Chapter 24: Soul Mates

~Twelve hundred years ago~

(Alec's POV)

I sat in my room reading with my feet resting on a table. The lit fire warmed up my room even though I didn't need it to be warm. It has been six months since Aro told Jane and me about our formal villagers becoming servants in the castle. Jane has been constantly making their lives hell and eventually Aro had to tell her to back off. I've just ignored them with the occasional death glares making them run away.

My hand froze in the middle of turning the page when my room door opened. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as Coraline, Mathew's eighteen year old wife, came in to change the sheets on my rarely used bed. I refocused my attention back on the book in my hands as she slowly changed the sheets.

"Alec." She said and I froze beyond angry that she was bothering me again. My whole body tensed when she sat right next to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her lift her hand and move it close to my face. In one swift movement I grabbed her wrist and tightened my hold making her wince.

"Do not touch me." I hissed closing my book and glaring at her. She swallowed clearly afraid, but made no attempt to move her hand from my hold. Instead she moved closer to me and leaned forward while I glared.

"I just have a question." She said in a flirty tone. I huffed while releasing her wrist.

"You are testing my patience." I hissed and she bit her lip, but didn't give up.

"I just wanted to know what I can give you to become an immortal." This made my anger vanish and I raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?" I said and she moved closer to me.

"What can I give you," she asked, "to have you turn me?" I huffed and reopened my book.

"Nothing," I replied and tensed again when she placed her hand on my upper thigh.

"Are you sure?" she asked in a slutty tone. In one quick movement I pushed her onto the couch and climbed on top of her pinning her down.

"You're walking down a very dangerous road Coraline," I said darkly, "don't get yourself into something you can't handle."

"Oh I'm sure I can handle you." She said and I glared at her. I got off her and pulled her up then drug her out of my room.

"Why would I want to be with a weak human," I said standing in my doorway, "when I already have tons of vampire women coming to me." With that I closed my door in her face and returned to my book.

It's been two months since Coraline tried to throw herself at me. She hasn't given up either; every time she comes into my room she tries to seduce me. I was walking down the hall to the throne room because Aro needed me and Jane. When I entered the room the human servants were there and I walked over and stood by my sister.

"Alec glad you could join us," he said, "I'm planning on throwing another ball and am asking that everyone leaves the humans alone to decorate." I was wondering why I had to be here. Aro then dismissed the human; all except Mathew and Coraline.

"You two have been causing too many issues for me." Aro said then looked at me and Jane. I knew he was giving us permission to kill them, but I was honestly enjoying Coraline's desperation; why waist my only form of entertainment?

"You can kill Mathew sister." I murmured so quietly so the humans wouldn't hear me. I walked forward to Aro and placed my hand in his for a second. He raised an eyebrow but nodded at my request anyways. In the next second I was grabbing Coraline's arm and pulling her out of the room as Jane walked towards Mathew. I took her to my room and let her go and sat on my bed while looking her over.

"That was a warning for you Coraline," I said, "the next time you will not live; you will die like Mathew." Her eyes widened for a second then she composed herself.

"Why did you save me?" I huffed and appeared in front of her then pushed her against the wall.

"I didn't save you," I said, "I simply prolonged your life for my entertainment." I expected her to be afraid, but instead she smirked and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I think you saved me because you like me." She said with confidence.

Nope I'm done with her now. But why waste a perfect chance to pass some time? The only problem was that I had to act like I actually wanted her...which I guess wouldn't be that hard since she's beautiful.

(Rated M just to be safe)

I leaned down and kissed her moving my hands to her waist. She moaned when I slipped my tong into her mouth and moved my hands up her body to undo her corset. She jumped a little when I quickly removed her dress then moved her hands to my shirt. I quickly turned us around and fell on top of her onto my bed. I moved her to the center while taking off my cloths and moving my lips over her body.

I had to clench my fists into the sheets while I moved my lips over her body. I've been with several women over the years, but this was my first time being in bed with a human. My throat burned as the smell of her blood surrounded me. It took all my strength to not kill her before I was done, but I won't be able to hold out much longer.

