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Planet: Skopje

Time: 1123 hours

Mission timer: lost with pelican

apparently one of the many thing that Lt. Cmndr Davis was short on was patience. Tyler had figured that out after about 15 minutes of continues of fighting for all their lives, even the medic with just basic ground training was using the time he didn't have occupied tending to broken arms or pierced lungs or even the occasional tortured screams of a marine as he was pinned to the other side of the pelican by spikes which were fired from the ever pending mini army of brutes grunts and jackals. Davis started to bellow out orders to the squad but Tyler never heard him as he was in a trance like stare which probably meant the thousand yard stare. And with the little patience Davis was known for shoved tyler to the ground screaming "YOU DAMNED FOOL!.. WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOU! LISTEN TO ORDERS!" Tyler was snapped out of the trance when he hit the ground and was on the verge of nearly crying because of the mayhem, but caught himself when he looked up to davis standing frozen like he'd seen a covenant super cruiser aiming all of its plasma cannons on him only. But was almost completely relieved to see the squad leader of the marines aiming his M6G pistol at the back of the sergeants' head with a fierce look of "don't mess with my men". Along with the other half of the marines all aiming their MA5BS on Davis. Except the troops to busy firing and keeping the covenant at bay but they all stopped if for just an instance to scope out the situation but were soon returned back to the horde trying to kill them.

By the time the squad leader whose name Tyler still didn't know was starting to lower his pistol a spike flew through Davis' head. And that the squad took cover as an unusually large wave of covenant fire came through the side of the pelican. "EVERYONE RUN!" said the squad leader as everyone as everyone grabbed all the supplies and every injured but alive marine and all the dog tags of the fallen off their necks and ran like all hell was after them.

While tyler ran with the rest of the marines he saw one marine carrying the medic since she had been hurt badly hurt was gunned down by plasma from a lucky shot from a grunt who dropped dead as Tyler fired a rapid burst of rounds in the grunts general area with only two actually hitting him, while the rest of the rounds bounced off the brutes shields who were a lot scarier than a single grunt. And as tyler spun around to keep running he noticed the medic the dead marine had been carrying had a look on her face that said "please" but tyler couldn't bring himself to run to the medic no matter how much he actually wanted to pick her up and catch up with the rest of the squad and kept running but was partly relieved to see two marines stop from up ahead and ran back in the direction of the covenant, back to the medic... Tyler knew he'd regret running away from a human in need. But during his mental moment he didn't notice the long set of stairs leading down to the subway tracks under the city quickly approaching and momentarily looked forward a little to late to see the marines going down the stairs and him flying down the stair bouncing off the huge amount of steps first on his shoulder but next faced down and and caught his balance momentarily for less than a nanosecond just to find himself plummeting down more steps due to the unexpected drop of the other concrete step in front of him when he had managed to catch his balance for that nanosecond. The more time he spent falling he could feel himself losing consciousness but still fought for little he had left in everytime he caught a glance down he could count how many steps he had to land on till he hit the solid ground. 28,19, he counted,17,11,6,4,2- until he couldn't keep track but he knew he'd been at the end of the stair case as he was on his stomach with every part of his body feeling as if broken into pieces. he saw two last pairs of combat boots run into his line of sight. But only one pair stopped.

Tyler then heard some kind of yelling and felt himself being picked up but then dropped again. With the last drop he lost all consciousness and blacked out with the last image burned into his head of his dead comrade on the ground.


yayap was running with the brutes that were trying to kill the human scum that crashed into their area of operation, so far those humans had been fighting pretty hard from inside their dropship but as soon as they started running after the brute chieftain ordered for half of the group to fire all at once. flushed them out into the open and had them running and had managed to kill one of them but two of them came back for an injured human that probably wouldn't' have made it should those two "marines" as yayab came to know them as, had came back picked up the injured human and ran the only time he actually feared death was when a weak looking human shot back at a certain grunt superior but wasn't able to kill him because of running and firing. But what made yayab laugh out loud was when the weak looking human fell down a rather large set of stairs that ran all the way underneath the city all over the place. But the covenant couldn't use them because the tunnels that had openings near and behind the human military was closed off blown up or guarded like a high prophet was near them. As yayab kept getting closer to the stairs a brute yelled at him and a few other grunts to stay up near the entrance and keep guard of it till the brutes came back.

It'd had been two hours since the brutes left down the tunnels and yayab and the group were starting to get fidgety and wanted to either sleep or take a just plain out leave. But yayab wouldn't let any of them sleep when the brutes came back he wanted to show them that he could be a great leader of a squad of grunts or maybe even a special task force for the brutes, either way he was sure that'd he get something in return for the up keeping of the grunt squad. Soon enough though he let two of them sleep in pairs while everyone else was on guard and itching for combat and a chance toprove to the brutes that they were just as dangerouse with weapons as the brutes were with their bare hands. But when it was finaaly his and another grunts turn to nap he fell to sleep within a minute assured that if any danger was near his nipple brothers would protect him and wake him.


Tyler woke up with a throbbing headache along with all of his body mainly being his left arm as he slowly got up from laying on his stomach and went into a sitting position and checked quickly over all his gear just running his hands over everything he knew he should have and came to the conclusion that he had everything which meant that he could either sit and do nothing but ache or he could get up and look around for any sign of danger and check if the covenant had left or had stayed and decided to watch him sleep. Tyler left slowly got up and nearly lost his balance and fell backwords but balanced himself out quickly shooting his right arm out behind himto catch himself and make sure he didn't make it to noisy just incase the covenant wanted to watch him nap or had stayed in the area. About 2 minutes later he slowly stuck his head up above the pavment to get a glimpse around about halfway through he spotted a few grunts up near the entrance of the subway he thought he counted 9 but couldn't tell. So he as silently as he could took the empty clip out of his M6G and slid another one in and slowly cocked it back as he lined up the first shot fully knowing that if he missed he could be in hue trouble should the other covenant in the area hear his shots and the longer he fired at the grunts the more likely the mini army would come back and do a lot more than push him down a set of stairs. He soon slowly but surely pulled his sights to a bead on the lead grunts head... POW the first grunts head was impaled by the bullet going through his cranium. Next came the grunts and barks of the grunts panicking and being so confused that it made it near impossible for Tyler to line up his shots with his bad arm, soon he had to just fire in the general direction and hope they ran into the paths of the multiple rounds he fired at them. Soon enough though the grunts got their heads together and collectively got gto cover hiding behind the rails and firing at him. Tyler soon found just how hard grunts fought especially when they had the upper hand and ducked back down to avoid having his head filled with plasma and soon started to limp as fast as he could down the tunnel hoping the grunts wouldn't pursue him because the darkness would be his only advantage. And the plasma pistols most grunts carry glowed with the superheated plasma. So Tyler limpedfaster and further into the dark not knowing what would be t the end of the subway tracks.