Here's a short Psycho Trent one-shot, the second in a series of nine. It's my tenth story, just to tick Trent off.

Trent was never a happier boy than he'd been in 1930. (Admittedly, he was negative sixty-one years old at the time, or negative nine according to him, but whatever.) Pluto had just been made a planet, and now there were nine. It was pure bliss for Trent.

Until 2006, when Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet, leaving only eight real planets. Trent was infuriated, and so nine days later, he killed nine astronomers. That made him feel a lot better, but it didn't change anything. Pluto's Facebook status still read "Dwarfz Planet :(".

The next year Trent was distracted by Total Drama Island. However, he met a guy he knew was capable of inventing a time machine that he could use to travel back in time and change history. That guy was Noah. Sadly, he was voted out after their first loss, and Trent didn't get a chance to talk with him. More coincidences happened. Noah wasn't in TDA, Trent wasn't in World Tour. It wasn't until the fourth season that the two got a chance to have a conversation.

"Can you build me a time machine?" asked Trent. Noah replied by giving him the finger. So Trent kidnapped the genius and forced him to make one. Then he travelled back in time and did some 'persuading', also known as holding people at gunpoint for nine hours on end.

The problem was solved. Pluto remained a planet, and for a brief window of happiness, there continued to be nine planets.

But Trent had forgotten that changing history is unpredictable. See, out past Pluto is a slightly larger body of rock called Eris. In the normal course of events, Eris was also classified a dwarf planet. But, as Trent forcibly changed the standard for what a planet can be, Eris was also made a planet. Meaning there were ten planets. Ten. TEN!

Trent was even angrier than before, and killed ninety-thousand astronomers. Again, this didn't benefit him in any way, but it was fun. Then the idea occurred to him to blow up Eris with a ununoctium bomb. Yes, there's no such thing as an ununoctium bomb, but that didn't stop Trent.

Everything was all set. The bomb was launched into outer space. Sadly, it was a directionally confused bomb, so it ended falling back down and blowing up Earth. Still, Trent got his wish. It took the destruction of life as we know it, but hey, great things cost great prices. With the abscence of Earth in the solar system, there were only nine planets.

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