Chapter 2:Playground for the old man.

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Jin Tae-Jin's POV.

He was sleeping when he heard a bird's singing. He yawned and opened his eyes. Last night's sleep was not bad, except he got a weird dream. In his dream he was sleeping but he heard three woman talking near him, they said some thing about camp Blood or something and they mentioned they are going to get him. "Maybe they are Deaths" he thought, "they are going to get me". He sighed, maybe he's a bit too old now. He got out of the tent and looked around. The fire had died and winds were blowing around him, there were leaves on the ground and the grass still had mist on it. Sunshine were every where but he felt that the forest was a bit too dark for a normal forest. "Now let's find some monsters so I can have some breakfast" he thought as he stretched his legs and arms. Then Jin Tae-Jin started to jog deeper into the forest...

After 30 minutes he didn't find any thing, but he had the feeling that someone was watching him. Then he heard a twig cracked behind him, he then used Bo-Bup to get there and he saw a black shape jumped up on a tree. Jin Tae-Jin used his hand to cut the tree down in one chop, but the black shape jumped to another tree. Jin Tae-Jin then Bo-Bup up on that tree and the black shape swung a knife at him but Jin Tae-Jin dodged that and he punched it in the stomach, making it fell down from the tree.

He jumped down and inspected it, but when it's on the ground the sun revealed the black shape as a girl. She was a girl about 16 years old and she dressed like the youngster who had listen too much rock music, she had black hair and her eyes were blue. She was lying on the ground holding her stomach using one hand and another was holding a knife. When she saw Jin Tae-Jin jumped down the tree she stood up raising her knife and the other hand took out a shield from behind her back. The shield had the head of a woman with snakes for hair on it. The girl then stood up and Jin Tae-Jin could see that she was a very heavy rock listener. She dressed in all black, she was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans, her makeup was black and her hair was a deep black shade. Her dagger had blue sparks on it, which probably mean she had a Charyeok that had Thunder ability or a National Treasure. The two stared at each other until Jin Tae-Jin asked her:

-Who are you and why you are following me?

-Why should I tell you?

-Because it will be less painful to get the information out. I won't shy to hit a girl.

-Make me.

She said then she threw her knife at him. Jin Tae-Jin dodged it but when the knife hit the ground it sent out an electric wave that hurt him. It made him dazed for a few seconds but the girl already charged at him with a spear. He did a "Groundrawer" with little strength which caught the girl's legs and made her fell down face first. He sent a "Fang" at her back, make her hit the ground face down with super fast speed which increase the damage. He then crouched down and picked her up by holding her jacket, making eyes contact with her. He then asked gently:

-I will forgive you for the attitude, most of the youngster these days usually do that so I understand. I wanted to know who are you and why were you following me?

Thalia's POV.

After the old man asked that the first thought she had was: "I shouldn't underestimate this old guy" and the next was "I will let this old man pay". After a moment of thinking she formed a plan "I could tell him his name and explain about why I'm here, then if this guy is hostile I will bring him back to Artemis so we could finish him off". So she replied:

-My name is Thalia and I was following you because my Mistress told me so.

-Who is your Mistress?

-Her name is Artemis, the Goddese of Moon and Hunting and I am a demigod.

-What's a demigod?

-So you mean you aren't a demigod?


-You know the Greeks gods right?(Jin Tae-Jin nodded)A demigod is the child of a god with a mortal and they are half god.


And he helped her up. She looked back at him with curiosity, normally mortals will have some shocked but why this guy is She asked him:

-Why didn't you surprised?

-Let's just say I met a god once so there weren't any weird about it. In case you wondering, it was a giant monkey.


There aren't any monkey-god in Greeks, or there might but a giant monkey? That's not possible. She then asked him:

-Who are you?

-Oh, sorry. My name is Jin Tae-Jin and I'm a Korean.

He finished it with a smile. He then picked up her knife and returned it to her and he said:

-Where did you live? You and your god Artemis?

-Oh yeah. Last night we found you asleep and my Mistress thought you a demigod so she said to me to bring you back this morning when you are awake. Let's go, I will show you the way.

-But that didn't explain why you don't said any thing to me when I woke up.

-Sorry. I had to make sure you are not a bad person or a monster.

She said that as she put away her shield and knife. She then motioned for him to follow he but Jin Tae-Jin said:

-Could we go to my camp so I could some of my souvenirs?

Thalia said yes and she walked with him back to his camp. After that Thalia lead the way to her camp with Jin Tae-Jin behind carrying his souvenirs. While they were walking they do some asks and answers. Jin Tae-Jin looked like a very honest man, he answered every thing truthfully, without a pause. In returned she described camp Half-Blood for him because she thought that he was not fully mortal, and he had seen a God so she thought Artemis will decide what to do with him. When they were near their camp Zoe appeared and she took one look at Jin Tae-Jin and she hissed at Thalia:

-Traitor! You bring a man here, near Artemis, she will not forget you.

