Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the Weasleys get ready for the reaping. I attempt to flatten my hair, but as always it doesn't work. Hermione comes over to me and holds out her hand. I look at it questioningly for a moment before remembering that last night she said she would repair my glasses. She starts tapping her foot impatiently, so I reluctantly hand them over. Ron runs in looking terrified. "What's wrong Ron?" I ask, though I already know the answer.

"It's just that, you know, I don't want..."

"You don't want Ginny to be picked." Ron quietly nods. I sigh and exit the room. I have to go see Ginny, this is probably the last time I will see her. I walk into her room, only to find that she isn't there. I walk into the kitchen to ask Mrs. Weasley if she has seen her, but I find Ginny there. She is wearing the beautiful dress that I got her for her birthday.

My grandmother had been a victor, but had died. My parents had been killed by Peacekeepers who thought they had been hunting. Now, I live alone in Victor's Village. On many occasions I had offered for the Weasleys to live at this house, but they declined. I had also offered to help them financially, but they declined that as well. I occasionally slipped them extra food without them noticing, though I wish I could do more.

"Oh hi Harry,"said Ginny as she noticed me.

"Hello Ginny, are you nervous?"

"Who wouldn't be?" she laughs uncomfortably. We both know that the careers volunteer. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Who would want to give their only life for money? It was ridiculous!

"I wonder who will get picked this year," I say. "I just hope it's not me, Hermione, or any of the Weasley's."

"I know Harry, but what can we do?"

I sigh. I wish I lived somewhere else. Going to Hogwarts was nice, but the games were a blast in the face. If I could, I would live somewhere with a Hogwarts, but without a games.

Hermione, the Weasleys, and I walk down to the square. I could see Hogwarts, beautiful in the distance. If the reaping wasn't today, I would be at school today. Reaping day did have a plus side after all. This is my fifth reaping, but it was Ginny's fourth. It was Fred and George's last, the lucky blokes had never been picked. They most likely would get out of the reaping today unpicked, and free to live their lives. How many do I have now? Nine the first year, nine times five is forty-five. Wow! Forty-five little papers with Harry Potter on it, and I'm not even in seventh year! The old record was forty-two! Geez.

"Girls to the right, boys to the left, over eighteen down the middle," said a Peacekeeper.

"Good luck," whispered Mrs. Weasley.

"Bye guys," said Ginny as she turned into the right lane.

"Finger," said the Peacekeeper running the DNA booth. Every year they pricked your finger to make sure you were there. It was also a way to keep tabs on the population.

I hand my finger to the Peacekeeper. Her ease disgusts me. She doesn't seem to care that I might be dead in the next three weeks.

"Age twelve in the front, age eighteen in the back."

I walk over to the sixteen year olds. Ron soon joins me.

"Good luck mate," he says before turning to the front.

"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor," said the announcer. I see Mayor Malfoy watching me with interest. I shy away, knowing that he is looking forward to the day that I get reaped. His son hates me and he hates Mr. Weasley. He and his son are biased against people who move to our district.

"How many do you have this time Potter?" asks Draco Malfoy. I hate his nerve. Just because you never have to take out tesserae doesn't mean your better than everyone else.

"Stuff it Malfoy," said Ron.

"I was asking Potter a question Weasley. How many than Potter."

Malfoy is interrupted by his father,"For once our district gets a little recognition. One of our citizens has earned a place in the Panem book of world records. Harry Potter has broken the record for most name entered in the reaping with a total of forty-five slips."

I hear Malfoy snickering, but I am concentrating on his father's smirk. He is mocking me. He very well knows that if I make it past eighteen, I myself will be a victor myself.

"As you all know this year is the quarter quell."

Shoot, I almost forgot.

"This years twist is...instead of one boy and one girl, we will have two boys and two girls!"

My heart sinks. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and I can be selected red at the same time.

"First the girls."

I start to sweat, this will not end well for me.

"Ginny Weasley."

I panic, I can't volunteer for her!

"The next girl is, Cho Chang."

Even if I don't get chosen, I will have no one.

"Next the boys."

I hold my breath and hope for the best.

"Fred Weasley."

Oh no, I hadn't even worried about them.

"Last but not least, George Weasley."

Fred and George can't fight each other! George is as pale as a sheet beside me. I do the only logical thing I can do.

"I volunteer as tribute!"

"Come on up young man. Why, your Harry Potter!" The announcer pales. "B-b-b-best of luck to you my boy!" He knows that if I do not return, Voldemort will win.

"District five's tributes!"

Everyone raises their wand and shoots up red sparks. This is a way of saying goodbye. It is for me, they all know that my most common spell is expelliamis, which is red. The tradition is yellow, but they broke it. I inwardly smile, goodbye District five.

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