Title: The Years of Lunar Lunacy

Part: 1

Chapter:6 : More Escalation and Fighting The Imperfect Dream( median)

Crossovers: Manga and anime sailor Moon

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Quote of the day:

"So, I will kill all of you now, ok?" Dark Eternal Sailor Moon asked teasingly and maliciously.

Her head was still tilted in a very unnatural way. Her neck remained in the disturbing position it was. Looking at the evil and possessed Eternal Sailor Moon, everyone was filled with horror and disgust. The insane heroine, now a villain…giggled madly. Her giggle sounded very sinister. Her neck looked broken yet, she still spoke. To anyone watching her, the sight would have felt exceptionally unnerving.

"Moon Princess Antihalation! Starlight Honeymoon Evil Kiss!" she yelled, twirled and her head was still in that terribly unnatural position as she did so. After she stopped twirling, her attack hit a young couple nearby who were trying to run away. The two teenagers were painfully and slowly killed by the two attacks and the combined dark energies that DESM unleashed.


Her laughter was a terribly sinister sound. Then, She aimed her wand at a random schoolgirl( from another school) and yelled, " Moonlit Persecution sphere!" The dark pink attack slammed into the girl. When the attack hit her, the girl felt an extreme amount of pain. Several bruises and cuts appeared on her arms and legs. The girl screamed, fell to the ground writhing in pain and bleeding. After a few minutes, the girl became unconscious.

DESM then ranted," Come and share ... all of my madness with me! Share my pain, hatred, and insanity! Peace is a lie! Peace is a shield for the weak! The true world will emerge and that is a world of chaos, madness, revenge…. In summary, it will be a wonderful world of negativity… namely: hatred, conflicts, suffering, and death! That would be the best and a lovely wondrous world! It will be a world of utter subservience! It will be subservient to me!I will rule this planet with an iron fist! I will make everyone suffer!"

She giggled even more after saying those words. After Dark Eternal Sailor Moon giggled, she muttered some words that would make everything change for the worse.

She started to speak in a strange harsh, piercing voice. " All of the monsters of past, present and future, hear me now! Come forth and wreak havoc on this planet!"

An immensely huge horde of Youma, Droids, Daimons, Lemures, Phages and Cardians appeared out of thin air. When they appeared, there was a strong, repulsive and decaying odour in the air. There was also a heavy feeling of despair and malice in the air. The sailor senshi ( Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Elysium Moon and QLS) and Tuxedo Mask all turned pale as they experienced this. All of them had to fight the urge to throw up.

Then, the monsters started to hurt, suck the energy from and kill their victims. Some people were incapacitated. Some were turned into decaying dead bodies. It was a scene of utter suffering, confusion, death and chaos. It was a carnage of madness , suffering and evil. "SUFFER! FEEL PAIN! BECOME ILL! TORMENT EACH OTHER! KILL ALL! MAKE EVERYONE HATE!DESTROY THINGS! TAKE THEIR ENERGIES! TAKE THEIR SOULS!TAKE THEIR PURE HEART CRYSTALS! TAKE THEIR DREAM MIRRORS ! TAKE THEIR STAR SEEDS! TAKE THEIR SAILOR CRYSTALS!MAKE EVERYONE DESPAIR! HURT EVERYONE!I love the world. I will destroy the world with my love! AHAHAHAHAHA!" DESM screamed and laughed madly.

Then, the hordes of monsters lunged at the Sailor senshi.

Sailor QLS reacted first and yelled, "Pink Ladies Freezing kiss!" a few dozen of the monsters were turned to dust when her attack hit them.

Sailor Elysium Moon summoned her scimitar.

She yelled "Moon Dreaming Scimitar Slash!" as she made slashing actions with her scimitar.

Then, the scimitar exuded a huge beam of blue light which slammed into the horde of monsters and two dozen of the monsters were turned to dust.

Upon seeing this, the others also burst into action.

Sailor Mars yelled, "Mars Flame Sniper!"

With her left hand, Sailor Mars created a bow and arrow made of fire. She aimed it at the monsters and her attack destroyed several dozen Youma, Droids and Daimons.

Sailor Jupiter yelled, "Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

Sailor Jupiter used Leaves of Oak, which appeared in a column of swirling leaves. Then, she projected her lightning energy in order to send green oak leaf-shaped blasts of electrical energy at her foes. Her attack destroyed several Lemures, Phages and Cardians.

Sailor Mercury yelled, "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

a watery lyre materialized in Sailor Mercury's hands. She played it and fired a water blast at the monsters. several Lemures and Phages were destroyed. Some Cardians and Daimons were frozen.

