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-Flashback Type Thing-

Cheater, Cheater

Maka's Pov:

*Why? Why did it have to happen to me?*

I ran to the park, crying my heart out. Why? Well my boyfriend Soul was cheating on me. Do you want to know who with? Liz Thompson. She is supposed to be dating Lord Death's son, Death the Kid. I found all this out at home.

-I got home. It was maybe two hours before the time I thought that I should have gotten there. Leaving the library an hour earlier than what I had planned, I walked to Death Bucks. Death Bucks was just to horrible to stay at. People, specifically Soul's fan girls, were glaring at me. It was probably because the school's famously violent nerd was dating the school's hottest guy. Rushing out, I decided to just go home. I opened the door to my apartment. Soul told me he was gonna stay with Black*Star for the night so I figured just to make a meal for Blair and I. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw Soul making out with Liz. I couldn't stay any longer so I ran to the safest place that I could cry, Death City's Park.-

So that's why I'm here, sitting on a park bench, crying like there's no tomorrow.

"Maka?" says a voice. It's familiar and I know who it is. I don't want to deal with him right now. But I guess I have to...










3rd Pov:

"Hey Kid." said Maka

"Why are you crying? Did you have a fight with Soul?" wonders Kid

"No, not exactly." Maka says with a sniffle

"What happened?"

"Soul cheated on me... With Liz." Maka looks away, not wanting to see Kid's expression.


More silence

*Fuck this silence. I need to say something* thought Maka.

"Are you okay Kid?"

"Sort of. I'm just trying to figure out how we can have revenge on them." Maka's eyes sparkle for all this crying had helped her think. She whispers her plan in Kid's ear, and he just smirks with an evil glint in his eye.

Next Day: Again 3rd Pov:

*Here we go.* Thought Kid and Maka as the walked into school together. Both had dressed 'differently' than what they normally wear. And both had more confidence with each step they took.

Kid, instead of wearing his symmetrical suit, he wore:

-a gray, zipper hoodie that hung lower on his right side

-a black T-shirt with Death's cartoonic skull mask

-jeans (I MEAN JEANS!)

-black hi-top converse

Maka, instead of wearing her normal white blouse, yellow sweater vest, green-and-yellow tie, red-and-checkered skirt, and pigtails in her hair, she wore:

-a white crop top that said Let's Rock

-black skinny jeans that were ripped up

-black heels

-hair was down, but had been curled

Watching them was like slo-mo. It was really cool. You could hear girls fawning over Kid, wolf-whistles from guys that were staring at Maka, and people falling over with blood gushing out of their noses, falling from both Kid and Maka.

They entered the Crescent Moon classroom, laughing because of their 'dramatic' entrance. Kid and Maka sat next to each other. As students settle in their seats, Stein rolls in and starts his lesson on dissecting a baby hippo. Twenty minutes later, Soul and Liz rush through the door.