For Total Drama Writing Spree Day, here's my fifth of nine Psycho Trent one-shots.

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You all saw Total Drama Island. You all saw Total Drama Action. At least you think you did. What you saw was a heavily edited version. How so? Mainly because of Trent's nine obsession.

The things he did for and because of nine were so creepy as to be deemed inappropriate for the TV-PG rating, so it was all taken out in the first season. Some of it was allowed in in Season Two, but still, a very limited amount.

As shocked as you may be from learning of all the censored Trent insanities, the worst is yet to come. You all know the classic story of Heather backstabbing Trent and Gwen to get the guitarist the boot. One might assume he left peacefully on the Boat of Losers and resided at Playa des Losers until the dramatic finale.

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Yeah right.

When the battle of the sexes contest rolled around, Trent was elated. He knew he had only to survive the next campfire ceremony to make it to the final nine. And survive he did, as Eva was eliminated for the second time and sent off in a straitjacket. But it still wasn't the final nine. No, it was the final eleven, as Izzy and the aforementioned fitness buff had returned. Trent was annoyed, yes, but he wasn't unduly concerned.

Until the whole thing with Heather happened. Trent wasn't upset over losing Gwen, he was upset over losing a spot in the final nine. After all, it was pretty clear who was going home once Heather got invincibility.

When he was dragged to the Boat of Losers by Chef, Trent struggled and tried to break free in vain. He had to get back! But the cook tossed him on the boat and it departed for the Playa.

The nine-lover wasn't about to give up. He jumped overboard, swam to the island, and hid in the woods. There he stayed as the next few challenges rolled around. Cleverly hidden in trees or bushes, he watched the campers hide from a certain Chef Hatchet, equipped with a water gun. Next he saw them build and race bikes in an obstacle course more dangerous than Chris when his hairspray's gone missing. He was there, out of sight, as Bridgette and Lindsay walked the Dock of Shame, boarded the Boat of Losers, and left.

At last! Nine! Technically there were only eight contestants left in the game, but counting Trent there were nine. In the psycho's sick mind, he envisioned himself as being a member of the final nine. This accomplished, his next goal was to place ninth in the competition. So as the campers, Chef, Chris, and The Escaped Psycho Killer With A Chainsaw And A Hook were running amok through the forest, the guitarist crept aboard the Boat of Losers and hid in a crate of supplies.

Later that night DJ joined him, but Trent threw him overboard and the gentle giant had to swim to Playa des Losers, arriving several hours after the nine-lover. The other campers were mystified about it all. The night of Trent's elimination, the boat had brought no one with it. And now Trent mysteriously appeared, several days later. It was all very suspicious, but they put it out of their minds.

The producers had an easy time editing out this part of Trent's nine obsession, as the psycho had remained hidden for most of his extra time on the island. Chris knew, but he didn't tell anyone, not even Chef. DJ hadn't been able to make out the shadowy figure that had knocked him off the boat, so his lips were sealed whether he liked it or not.

Legend says that if anyone ever finds out about this escapade of Trent's, the crazy teen will return to the island and live there for nine decades. Why? Well, why not? He might as well.

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