into this.

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