Tuxedo Mask yelled, "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!"

He unleashed a beam of white light on several monsters. Some were severely injured. Some were destroyed.

Sailor Saturn yelled, "Silence Glaive Surprise!"

She waved her glaive and produced a massive energy blast. It was a highly destructive attack that destroyed a nearby shop( which was thankfully empty) and several menacing monsters( Daimon, Lemures , Youma…etc)

This scene continued for several hours.

People in their houses watched their television screens and trembled with slack-jawed horror as they witnessed the ensuing chaos and fights. In other countries, panic was increasing. Weapons were being amassed. Armies were gathering. Several riots occurred as people were preparing for the worst.

Meanwhile, Michiru had told Haruka of what she had seen in her mirror. Haruka looked grim. They continued onward. Then, Michiru and Haruka decided to head to a deserted alley to transform. Within a few seconds, they were in their eternal Sailor forms. They had reached Shinjuku. It was the place where those

Many people were running frantically away from the place. "Some people had fainted!" " some were killed!" "People died! Run away!" "They will kill all of us!" "People were incinerated!" "It is madness!" "They were tortured!" "Don't go there!" "Run! Run for your lives!" Some yelled to warn others who might want to enter the area and become tragic unwitting victims.

Eternal Sailors Uranus and Neptune paused. They looked at each other grimly, then they walked forward. It was the place that they had seen those nine lights go. They saw a lot of people either dead, killed, badly wounded or frozen in a state of deep shock and fear. Michiru felt ill but managed to hide her emotions. Haruka looked grim. There were puddles of blood and piles of ash in random places.

Now they understood what those yells were about. Several thoughts and emotions filled their minds. One of them, however… stood out. The emotions and thoughts were: No! This wasn't supposed to happen, at all! They were both stared at each other and began to speak

"Michiru, This won't be easy for us. I...I love our princess but this ... this is wrong. We might have to kill her… our princess… Koneko…" Eternal Sailor Uranus spoke grimly and trailed off as she looked at the scenes of chaos, destruction and death.

"Indeed, I know that. I wish we didn't have to. We might have to kill her, but we will do this for her. She never took the easy way out for us. She never joined the evil in our previous battles. She didn't decide to give up on us. We can't give up on her now. She would never do this unless something is very wrong. I agree. She must return to normal. If we can't do that, then… we are all doomed. But even if we are doomed, we will die together, Haruka." Eternal Sailor Neptune spoke in a voice that was just as grim. She grabbed Sailor Uranus's left hand with her right.

Eternal Sailor Uranus grabbed Eternal Sailor Neptune's hand tightly and nodded. After a moment of silent contemplation, they both nodded and ran toward the scene where the most amount of madness, anger, sadness, panic and horror was coming from. They had to stop these crazed actions no matter what.

They stopped when they saw many enemies in front of them.

They saw a crazy combination of past and old foes. It was a horde of youma, droids, daimon, lemures, phages, and cardians. It was a chaotic scene.

Eternal Sailor Neptune's eyes were narrowed with utter wariness. Eternal Sailor Uranus frowned and spoke, " We are outnumbered. The odds of winning are low."

Eternal Sailor Neptune nodded grimly but she resolutely held out her mirror defensively. "Yes, that is true but we will beat the odds. We have faced tougher enemies than these."

Eternal Sailor Uranus nodded solemnly. She held her sword and was ready to attack.

Then, some monsters charged at them. They were weak. So, Eternal Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune retaliated. They yelled…

"World Shaking!"Eternal Sailor Uranus yelled.

"Deep Submerge!" Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled.

Eternal Sailor Uranus held her hand up and hurled what looked like a golden energy that looked like a smaller version of the planet Uranus at the monsters. Eternal Sailor Neptune held up her hand and unleashed a huge ball of seawater at their enemies. Their attacks, combined together, eradicated a few dozen monsters.

Still, more came. It was an endless fight. So,Eternal Sailors Uranus and Neptune retaliated with stronger attacks this time. They yelled…

"Submarine Reflection!"Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled.

"Space Sword Blaster!"Eternal Sailor Uranus yelled.

Eternal Sailor Neptune held out her Deep Aqua Mirror which unleashed a huge wave of magical sea water. Eternal Sailor Uranus used her Space Sword blade which glowed. Then, when she swung it, it released a wave of energy that would destroy many monsters.

Many still remained within a kilometer radius. Some let out psychotic laughs and mad murderous screams of hatred, suffering and pain. It was terrifying. It was really … an army of madness.

Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus both gritted their teeth. They had no choice. They had to use their strongest attacks.

