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Tyler was starting to lose light from the glow stick, it was his second one and the usual life span of one was around one day so he was thankful he still had five more. After not eating for two days the hunger pains were starting to really set in gnawing away at itself "eating itself" He mumbled to himself as tyler heard a low grumble that sounded like a growling brute but was partly relieved that it had come from his stomach. Tyler had been satisfied to find one or two small streams leaking from the ceiling of the dark subway. He thought back about what he'd call half a day ago when he discovered the rats/ possible food source [Tyler sat down at the middle of a tunnel that split off into two different ways trying to figure out which way to go he sat down and thought deeply to himself not hearing the small almost inaudible squeaks of rats. "OOOOW" yelped Tyler jumping o his feet after something had just bit him as quick as he could he flipped out his combat knife looking for something to stab he heard scratching to his left and sprinted a couple of feet till he saw a rat scurrying away he calmed down. Until a simple thought passed through his mind "MEAT" as fast as a stalking skirmisher he sprinted toward the rat with his knife and a crazed look in his eyes one of hunger and the willingness to kill anything that he could eat besides himself. the rat squeezed through a small rack in the side of the wall, not a second after the rat squeezed through he stabbed his knife into the crack continuesly for a half minute wiggling the blade back and forth hoping he would kill it to eat it. He stopped and stood up slightly agitated. But once again he sat back down realizing that if he even caught and kiled the rat he had no way to cook it and he couldn't eat raw rat beside the fact that it'd taste disgusting it'd probably poison and kill him, so he got up and blindly started to go towards the right tunnel].

He kept walking thinking to himself but was abruptly stopped in his tracks he heard shuffling he walked forward agan slightly slower and pulled out his knife keeping it out of the soft glow. Dragging sounds again with Tyler's heart rate rapidly increasing he started to edge on slowly but surely, hearing his blood in his ears he kept listening to the shuffling. Till he saw a slight shadow move... Lunging at the shadow he tried to knock it off it's feet whatever"it" was his hand gripping the knife jabbed out at the shadow with nothing hitting it "I missed" quickly flashing through his head Tyler started to go berserk slashing his knife everywhere feeling no resistance to his blade no matter where he slashed. Tyler froze "Heh heh heh" feeling something touch his shoulder he fainted.

Ever so slowly Tyler lifted himself out of the cloudiness of his mind regaining consciousness. He blinked a couple of times to get rid of the pain of a light shining up at the ceiling. Finally fully conscious he looked around afraid to know what was all around of him. "Good your awake. I thought you'd never wake up" said a voice which sounded cheery Tyler looked around faster trying to figure out where the voice came from till he saw movement in the left corner of his eye a shadow... getting up Tyler noticed his hands and weapons weren't tied or taken way. The shadow continued to move till it stepped out of the dark looking down he saw a black boot step out till the figure resolved itself to be an odst. "People call me Rookie..." stated the odst looking at Tyler his faceplate/visor still polarized. Stunned by the abrupt and nerve racking upfront attitude by the trooper. "W-w-where are we?" Tyler asked now starting to take in his surroundings he was still in the subway system but at a station not in the seemingly endless dark tunnels. It stunk but at least there was light from the opening at the top of the stairs.

Finally breaking the long held silence Tyler spoke up "...where's your squad I know odst always work in squads, but yet here you are scaring a down pilot and making him pass ou- " "I wanted to make sure the covenant weren't just using you to bait the people hiding in the subway trying to lure them out." replied "Rookie" with a very evident ting of annoyance at having to explain himself to to Tyler. An awkward silence fell upon the two men for a second Both looking at each other Tyler decided to break the silence "y-you never did tell me what happened to your squad."" We got separated to cover a larger amount of area to gather bigger amounts of survivors, I'm quit surprised you haven't run into any of them their all over the place walking in the tunnels".

Listening to the odst talk Tyler felt a sliver of hope to get back home and maybe see that squad of marines again that saved his life yet annoyed him completely on the flight to their drop zone. Tyler was snapped out of the trance when the odst appeared infront of him waving his gauntleted hand in front of his face "HEY! you in there?" asked the odst. As soon as Tyler was back to his senses he quickly replied "Yeah, yeah... sorry I was thinking there for a second" The odst cocked his head to the side before asking another question "thinking about what exactly?". Asked the odst with a bit of suspicion edging into his voice.

Tyler quickly blurted out "i want to find a squad of marines that i was supposed to fly to a drop zone they annoyed me so I forgot to stay out of range of the antiair cannons so I got shot down then they helped me survive but i was unconscious because one dropped me when hegot shot after I fell down the stairs!" Tyler gasped at not taking a breath that entire Rookie's face was unreadable behind his faceplate that was still polarized. Rookie spoke up "I can understand that but you're going to need to wait till dark when we leave the station to meet up and figure out how to help the survivers get off this planet". "Radio chatter in this area can get us caught by the covenant." Tyler shot Rookie his most thankful face before quipping back "Thank you... but what are we going to do until then?" Tyler asked looking for a clock but none showed up. "Its 15:24 hours (3:24), before i found you i was wondering the tunnels hoping to catch a glimpse of anthing that anyone was alive and hiding in the area. Said the Rookie

"Oh but i don't have an odst helmet with night vision like you all i have are some glow sticks" "what can i do just sit here and hope the covenant don't poke their ugly heads in here?!" Tyler said while unknowingly talking faster and faster as more panic filled his system at what the covenant would do to him should they find him here. Rookie started to walk back into the shadows but stopped and turned to Tyler "stay here I'll be bacbefore we have to leave and meet the others." Rookie once again turned on his heel and briskly walked back into the shadows his pitch black armor perfectly concealing him. Leaving Tyler not even a smidge of a chance to argue.

Tyler looked at where the trooper vanished then around the small station till he spotted a few cans of food which he hoped and guessed we're fresh he stepped on a broken tile and had 3 heart attacks simultaneously thinking it was the covenant. He sat down on a bench near the food when he sat the ench creaked making Tyler jump up with fright and turned to the bench backing away. He unconsciously walked ack till his back hit a column. With a yelp he ran to the side of the bench but not before snatching up a few cans of food and a peice of splintered wood for a makeshift fork (around the same size as a babies fork) when Tyler hit the side of the bench he put hit back to the wall thinking outloud "this is gonne be a long 3 to 4 hours.

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