With that in mind I parted her legs as she held onto my shoulders. I quickly pushed into her and moved fast and hard. I was truly shocked when she kept up with my pace. I growled and moved my hands to her waist while thrusting harder. After a while she reached her high and I soon followed, but I didn't stop.

For the next several hours I went several rounds with her. She was getting tired like all weak humans. I made her come one last time before pulling out of her and falling onto my back. I let her fall asleep in my bed only because I knew she was too tired to scream as I drank from her; that and I didn't want to get blood on my bed. I got dressed and walked out of my room only to be stopped by Aro.

(End M Rated)

"Dear Alec." He said, "I have a request for you."


"Caius wants to set an example to our servants on what happens when they disobey us." I raised an eyebrow and smirked at what he said next.

I stood with my sister in the throne room facing the damn humans. Aro wanted me and Jane in here and told me one reason why, but wouldn't tell me why Caius wanted us here. All eyes focused on Coraline when she walked into the room fully clothed, but looking very tired.

"We are serious about punishments in Volterra," Aro said standing up as Coraline stood in the center of the room looked too confident; "my brother Caius believes it's time to show you exactly what happens when you disobey us, Alec." Aro looked at me and I appeared by Coraline. I grabbed her arms and spun her so she was facing the villagers and her back was to me. I smirked when her heart picked up clearly realizing her situation. I took one glance at Caius who nodded then bit into her neck. She screamed loudly and I heard the other humans whimpering. I drank slowly just to let her screams echo through the room and after a while she ran dry; I released the now dead human and her body fell to the ground making the other humans cry in fear. I licked the blood off my lips and returned to my spot next to Jane.

"Do you humans understand now?" Caius said standing up with a smirk.

"You pathetic humans are responsible for Alec and Jane being here," he continued and I crossed my arms while Jane smirked, "and the only reason why you're still alive is because we want you to witness what you created. Your 'witch twins' are the most powerful and feared vampires in the world and it's all thanks to you." They all looked at us in fear finally understanding that there was no hope for them. Jane and I would kill them off one by one in the most painful ways.

Each and every one of them are going to pay for what they did to mean and my sister. They will regret burning us alive; I would make sure of it.

~Present Time~

"Earth to Alec!" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked over at a worried Violet. We were laying on our bed at the beach house in the Caribbean. We've been on our honeymoon for a week now. Violet was hovering over me with a worried expression.

"What?" I asked and she rolled her eyes.

"Are you ok?" she asked touching my cheek and I smiled a little while grabbing her hand.

"I am thankful." I said and she looked beyond confused.

"huh?" I smiled and rolled on top of her.

"I am thankful that the villagers burned me and Jane alive." I said and her confused expression increased.

"I don't understand Alec." She said and I kissed her deeply.

"Because," I continued, "if they didn't burn us then Aro may have never found us. I am thankful now because they were responsible for giving me a life where I could live an eternity with you." Her confused look turned to one of understanding and she smiled while bringing my lips to hers.

"So you don't hate me anymore." She teased clearly referring to how I treated her when we first met. I shook my head and smiled.

"I was full of hatred towards humans," I said, "I still am; but even when you were human you helped me learn to love so-" she cut me off by kissing me then pulled away to speak.

"So hate can turn to love." She smiled and I laughed. For the rest of the night I just held her in my arms both of us content with just laying under the covers in a peaceful silence listening to the waves crash up onto the beach.

I know that we will fight in the future because no relationship is perfect.

I know we will continue to fall more in love because of our fights.

I know that over time I will be able to completely open up to her and she will always be there to listen.

Violet proved that she accepts me for who I am and will never try to change me.

I will never try to change Violet either.

I know I may lose Violet to her free spirit sometime and will have to let her go for a while.

But in the end she will always be mine.

No matter how far apart we will be or how angry we are at one another.

We will always belong to each other because we are Soul Mates.

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