"Submarine Violon Tide!"Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled.

"Space Turbulence!"Eternal Sailor Uranus yelled.

Eternal Sailor Neptune made her mirror vanish and summoned her Stradivarius violin, which she named Marine Cathedral, to create a tide to wash away the monsters. Eternal Sailor Uranus made her sword vanish. She yelled her attack which appeared, generated large amounts of energy and then released several beams towards the enemies that were in front of them.

Several Monsters vanished but some didn't. Then, DESM appeared. She was flying in the air. Then, she landed on the ground gracefully. Well, gracefully for a creepy, possessed person, that is. Her neck still looked like it was tilted in a very unnatural way. Her eyes were also eerily demonic. She had black pupils, white irises, and blood-red sclera. Her lips were covered with red lipstick. Her wings seemed more realistic than before and all the white parts of her outfit had become black…

DESM smiled wickedly and giggled ominously. She then used her hands to put her neck back in a straight and normal position. Several sickening squelching and cracking noises could be heard as she did that. Eternal Sailors Uranus and Neptune looked white and felt ill.

Then DESM spoke, "I see you have come across my super lovely violent art of suffering! It is my art of hatred! Isn't it wonderful?Can you see my lovely art? Being a tyrant is fun!"

Upon realising this, Eternal Sailor Neptune gasped and whispered sharply, in horror, "Princess? Serenity… Eternal Sailor Moon?"

"No…Princess Serenity…. Koneko? What happened to you? It can't be you!" Haruka gasped and exclaimed in shock.

In their minds, they had a similar train of thoughts, which were:

How could this be? Why is she being so evil?did she just revel in people suffering and people feeling hatred? Did she just say that being a tyrant was fun? Did she say that this was her doing and it was all just super lovely violent art?What on earth was this? What madness was this?

Then DESM spoke loudly, "Join me! We can invade this world and tear down the protection of the planet! We can become gods!"

DESM had a malicious smirk on her face.

Eternal Sailor Neptune gritted her teeth. This was hard but she had made her decision. She yelled, " You are delusional!Never! We are not invaders! We will protect this planet!"

Eternal Sailor Uranus looked at Eternal Sailor Neptune and nodded. She also yelled, "We don't need your corrupted power! We don't need to become gods! We will protect this planet, even if it is to be protected from you!"

DESM frowned slightly and spoke, "Oh? I see. You refused my offer of power. However, In my mind, being a tyrant is a necessity. Rebels will be punished with death. Well, only the powerless ones. The powerful ones … they will be enslaved. It will be wonderful…The two of you will be my tools to prove that ideal! It is my ultimate ideal! The Black Moon Clan will be my penultimate and most efficiently evil empire! Everyone will bow down to me, including the two of you! If not, they die! The rebels… they will all die! Yes, death is the answer! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Her voice was twisted with savage glee. Her mad laughter filled the air and made all who witnessed her madness shiver. A look of utter revulsion spread across Eternal Sailor Uranus's and Eternal Sailor Neptune's faces as she made her crazed announcement. This… those were not the words that were spoken by their princess. Something was possessing her, they knew it. They looked and nodded solemnly at each other. This was it. They had to stop her.

Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled, "You are not a god!"

Eternal Sailor Uranus yelled, "You are not a tyrant!"

Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus yelled, "We are not invaders, we are protectors!"

Then, after that, they yelled the names of their strongest attacks.

"Submarine Violon Tide!"

" Space Turbulence!"

Eternal Sailor Neptune made her mirror vanish and summoned her Stradivarius violin, which she named Marine Cathedral, to create a tide to weaken DESM. Eternal Sailor Uranus made her sword vanish. She yelled her attack which appeared, generated large amounts of energy and then released several beams towards DESM.

After all the lights and seawater had faded to nothing, DESM still stood, untouched and unharmed. She looked smug. DESM smirked.

Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus were both shocked as DESM had no scratches, no bruises no wounds, or any visible injury.

DESM spoke with a crazed voice, "You both think you're so strong don't you, Haruka and Michiru? But you have no idea of what you are facing. I do love to see your innocent lives being ..."

Then DESM waved a hand and to the horror of both Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus, they couldn't move any of their limbs. They floated helplessly in the air as DESM spoke to some monsters which survived Eternal Sailor Neptune's and Eternal Sailor Uranus's attacks.

DESM coldly asked, " Is everything ready for my tools to be converted?"

A monster bowed to DESM and spoke to her. "Yes, Mistress, everything is going according to your plans. Everything is prepared. Everything is ready. Everyone is ready. All that is needed is your presence. The others are simply waiting for your commands."

