DR: Sorry that I've been on break from this story for multiple reasons. Reason number one I finally became an Eagle Scout during the last month and that need my focus. The other is I started taking a Psychology 101 dual credit class. And lastly the rest of my school work.

Vid: You're taking Psychology?

DR: What's so strange about that?

Vid: Nothing it's just your one of the most fucked up people I have ever meet. And I'm just a figment created from your imagination for the character of Davis Mcgee to give him a name for the inner voice in his head the other being Da when together create the outer shell of Davis Mcgee.

DR: To be honest with you I came up with the idea while playing the Deadpool Video Game some time after chapter 6 after I made the voices appear the first time. It just seemed to fit making the two voices considering who you both are.

Vid: Hey no spoilers!

Da: Why? What would be the point after all this is fanfiction not like we get paid to write this.

Davis: Come on man there's no need to be a downer.

Da: Not my fault someone edited me out so that I lost most of my emotions. *Deadpans at DR*

DR: It was for the story beside it is more fun to have you two make commentary here and there than just to leave Davis to his own insanity.

Davis: Hey! I'm not insane.

This gets him looks from the other three.

Da: You have a pair of voices in your head at all times commenting on everything you do when we get bored.

Vid: You break the fourth wall.

DR: Your talking to the Author of your story at random times and summoned a dragon to get back at me. Does any of this sound like something a sane person would do.

Davis: But you're the one who made me for an OC in an another person's story before deciding to later make me into one of the main characters for a story. Hell I've seen some of your notes. I mean really me becoming a familiar for a pink haired girl, or falling to a world where monsters are stored in spears and force to fight each other.

Vid: At least he wrote you in. We only exist in this reality due to him making us up after going on a writer's block.

DR: Hey Davis in Pokemon world could have been a good story...till I realized that I have other stories to finish.

Da: When are you getting back to Grim Tales World of Z?

Vid: What about that one where Ranma has the Ultimatrix?

Davis: What about the other one with Ranma in it where Happosai messes with some kind of pressure point magic unleashing Ranma's inner self?

DR: *Sigh* Look I don't know I only barely have time to fit this in because I know the way the story is planed to a point. With Ultimate Ranma I only was able to get him to get his curse because without his curse form Ranma is just not the same. As for the one with the Release Pressure Point, still planning that one out too. For Grim Tales World of Z I plan to get Junior, Minnie, and Mimi to go to school with the Powerpuff Z girls however I'm not really sure how it flows meaning that I'm going to have to rewatch the Powerpuff Girls Z and reread some of Grim Tales to gain an idea what to do.

Da: Good stop being lazy and move it.

DR: *Looks at Da* I'm editing it so that it is only at times you act like a dry character like now. I just don't like it as much as I thought I would.

Da: Yes I'm finally back to normal! It was like getting rid of the voices in Deadpool's head and replacing them with a new one.

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Honestly how can Harry Potter know what family love is when he only have the briefest memories of the love of his family and the Dursleys who neglected him (not sure about physical abuse but I know neglect so this is what I'm going with).

I mean I honestly do not see Hermione and Ron lasting at all. Sure they are nice people and over all good friends but they just don't mess in my head. Sure opposites attract but when one is a gluttonous slacker and the other is an up tight over worked study holic with two different views on what family should be it just does not work.

I can see Harry and Hermione getting together more than Harry and Ginny (no offense to her) or Hermione and Ron.

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Example I cannot do (in this story at least) a Davis X Weiss not only because they are related to each other but also because they would horribly clash in that kind of relationship.

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It is a bright and sunny day outside.

The birds are singing, the morning dew on the grass.


*Sigh* Why do I even bother to create mood in this story.

(Classroom for Grimm Studies)

"Where is Ru-Chan?" Questions Davis Mcgee as he looks at the door out of the corner of his eye. He had on the school uniform for the moment with his usual red scarf.

"No idea." Shrugs Jason leaning back in his modified uniform. Only it lacked a vest and tie with his trench coat replacing his school blazer.

"Maybe they slept in. Like we could have." Kuro stares daggers at Davis. He still had on his spiked boots, gloves and choker.

"Hey Jack asked me to wake you up why be mad at me?" Questioned Davis

"You poured buffalo sauce on me." states Kuro if one looks closely they could see his eyes more red than usual. Yes some of it got in his eyes.

"I have to admit that is going a bit far." says Jack wearing his uniform with his tie loose and the top button unbuttoned.

"Well its your own fault for not waking up after the oil." says a deadpan Davis

"What is wrong with you!?" Shouts a person directly behind them with a buzz cut, his name was Cardin Winchester. He has been here for a while now listening in on their conversation and is both disturbed and frightened by Davis Mcgee for his comments. He is just so outlandish. Just so out of the normal that even fanus seem like the average joe compared to him.

Davis just stops and stares into Cardin's eyes for a few seconds before stating. "Great the Jerkish Secondary Character Minor Antagonize that no one really cares about arrives." He turns to Jason, "When this guy start bullying people I call dibs on breaking his left leg."

This makes Cardin twitch in something he does not really know why either but he felt fear.

