It was a hot day. A bone-meltingly hot day, but you probably already knew that. A woman was walking along the edge of a moderately sized lake, shoes dangling from her hand as she surveyed the water. Her hair was long, steel grey, and pulled up into a low ponytail as her eyes darted back and forth. Her memory wasn't what it used to be, sadly enough. Even though she knew that today was the day she once again met her boys, because that was always the day it was when she returned home, she no longer recalled exactly where on the shoreline she needed to go to find them. Lips thinning in agitation, Mar picked up the pace as she continued looking for the sack. There had been a few close calls over the past couple of years. Mar refused for today to be the day her faulty memory broke the cycle.

She had promised to always be there for her boys, after all.

Finally spotting the struggling sack, lower in the water than she would have liked, Mar picked up the pace once again as she made for the water. Struggling herself as she pulled the heavy, waterlogged bag out of the lake Mar stopped when she finally hit the shore to try and catch her breath. Some cycles she really felt that she was getting too old for this. Then she would remember that if she didn't do this, her boys would die. That thought was always enough to power through whatever difficulty Mar was facing at the moment.

Taking the small pocket knife she had started to carry the first time she had failed to open the bag unaided, Mar sliced an opening into the sack and leaned back in anticipation. A paw, once white but now almost as grey as Mar's hair, swiped half heartedly at whomever happened to be on the other side of the freshly made hole. Mar smiled fondly down at the cat, no longer quite a kitten, as he carefully made his exit and moved out of the way for the others. Soon the sack was empty and promptly tossed into the nearest garbage. Looking around at the group of fuzzy ninja, Mar let her smile grow a tad and she got back to her feet.

Sometimes her knees also thought she was getting too old for this.

Once Mar was once again on her feet, she patted down the front of her pants and started moving toward home. Usually the group of lethal cats would follow along, betting on the easy-going nature of what appears to be a crazy cat lady. Sometimes they happen to be a bit more skittish, and Mar tries really hard not to consider why they would be. Either way her ninja wind up in her living room by the end of the day. This seems to be one of the less traumatic cycles, as evidenced by the younger cats outpacing her.

Arriving back at the apartment building Mar made her way up the stairs as the cats followed. Shoving her key into the lock, and being pleasantly surprised that she had remembered to lock the door, Mar pushed her way into the apartment. Some things never change, and Mar's need for music to fill the silence is one of those things. Her iPod had died during one of the cycles, falling over the edge of a cliff when she had gotten just a bit too close. Now Mar had a shiny new phone to play her music.

Going into the living room to collapse on the couch Mar was immediately swarmed by a bunch of cats. Mar smiled down at her friends, fingers running through the fur on their heads, before sighing and standing back up. "Alright, loves. Let's get this part over with, shall we?" A relatively quick trip into the bathroom and Mar had started running warm water into the tub. Levering herself back to her feet, and making sure her guests could access the water, Mar left for extra towels. Sadly, there was no way for her to stock extra clothes. The one time she tried, after everything had reset there was no sign that any effort had been made.

She'll run to the store while they're getting situated.

Soon enough, Mar was back at her apartment rummaging through the bags she had lugged up the stairs. It took a few trips, seeing as she wasn't quite up to carrying as much as she used to. By the time Mar had finished sorting through her purchases, the first of her ninja had started wandering into the living room from the bathroom.

"How much longer are we going to go through this?"

Mar paused, shirt bunched in her hands, and looked up at who had spoken. "Well, Tobi-love. I suppose I'll keep going until I physically can't anymore." The old woman shrugged helplessly. "Til death do us part, honey."