Eternal Sailor Uranus tried to move but to no avail. So, she gritted her teeth and yelled, "Where are you taking us? We must get free!"

Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled, "Let us go! We will not do as you want!"

Then she tried to struggle to get free but her body refused to listen to her mental commands.

Eternal Sailor Uranus gritted her teeth as she tried to move.

DESM smirked and muttered, "Your struggles are all in vain… You will both help me to subjugate this planet and you will both be my eternal slaves."

Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled,"We will not become evil! We will not subjugate the planet! We will not become your slaves!"

Eternal Sailor Uranus also yelled, "I agree with Eternal Sailor Neptune! We will never be your slaves!We won't follow your orders!"

DESM then smiled coldly and spoke, "Huh... Both of you are still so rebellious? This should end your disobedience. Moonlit Persecution Sphere!" The dark pink attack slammed into Eternal Sailor Neptune and Michiru felt an extreme amount of pain. Several bruises and cuts appeared on her arms and tried to hold it in but she couldn't. She writhed in pain and let out a loud piercing scream. Then she slumped slightly in midair, gasping and bleeding from various magical injuries.

Eternal Sailor Uranus gasped in horror and she screamed in rage.

"No! You hurt Michiru! If only I could get free…I would protect her!"

DESM sneered.

"Protect her? You will not do that. The two of you will never escape. In fact, you will both become my tools!"

"Your tools? We aren't your tools! We are your guardians and friends! We will not kill anyone just because your ideology became twisted!" Sailor Neptune yelled, despite being injured, bleeding and in pain.

Sailor Uranus nodded firmly. "You will not change our minds. We will resist your powers! I… no, we can't let you do this. Not if it means that Michiru gets hurt! I won't allow this!" she yelled.

DESM began to speak with an unnerving cold and amused tone, "Oh Really? I do not think so. The two of you can't stop will not be able to resist will both beg me for mercy! I am omnipotent! I am the ultimate power! Even if you hate me, I will make sure that the two of you will both fall under my power!"

Then, DESM let out a long and evil laugh, "Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

As she did so, the essence of chaos, which was something that consisted of malevolence, terrible emotions, shadows, eerie whispers and an empty …. And cruel darkness seemed to boil off her. It was a terrifying sight. Then, that raw and invisible power circled out of her and into the air. Only the monsters and Eternal Sailors Uranus and Neptune could see the power that rose from DESM. They gasped in utter horror. The other sailor soldier guardians who were far away also noticed the power.

DESM seemed to be filled with a malicious satisfaction. She spoke with a smirking snarl, "So, who is first?Who wants to be the first,hehehehehe!"

To them, that power had replaced her hands with strange red eyes in shadows and waves… no, tendrils of writhing, black and malevolent power. DESM giggled. She knew. She knew that they could see her madness. She knew that they could see her power. The barely contained insane hate-filled furious savagery in her expression was clear.

"You will not… You will not win. You can't win." Eternal Sailor Neptune spoke and groaned in pain as the energies attacked her injured body and psyche.

Eternal Sailor Uranus was furious and spoke, "I refuse to bow to your madness. I will never join someone who has hurt Michiru. NEVER!"

DESM sneered and spoke coldly, " I see. The two of you will have no choice in this. Tools will be silent. You will not talk back. Now… you will change! I ALWAYS LOVE CORRUPTION! THE CORRUPTION OF YOUR LIVES WILL PLEASE ME!"

DESM's voice became louder at the end of her rant. The air was crackling with power which somehow spoke...

"Mistress… We will subdue their wills and control them."

Then, the whirling maelstrom of malevolent energies was unleashed upon them. Sharp claws of living darkness closed in on Eternal Sailor Uranus and Eternal Sailor Neptune which caused a sudden terrible and excruciating pain to lance through their bodies. Eternal Sailor Uranus and Eternal Sailor Neptune screamed and thrashed in utter agony.

Eternal Sailor Neptune fainted even as she tried to bear the overwhelming and ominous powers DESM wielded.

Eternal Sailor Uranus winced as the powers pressed down on her psyche. Haruka thought: Should I even fight her? It was becoming harder to think. It was becoming harder to keep to her resolution.

Sailor Uranus gritted her teeth and muttered determinedly and angrily, "I can't…. I mustn't….I can't..."

But soon, like Eternal Sailor Neptune, she fainted. She was unable to bear the full power of the evil forces that DESM wielded.

Her determination and Michiru's rebellion became mere thoughts that floated in the wreckage and eroded remnants of their sanity and common sense. That wreckage and those eroded remnants of their rational behaviors were pushed into the deepest recesses of their minds and psyches.