"Why are you telling me this." Jason questions

"Simple I can tell he is an asshat who wants everyone to comfirm to his ideas, such as hating fanus. Hell his teammates are just his groupies. I get the feeling that he is going to try and bully some girl with rabbit ears. And knowing you, you're going to rush in as the hero of the day and break his limbs. I want at least a piece of him when you do." Davis slips into a bored monotone with his Doctor McGee Glasses in place while behind him a mobile chalkboard with a chart on it explaining and proving his points.

He then whips out a pointer and shines the red light in Cardin's eyes making him scream as he grabs his eye that is blinded before falling off his chair rolled in a ball on the ground.

"That was for what happens in cannon bitch." states Davis

.Did you really need to make Davis do all of that?

Yes because if I did not make him do it now it will never happen and I really hate bird boy.

Before anymore could be said about that Teams RWBY and JNPR rushed into the room so that they would not be late to class barely making it with about 23 seconds left to spare.

As Professor Peter Port was making his speech for class Davis was looking around to see what was going on.

Lets see Cardin is still on the ground in pain.

Wouse we didn't even try to blind him.

Besides can he not just heal himself with Aura?

Ruby is goofing off while distracting Weiss who is…

My god it's worse than we thought!

She's actually trying to take notes about Pete's RANTS! His stories have only gotten worse since the old days.

That girl needs help fast. Davis thinks to himself. No daughter of mine can possibly be this anti-fun. Then again Jonathan was a bit emo in all white too so maybe it's hereditary?

The World may never know

Yang is asleep, Blake is reading a book. Jaune is reading a comic. Ren is paying more attention to Nora who is Nora. Pyrha is trying to get something useful from the story but is not seeing the point in this.

That's because there's no point in this story.

Hey wait we were there too!

Peter is stealing our credit! This cannot be left alone!

At this point none of them were really listening to what Peter was saying.

Davis was raising his hand in the air to lay the smack on the professor who stole his credit when Professor Port said, "Great you two come down here and prove you can be great hunters!" He gestures to the two boxes.

...What did he just say?

Just go with it, the guy is even more unstable than us! Didn't you read the pamphlet of what to do when dealing with a glory hog muscased teacher?

There's a pamphlet?

It's also on DVD if you're to lazy to read a three page pamphlet.

Wait who's to lazy to read three pages in such a short pamphlet?

(In Another World)

A fat balding man sneezed as he was gathering cats to put in the pit having read 2 out of the 3 pages of the manual. He then shrugs and tosses the cats in.

Now to wait for the cats to starved and then finally teach his son the Neko-fist.

Looking at his young son no older than 7 looking sadly in the distance wanting his friend here.

Maybe some seals after this so his son is not distracted by the art by some weak girl.

(Back to the Story)

Davis saw Weiss walking out of the changing room already and jumped down the row of seats and switching instantly into his combat outfit.

Look at the crowd speechless once more.

We are just that awesome.

This reminds me of the good old days in that one traveling circus of ex-hunters. I wonder how they are doing now.

Ignoring the voices Davis flashes Weiss a smile only to see her turn away. He wonders what's with that reaction.

Meanwhile Weiss is thinking of what happened over break since the party and that night.


After being freed from whatever that shadow Davis, Vis I think he is called, created to bind and gag her since she woke up due to his shadows making her wake up.

What she heard shocked her.

Lets state facts:

Davis McGee is two different beings at times.

Da is more monotone and emotionless reminding her a bit of herself or at least her mask.

Vis seems to be passionate and tricky. After all he did wake her up while talking to his alternative.

Davis has been leaving her presents as Jack Frost for years.

Davis is the one who gave her Myrtenaster and most likely created it.

It was only after she got Myrtenaster she started using Glyph at all and the first time was an accident.

Now that she thinks about it he seemed to be able to use Glyphs to a degree at times such as when his team used the combo attack. From what she had seen in the fight had created one to empowering the bullet for his teams over kill attack against the Grimm and that was enhancing someone else's weapon.

She wondered if she could do something like that.

Than she heard the two Davis' talking about someone named Jonathan Frostborn. That they are related to him and indirectly her through him.

Also that her father is her adoptive father and her sister is his real daughter and that the mother left them.

She needed to talk to her father.

Good thing he takes the morning of Christmas Day off to prepare for the Winter Ball her family hosts.

She looked over to see that she has been up since being awaken by Vis and it is now 6 o'clock.

She goes to the bathroom and starts to call her father.

*Beep* *Beep*

"Weiss what is it?" States Malcolm Schnee, CEO of Schnee Dust Company

"Father, I need to know about Jonathan Frostborn." Weiss states in a clear voice knowing to to beat around the bush with this.

There was a pause, "How much do you know?" Malcolm states

"That their is some kind of connection between Johnathan, Me and a freshman named Davis McGee."

"Weiss...I may not know this Davis McGee but I have an idea what he is. As for Jonathan and Davis they may as well be the same person."

This shocks Weiss. "What do you mean?"

