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"Why not!" cried Kaito, for the millionth time.

"No means no," Meiko stated, as she flipped through a magazine.

"But Mei-Chan I need ice cream to live," Kaito stressed.

"Kaito, the doctor said if you have more than a tub of ice cream a day, you'll be in trouble." Said as, concern flashed in her eyes.

"Hmm, this tastes really good," said Rin as she walked past Kaito, holding an ice cream cone. Kaito could just stared so longingly at the ice cream cone, Meiko noticed and hit Kaito on the back of his head, "it's rude to stare, and go do something else," Good bye my love, Kaito mentally said as he stared at the ice cream cone and walked away."

He decided to sneak in late at night and eat some ice cream.

~time skip to night~

Meiko sneaked out of her room and into the kitchen, she couldn't sleep, and what a way enjoy a sleepless night without ice cream.

Meiko open the fridge and took a bite of ice cream. This is good, she thought, and took another spoon full, and another, until she ate all the ice cream.

Kaito crept down the stairs; he couldn't wait to get a taste of his ice cream.

When he entered the kitchen, to his horror, Mei-Chan was sitting there surrounded by empty tubs of ice cream, and her lips were blue.

"You shouldn't mess with me and my ice cream, Mei-Chan," Kaito said darkly.

Meiko was surprised with mood change, one minute Kaito was surprised, the next he was mad.

Kaito walked over towards her and said, "This is your punishment, Mei-Chan,"

Kaito leaned in and captured her lips.

I don't really do romance, but I figured why not give it a try.

I wrote this in algebra class, talk about awkward.