Those raw chaotic powers then proceeded to brainwash and hypnotize Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus. Some parts of their personalities and thoughts remained and they were given a few simple commands, which were: 1. Obey DESM. 2. Live to hate, kill and make others suffer. 3. Work with all the evil forces. 4. Never show any mercy. 5. Never disobey DESM.6. be insane and evil. 7. Ruin the world.

Then, after that was done, the chaotic powers vanished and Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus were lowered to the ground, unconscious.

"Hmm… they still need some alterations…" DESM muttered as she looked at the two unconscious and brainwashed sailor guardian soldiers.

Then, DESM knew what she wanted to change and what she wanted to keep. She smiled, giggled and flicked her wrists at them. The colours of their outfits remained the same, except all the white parts became black. Their tiaras vanished only to be replaced by ominously black glowing sigils of their respective planets. Sailor Uranus had darker coloured boots. Eternal Sailor Neptune was healed of all her wounds.

"Wake up, my wonderful slaves…" DESM then cooed.

The corrupted forms of Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus started to stir. They opened their eyes, got up into sitting positions and blinked rapidly.

DESM giggled as she impatiently waited for the brainwashing to kick in.'

Then, Eternal Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor Uranus had resolute looks in their eyes which seemed glazed over with hints of an ominous red glow in them. They got to their feet and bowed to DESM reverently.

They began to make their introductions.

Eternal Sailor Neptune went first. She spoke. "Guarded by Neptune, the planet of the deep blue sea , I'm the soldier of affinity, Eternal Sailor Dark Neptune"

Eternal Sailor Uranus spoke after that, "Guarded by Uranus, the planet of the skies. I'm the soldier of flight, Eternal Sailor Dark Uranus!"

Then, the two knelt on bended knees to DESM and spoke simultaneously….

"We are your humble slaves, we are to be commanded in whatever way you see fit. "

DESM looked down at them and she smiled. DESM grinned cruelly and eyes gleamed sinisterly. She had many gleeful thoughts in her was what she wanted. This would only be the start. The others would bow to her soon…

After all, all individuals are naive, selfish, weak and subservient... That was the truth Chaos had shown her.

"I told you two... that you would become my slaves. I was right." DESM spoke smugly and laughed maniacally.


===X BREAK X===

Meanwhile, on the top of the Shinjuku Mitsui Building, three ladies in black sailor suits with shorts were gathered on the top, watching worriedly as the chaos unfolded three ladies were the Sailor Starlights.

Sailor Star Fighter spoke to herself pensively, "Kakyuu...my princess, you were right. Things are becoming more interesting now. We do need reinforcements."

Sailor Star Maker nodded and asked, "Shall we go now?"

Sailor Star Fighter shook her head resolutely. "We can't."

Sailor Star Maker sighed and muttered, " Things don't look good. This is unprecedented. We need to help them soon."

Sailor Star Healer was anxious and she uttered, "She tainted two of them! If we continue to watch, more will be affected! We must go. The princess…Usagi… she needs to return to normal! There are monsters roaming the planet! We need to stop this."

Sailor Star Healer groaned and muttered, "Geez, I wanted to start early…Why must we wait?"

Sailor Star Fighter articulated her words calmly and firmly, "No, you must be patient. We must wait. The princess told us. We can't go need to wait for the signal from our princess. Do not be rash. We must… even though the situation doesn't look like it will improve anytime soon. We must wait for our allies to come. Then we will have the right moment to strike. We must not be reckless."

Sailor Star Maker's words were soft with worry, "Are you sure about waiting for the right moment? I think that Princess Serenity of the White Moon has become one with all the hatred, malice, violence and madness of Chaos. All of this… it could spread to the whole galaxy and more. Then, the whole universe could go mad."

Sailor Star Healer was whispering worriedly, " Yes…Do you really think that she can be saved? Do you even hope so? I feel that we need to rush. We might be wasting our time waiting…"

Despite her whispers, Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker heard her.

Sailor Star Maker stared at Sailor Star Fighter who nodded solemnly and replied resolutely, "Yes, I have hope. I do believe so. We mustn't be rash. Our Princess gave us those orders. We must listen and wait for her to come. She'll be here soon with the others. They will come soon. So, we must wait. The right time will come soon. Stay calm. Stay alert. I am sure that our leader has made the right decisions."

Sailor Star Healer's response was also grim, "Fine, but we must save them when we do fight."

Sailor Star Fighter answered confidently, "Don't worry. We will save them all."

"Minako..." Sailor Star Healer muttered fretfully.