"There are somethings that no one will understand but Jonathan Frostborn maybe one I have no true understanding of. I meet him years ago after being introduced to him by my sister, Snow Schnee." Weiss never heard that she had an aunt and cannot help but wonder what happened to her. "You see Snow was a lot like you, she did not like it when people told her what to do and wanted to be the best she could be. She even became a Huntress on the same team as Ozpin and Goodwitch with their team leader Jonathan Frostborn. They were team GOSF (Godsfall), and they were a legend, never once did they lose a mission. They were thought to be invincible till years later."

Malcolm's eyes glaze over lost in memory, "You see Jonathan and Snow fell in love with each other over the course of their time at Beacon and once they graduated they married and soon after a child was one the way." He smile faintly, "I remember being in the hospital that day Jonathan the calm and cool leader of the team running around like a headless chicken as his wife had kicked him out threatening to cut his testicals off for doing this to her. Of course he rushed back in when he heard her scream once more in pain and had his hand broken by how much a grip his wife had. They were the happiest I had ever seen them when the baby finally came. A little girl with blue crystal eyes and snow white hair much like her mother and fathers."

Malcolm than glares in hate, "Than that happened. I do not know much of what happened due to the first explosion taking me out but I heard the story. Snow was killed by someone and the child taken. Jonathan hell bent on revenge rushed after them only to find that a being that was just like Jonathan had been the one to take his daughter. However that was a trick. It was only after they had fought that he learned that the other thought John was the one to take his child. It turned out to be a scientist who wanted to get samples of both their DNA to create something he called a Spirit. It was learned that John and this other were twins both born from the same being who in legend was known as a Spirit. Together they worked to take out the madman and save their children. However it was at a cost. Even though they had won they were both dying due to mortal wounds, Jonathan trusted me to take care of his daughter Weiss while the other child was taken in by someone else I don't know who though."

Malcolm pauses to let Weiss collect herself. After finding out that to her shocked that she is not his daughter but his niece.

Malcolm then explains to a shocked Weiss, "However if I'm right then that was not their final death, as it is said that they had a power called Reincarnation. This allows them to be reborn once they are killed as a new person. Has Davis been able to pull objects out of thin air, or even create Glyphs in the thin air, if so then that would mean that Jonathan was reborn once more in the body of your schoolmate. I will not pretend to know what this means as no one does but from what I gathered over the years than that means that Davis Mcgee is Jonathan Frostborn making you his daughter in a way by soul but not blood due to his own genetics being remade after the Reincarnation."

Malcolm looks Weiss in the eyes, "No matter what do not forget that I love you." This shocks Weiss more after all her fa- Uncle was never the kind of man to say the word love being more aloof and indifferent not really connecting to people even his own daughter.

He then ends the call leaving Weiss confused and conflicted alone in the bathroom.

(Flashback End)

For the next week or two Weiss has been trying to avoid Davis while thinking of what she learned. After all it was ludicrous until she talked to Ozpin and Professor GoodWitch. Both of them supported her uncle's story.

Now she has to know the truth of who Davis McGee really is and about this reincarnation thing.

Also what happened to that other child, her cousin? At least she thinks that he would be her cousin.

She was going through the movements while fighting the Boarbatusk a pig like armored grimm with tusks.

(DR: Look this fight is pretty much canon except she is ignoring Ruby and the others up to this point.)

She lost her grip on her weapon. And now it is rushing at her to impale her one its tusks.

Davis saw this happen and was rushing to help when the Grimm he was facing a Ursa used the opportunity to impale him on his claws. Davis looked shocked at his chest with pale bone claws jolting out of his body.

"Davis!" Shouts Ruby in shock seeing one of her friends impaled by a Grimm.

The other members of his team stare in mute shocked having never seen Davis take a hit before not once.

Weiss looked on in shocked as the person that may be her father reborn is killed in front of her. She screams out enraged as her aura, pure white, surrounds her and in front of her appears a snow white with a new symbol in the middle of a Eight Sided Star with the points spread out and ancient writing around it.

When the Boarbatusk hits the Glyph it glows white before dissolving never touching Weiss.

However their focused soon turned to Davis who grabbed his Gunblade and cuts off the arm of the Ursa the corner of his mouth leaking blood caused by internal bleeding.

Davis' eyes turn pitch black for second before turning white as the arm implanted in him dissolves as his wound glows white causing it to heal in a matter of seconds.

Davis then aims the barrel of his gun at the Grimm stumbling back and a red glyph appears in front of it and when he shoots his gun it fires a bullet made of pure aura that turns red when it goes through the glyph and when it hits the Ursa it causes it to be light on fire with red flames and screams as it is burned turning to dust with the fire still burning the ashes.

Davis then turns his eyes towards Weiss seeing she is alright his eyes return to their normal brown color dimmed a bit.

He walks out of the classroom with his shirt soaked in his blood with the fire still dancing over the ashes of the grimm. His red scarf like a cape blowing behind him as he walks out the door without a word.

Weiss just looks at her hands knowing that no one should be able to make Glyphs like that.

She has a feeling it has to do with being the daughter of Jonathan.

(End of Chapter)

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