"Are you going to wait for the others to come back?" Pein asked as the five of them gathered in the largest room of the Akatsuki's base. "Why bother? Kakuzu won't care and I'm pretty sure that Deidara would be tossing confetti around." Mar answered dryly, a wry smirk twisting up one side of her mouth. "I already said bye to Kisame. Sasori might be a bit peeved with me, but I'm sure he'll get over it." Tobito steered Mar into the center of the room as everyone else boxed her in. "It's been… interesting." Kakashi said as he pushed his headband up. "I think you mean insane." Pein said dryly, thinking back to the shattered repair budget.

"I was not responsible for any of the chaos." Mar insisted, arms crossed. "That was all Tobi, goddamn it." Pein gave her a long look, clearly not buying her attempt to shift the blame. "Mar!" Tobi whined from his corner. "It wasn't only me!" Mar gave him the same look Pein had just given her. Sasuke snorted at the theatrics from his corner before Pein sighed and got them all back on track. "I'll miss all you guys." Mar said softly as Sharingan spun to life and the world blurred around her. "We'll miss you too." she heard Itachi reply before the connection snapped and Mar found herself in her front yard.

She was standing in front of the lounge chair. The sun was blinding and hot, and Mar immediately began to sweat. 'But.. shouldn't it be winter by now?' Sinking down onto the chair Mar looked around in bewilderment. "Why the hell is it so hot?!"

"If you're gonna whine go do it somewhere else!" Her downstairs neighbor snapped out her open window. The woman was giving her a dirty look. No signs of having missed her while she was gone. "Uh, okay? Where do you suggest?" Mar asked cautiously. "The park has a lake in it, right? Go jump in it." And with that the woman snapped her curtains closed and left Mar to her confusion. 'Something about this is so freakin' familiar.'

Mar soon found herself wandering into the park, guided by this vague sense of dread. As if in a daze Mar walked along the shore, toeing off her shoes and pulling off her socks as she neared the point closest to the playground. Scanning over the playing kids she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Turning her attention to the water she saw a sack. An indeterminate shade of brown, moving, sack. Mar didn't hesitate as she ran into the water, grabbing the top of the sack and pulling it out of the water.

Finally getting the damn thing open Mar immediately pulled her face away from the opening as small furry blurs shot off into the playground. 'This… what? The day I found the cats?' Standing stiffly, Mar gathered up all her things on autopilot before heading home. Mar had gone back in time, again, and was now at the beginning of her adventure. Does the technique the boys used always end in slight time travel? Is she doomed to loop through the last few months indefinitely? Well, no. Mar could probably avoid that by preventing herself from getting sucked into their technique the first time. For the second time? Whatever.

Okay, then. So she has her boys back, and now none of them remember who she is. Mar can mostly pretend that she doesn't know who they are, maybe. Who knows, maybe she can even tweak things around so that things aren't exactly the same. Mar smiled as she heard the scratching at the door. Opening it up, and watching her little fuzzy buddies make themselves at home, Mar decided that she was perfectly fine with it. Even if the loops don't have an end.

Let's see.