"Ami..." Sailor Star Maker mumbled and looked worriedly at the conflict down below...

"Usagi..." Sailor Star fighter whispered.

===X BREAK X===

In a small apartment in Ikebukuro …

Two nondescript people, a blonde woman, and a dark blue-haired man were staring at an eighteen-year-old girl who had pale skin with extremely long, flowing, dark blue hair. Her hair was mostly down apart from two buns and two ponytails coming from those buns. Her fringe was similar to Usagi Tsukino's except it was sharper. She also had slim light blue eyes with slightly slit-shaped pupils. Her ears were normal.

The blonde woman spoke. "Mizuki-chan…You were not born naturally. Your birth was unnatural."

The girl, now known to be Mizuki, was wearing a black and purple dress. With some lace around the bottom of the skirt . She clasped her hands and was staring at the couple with utter confusion and worry.

She asked, " Mother, father…What do you mean?"

The blonde woman looked hesitant. The dark blue-haired man sighed and nodded.

"I see… It looks like it falls upon me to tell you the truth. Yes, indeed… your birth wasn't natural."

Mizuki let out a deep breath and took a step back. She sat down on a chair as her legs suddenly felt weak. Mizuki blinked and stared at her parents with total disbelief. She felt that her parents had to be lying. What did that mean? How was she unnatural? Wasn't she a human? Was this a bad joke? Her lips trembled and she clenched her fists. She felt nervous but she managed to speak.

She muttered, "My birth was unnatural? How was that so?"

The man sighed again and answered her, "Two years ago, a strange golden-silvery and ornate mirror appeared here… in where your room is today. Your room was originally empty. The mirror that appeared brought everything that you have into that room. The mirror that I am talking about… It is the full-body length mirror which you currently use."

Mizuki was feeling unnerved. Had she appeared from a mirror? Had her things come from a mirror? She didn't understand. Her father paused and drank some water from a white mug.

After that, he continued," You appeared in that room as a teenager with your current hairstyle, on the bed which you currently sleep in. When we saw you, we nearly panicked and my wife nearly screamed, but the mirror showed us memories of being your parents which was very odd since my wife has never been pregnant… and so, that was your birth… to us. You appeared in a rather mysterious way. A strange power also created identification, education records, a birth certificate, a bank account, and memories, phone and some photos for you…Somehow… a mirror did all of that for us."

Then, the man trailed off. He sighed deeply again and he looked up at the ceiling. Mizuki could tell that he was telling the truth.

Then she asked and spoke with confusion clear in her voice…

"Why are you telling me this now? There is an evil… ex-super heroine on the loose… is this a mad joke? Eternal Sailor Moon is dangerous. We need to flee."

Her father glared at her. His voice was hard, serious and resolute." Don't be in denial. What I told you was the truth. As… to the evil… ex-super heroine, I believe that she… Eternal Sailor Moon… well… I can only say this. We suspect that you are one of her allies or foes. This is the only thing that we believe… We believe that it can awaken your memories."

He handed Mizuki a pair of earrings. Each earring consisted of three crescent moons two were silver, one was golden. Mizuki took them and stared at them. She could feel some kind of power was inside of it was evil or not, she had no idea… all she knew was that if she released it, it would be a great power…But… if she was to do so, what would the consequences be?

"I… I… what do I do now?" She stammered and was trying to decide on what the right thing was.

Her mother stood up and walked toward her. Her father did the same. Then, they asked, "Is the truth too hard to accept? Think hard… and come to a resolution."

Mizuki nodded and shook her head. She closed her eyes for several minutes. Then, she opened her eyes and she knew what to do. "Please… leave the apartment with any necessities that you need. I fear what my awakened memories will do to me if I awaken with the two of you here. I don't want to hurt any of you. You need to leave."

Her parents nodded. After a while of packing, they left the apartment and were headed for the closest evacuation centers. Mizuki stared at the earrings. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then, she went to her room and stared at the mirror which her parents had told her… that it brought her here to them two years ago. She sighed and put the earrings on.

After she did so, a great power was emitted from them and Mizuki started to glow with a great power. Mizuki blinked in shock.

"Nehelenia…" A voice came from the mirror and she stared at it.

"Who is…Nehelenia…?" Mizuki asked softly.

"She is you… Please brace yourself for the memories." The mirror spoke.

===X BREAK X===

In her home and bedroom, which was several kilometers away from the chaos, Naru was sitting on a bed, feeling utterly worried, confused and disbelief. She had been evacuated out of the school along with the other students( who were not brainwashed or injured).

Her parents were planning to leave the country temporarily since Usagi knew where Naru lived due to their friendship.

