Summary: What if there was another team joining Beacon the year Ruby and the gang joined? What if the creatures of Grim and Humans mixed more than most would know?

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, but I did create the OCs and had summited a few of them to other writers for their stories like RedRules (Davis McGee), and (Kuro Kazekami, Jack Ryans), also I do own Jason Slayer the OC if there are people out there with the same or alike names all I have to say is I made the names up on the spot and they have no relation to other characters outside of fanfiction OC worlds.

(Location Beacon Academy)

Professor Ozpin was looking at a recommendation letter for 4 students to join Beacon. Now this was an everyday kind of thing before the new school year starts but these 4 were odd as they already had been recommended to be a team together as they have always worked great together. Each of them was odd.

Name: Jack Ryans

Age: 18

Birthday: November, 27

Blood type: B-


Weapons- handguns, rifles, snapper, whip, and knifes.

Spying, Hunting, Stealth- (is able to sneak around with great ease, a skill useful for a snapper, and knife fighter as snappers need to be at a distance so they need to be hidden from plain sight but close enough to find his target, while most knife users would use this to get close to a target so they may get in range to strike foes.), and Aura Sensing- (a rare ability to feel the auras around a person constantly as a second nature that can be controlled and trained to find almost any target)

Personality: tends to enjoy being out in nature and the field but due to his aristocratic heritage he can also blend in social events with ease.

Name: Kuro Kazekami

Age: 18

Birthday: January, 18

Blood type: mixed blood- odd so he has some grim bloodline it seems


Weapons: Katana

Expert Swordsman, Tracker, Demon Slayer Specialist (– a field of warrior that use specialized technique to slay grim, ironic due to his blood status), and Charm Caster- (a unusual field that uses mystic charms to cause special effects for a person or object.)

Bloodline Skills

Natural Weapons (Claws, Wings), Flight, Light and Dark energy manipulation


Calm, collected, and cool under pressure.

Name: Davis McGee

Age: Estimated- 18

Birthday: Unknown

Blood type: Unknown


Weapon- Gunsword and Unknown

Aura Level- monstrous, Sub-space (rare skill that a person uses to pull objects out of nowhere without it ever leaving their side), and Specialized Aura Bullets (types of bullets- Unknown)

Personality: Happy, and random, Bipolar.

Note- If you are around him beware for your own sanity, as logic is thrown out the window and thrown through a blender.

Name: Jason Slayer

Age: 18

Birthday: July, 28

Blood Type: Cursed- usually is a family trait or individual and can skip generations at a time


Weapons- Bladed Gauntlets, Bow and Arrows

Tracker, Advanced Senses (hearing, night vision, smell, and taste), Bloodlust (passive ability which increase strength and numbs pain during battle), and Werewolf Transformation- Mostly Controlled

Personality: tends to be passionate about most things he cares about and acts mostly on emotion and instinct at times with a sense of reasoning.

Note- curse is bond to blood only so cannot be passed along; bloodlust grows faster at night during the full moon. Considers his friends his pack and if he feels threated than he will react.

"They sound interesting…hmm I wonder how this year will go with people like these around?" said Ozpin as he hits the accept stamp on their requests.

With that the Hunter Assassin, the Raven Swordsman, the Unknown Insanity, and the Cursed Man were accepted into the academy.

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