Naru was worried, terrified, disturbed, confused, still shocked and deep in thought. She had several thoughts on her mind. They were: How could Usagi become like this? Why didn't anyone notice anything strange? She wondered. She had seen the chaos that was occurring on a television screen. She could only watch the News helplessly, while her emotions of despair, shock and horror increased.

Why was Usagi doing all of this? What had made her change into such a monster? Why and how is she doing all of this?Why was... she like that? What is the meaning of all of this violence? Does a large amount of power really corrupt people? Naru couldn't understand how Usagi could turn into such an evil… person… no, she wasn't a person anymore. Usagi was a monster now.

Naru wondered: how? How could such a terrible and unthinkable thing occur… right in front of her eyes? It was highly unnerving, inconceivable and utterly baffling. Yet, it did happen. It happened in front of her eyes. In fact, it was still happening. It was a nightmare that wasn't going away. Naru closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh of frustration, shock, despair and confusion. She sighed deeply.

===X BREAK X===

Meanwhile, Sailor Elysium Moon had paused in the middle of the battle and spoke "The boundary between reality and nightmare is wavering. I can feel it…Her dreams… Her nightmares… they are spilling into reality."

Then, her eyes refocused and she gripped her blade tightly.

"Despair is coming. I will not give in to it… I need more… power." Sailor Elysium Moon murmured.

She waved her blade. It glowed with a soft blue light. Sailor Elysium Moon felt knowledge of a new attack enter her mind. So, she yelled, "Elysium Moon blissful shockwave!" she waved her blade slightly and the monsters which were hit by her attack were turned into black motes of dust that vanished within seconds.

The others were also attacking the monsters, so if anyone was in Shinjuku, they would have seen fire, water, several purple, blue and white lights, lightning, other elemental and energy-based attacks.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Eternal Sailor Venus was fully healed**. She awoke. She remembered being blasted by two "Moonlit Persecution Sphere"s. She then assumed correctly that she had been carried to the shrine by Sailor Mars to heal. She decided to go and join the others to fight DESM. She flew into the air.

Rei's grandfather saw her go and he prayed for her.

===X BREAK X===

In Neo Crystal Tokyo, five hours after Queen Lady Serenity and Yuzuki had left…

Sailor Pluto was still guarding the Time-Space door.

Neo Queen Serenity sighed and turned looked at the Sailor Quartet, her future sailor guardian soldiers, her granddaughter, two guardian cats and her husband. She had a very apologetic look on her face. "I am very sorry. I had lost my mind at that time. Insanity makes people do horrible things. I have no excuse for what I did except that my psyche shattered. Wiseman... Satoshi and the other members of the Dark Moon… were my …victims. Also... Uranus and Neptune too… were also my victims. I am sorry… I… I remember that too, now."

They stared at her. Artemis and Luna didn't say a word. The future sailors Uranus and Neptune looked at each other and sighed.

"We forgive you. We are here safe and sound."

Future Sailor Venus spoke, "Can't we go back to the past too?"

Neo Queen Serenity shook her head.

Future Sailor Venus exclaimed, " We can help save you if we go back! I remember that we met our future selves, now that I think about the truths that have been revealed."

Future Sailor Jupiter also muttered, "I remember that fact too."

Future Sailor Saturn nodded but mentioned that while she recalled future versions of the sailors going to the past, she recalled that her future self( herself) was said to be guarding the solar system in the future.

Sailor Mars and Mercury looked at each other in utter confusion.

"Huh… I would think that I would recall that, but I don't… There is nothing." Sailor Mercury mumbled and looked utterly baffled and frustrated.

"I… I don't recall anything like that…" Sailor Mars muttered with aggravation.

Future Sailors Neptune and Uranus also stated that they did not recall their future selves fighting an evil DESM.

Most members of the Sailor Quartet were simply quiet but Sailor Ceres spoke for them. They did not have any memories of going to the past to face an evil Eternal Sailor Moon.

King Endymion stated that he remembered everything now but He did not recall seeing his future self in the past.

Neo Queen Serenity smiled sadly. "That is part of why you can't go back to the past now. The conflict has only begun. The conditions have not been matched. Some of them have been unlocked, but not all. You have a month to discover the answers. If you fail, it will be too late. The enemy has a nearly infinite amount of power. You can only fight a nearly infinite amount of power when you'll know what I mean." Her eyes gleamed with an ethereal golden glow as she uttered those words.

Future Sailor Venus was flabbergasted and worried. " please tell us. What do you mean?"

Future Sailor Jupiter was eagerly speaking, " Usagi… please. You need to tell us everything that you know. This is not the time to be mysterious!"

Future Sailor Mars spoke solemnly, " Yes, we need clarity. We really want to help so why aren't we allowed?"

Neo Queen Serenity spoke with unusually stoic tones, "You don't know where her palace or treasure is. There is no use in going to the past unless you know of those facts."

"What facts? Why are you being so mysterious? Can't you be straightforward? What palace is being mentioned? What treasure are you talking about?" Sailor Mars yelled.

Future sailor Mercury looked shrewd for a few seconds. Then she stared at Neo Queen Serenity. "I have a few questions. First… what condition or conditions are you talking about? Second, what do you mean by a nearly infinite amount of power?"

Future Sailors Uranus and Neptune were silent.

Neo Queen Serenity looked away from them sadly. "I am not allowed to say it in a straightforward manner. There is a greater power that prevents me from doing so."

Future Sailors Mars, Jupiter, Venus were all frustrated and confused. King Endymion was also confused but decided to listen to everything so that he could try and make sense of everything.

Future Sailor Mercury took a deep breath. Then, she asked, "Serenity, What hints can you give us? Please tell us."

Neo Queen Serenity nodded. "That I can give you. You must all be quiet and listen to me carefully. This will be very long. Listen to my words now… Think about them and find the answers for of you will be allowed to go. Some of you must stay here to help with current problems."

Sailor Mars was frustrated with that. Would she be one of those allowed to go to the past, she wondered. As she pondered over that, Neo Queen Serenity continued to speak.

"Who is the high lady? Think about her identity. Her madness is nearly boundless. Who thinks that they are superior? Come to the answers by yourselves… you will know who DESM is… who she truly is. She is the puppet, you see. Cut down the puppeteer and you will free her from the strings. The situation is getting more complicated with every minute that passes… so please find the answers as soon as you all can. The words you must hear are… I am thou. Thou art I…"

With that, Neo Queen Serenity was quiet. Everyone was also quiet. They were trying to decipher the meaning of what Neo Queen Serenity had said.

Suddenly, a worried and irate Tsukiko entered the room, along with a disgruntled Diana.

Tsukiko stared at them with her bright light-blue eyes . She ran a trembling hand through her short pink hair which was done up into a bun with some loose hair trailing from behind it that reached her shoulders.

She wore a nice frilly lacy dress which had a pink and dark pink bodice. It had long pink translucent intricate lace and puff sleeves with fullness at the top . The skirt of the dress reached her knees and had intricate lace details at the bottom parts of the skirt. a second translucent pink layer with equally intricate lace details and a third translucent pink layer which looked like petals of a flower covered that skirt. A pastel pink ribbon was tied around her waist in a simple knot which sat in the middle of her waist with the two ends of the ribbon trailing down and ending above her ankles.

She had pink glass slippers that shone with a mysterious pink glow. She has an intricate silver tiara on her head . She wore three shiny pearl bracelets on her left hand. She held a pink-green glowing crystal rose which was made of rose quartz and Emerald.

Tsukiko glared at everyone as they were still silent.

Tsukiko sighed and spoke, " I heard several stories from the guards and employees. Where did my mother and sister go? I need them to help me fight the traitors of our generation. I have discovered several disturbing secrets about their organisation…"

There were several gasps.

Then Future Sailor Venus broke the silence. "I forgot… one of my daughters was a traitor."

Raging deeply, Future Sailor Mars turned toward Future Sailor Venus and Slapped her hard.

"What?! How could you forget that?" Sailor Mars yelled with seething rage.

Future Sailor Venus said nothing and looked at the ground.

Sailor Mars sneered and yelled, "What on earth made you forget? You are an incompetent idiot!"

Sailor Mercury was aghast.

Sailor Jupiter quickly yelled, "Sailor Mars, please stop!"

"Rei-chan! Calm down!"Neo Queen Serenity yelled worriedly.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune stood near Neo Queen Serenity in case things became worse. Sailor Saturn and the Sailor Quartet were quiet as they pondered what to do. All of this did nothing to calm an irritated Tsukiko and a very disgruntled Diana.

Tsukiko facepalmed and groaned in frustration.

"Why...?" she murmured in exasperation.

Author's note:

Some of the things in here are heavily inspired by Persona5( anime and the game( youtube videos of them)).

This is somewhere in the middle of the previous chapter, to explain how Sailor Neptune and Uranus got brainwashed.

some of DESM'S dialogue is inspired by this:

You think you're so clever, don't you Dipper? But you have no idea what you're up against. I ALWAYS LOVE CORRUPTING LIVES.

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