-Relax Zoe. It's the old man we found last night.

Zoe looked at Jin Tae-Jin for a while then she said:

-We will escort you toward the goddess Artemis, if you promised me you won't do any thing like pigs.

-I promise.

He said with a smile but Thalia could see his confusion why they don't like male. She quickly said:

-We don't like all kind male. Not you, so don't worry.

Then THalia and Zoe escorted him toward Artemis's tent. Her tent was big but simple, in front of it was a small fire and two guards. Both of them glared at Jin Tae-Jin when Zoe stopped and explained things to them. Jin Tae-Jin was carefree, he was looking around the camp with interest, especially at the training ground, where two girls were fighting together with only shorts and loose clothing. Thalia hissed at him:

-If you're thinking what you are thinking you are dead!

-Really, you can read my mind? Then could you tell that girl with the spear should learn to use her knee more, which will be useful for her hit-and-run tactic. And the other girl, she should practice to hit her opponent's feet more, especially when she kept looking at their head which will make her opponent thinks she is going to strike in the head.

Thalia stared at him in disbelieve, they, the Hunters of Artemis, got an old man teaches them advises in fighting? This man was getting weirder and weirder. The guards then stood aside and let them in, she nodded at them then Thalia followed Zoe and Jin Tae-Jin. Inside the tent was very warm, with tray of food on a nearby table and chairs. In the middle of the room is Artemis. She is sitting on a chair and looking directly at them. The three of them bowed low before her, then she motioned them to stopped it. When they did she said, looking at them:

-I see that you had found Mr. Jin and led him back to our camp. And I believe he is the one who broke your inner amor and made your stomach hurt until now.

She could see the surprise on Jin Tae-Jin's face. They didn't introduce him to her so there is a reason to surprise Zoe stared at her as she took out the amor, which is now had a big hole in it. She putted it on a nearby table then she replied her:

-Yes Miss, she is. He then appoligize me and he is not a demigod, although he had seen a God before.


Artemis said as she looked at Jin Tae-Jin, who is looking at the two guard dogs. Artemis then asked him:

-Tell me , why did you came here and did you killed the monsters.

-Yes Miss. I did killed the monsters and I went here because after my grandson went to the city I had decided to travel the world to fight with other martial art masters. After I had done in New Yorks I went here because I heard that Long Island is nice.

She nodded, then she said to Thalia:

-Go and get some healing, I believe that punch is very nasty.

Thalia could only nodded then she went outside, looking for their healer while her mind keep figure Jin Tae-Jin out.

Jin Tae-Jin's POV.

After Thalia had gone Artemis asked him:

-Tell me, which god did you saw?

The girl beside him, he thinks her name is Zoe, suddenly looked interest the first time he met her. Jin Tae-Jin then tell her about his mission to North Korea to investigate and later he had to battle the Giant Monkey. During the whole story Artemis didn't interupt, nor did Zoe. When he finished Artemis said:

-In your culture what is the name of the God of Monkey?

-We didn't had. The only Monkey is Sun Go-Kong, the Monkey King, and he had the power as strong as a God.

-I see...

Then she sat still, as if she is thinking about something, for a while no one said anything then Artemis said:

-Your goal is very different. You like to challenge people to fight and you still care for others. Say, Jin Tae-Jin, would you like to come to camp Half-Blood, a place for demigod?

-Thank you your Goddese, but could you tell me what this camp is about? Because if it's just normal camp I don't think I'm going to like it.

-Don't worry Jin Tae-Jin. A camp for demigod is not a normal camp, there they had to training so when they came out of the boundary, which prevent monsters from attack the camp, they can fight them. Beside there are others games too, like chariot race, capture the flag, tournament... so you won't have a boring time there, Jin Tae-Jin.

-If that's the case I will be happy to go with you, the Hunters of Artemis, to camp Half-Blood.

-Very good. Zoe, tell the campers that this man will have my permission to go with us, we are leaving now.

Zoe looked a bit stunned but she nodded and went outside. Artemis then turned back to Jin Tae-Jin and she said:

-Tell me, yesterday we found tracks of monsters and clue of battles, then when we found your tent we saw werewolf, chimera's skin and a troll's club. Is it you who defeated those monsters?

-Yes, ma'am. They didn't take much of my time.


Then another girl came in, her face show distrust toward Jin Tae-Jin and she bowed, then she said:

-We are ready, miss.

-Very well.

And Artemis stood up from her chair, the two guard dogs walked toward them behind her. She took out a spear from nowhere and suddenly her whole body were covered in leather armor and on her back was a quiver of arrows. Her other hand was holding a shield and the dogs suddenly had armor too. Jin Tae-Jin can't help but think:"Impressive Special Ability" and he went outside. The whole camp had been cleaned, there are not even one trace that prove a camp had been here. All the Hunters were standing in front of the tent and they bowed when she came out. There were a lot of Hunters, they were about from 8 to 16 years old, armed with knives, bows and swords. But when Jin Tae-Jin came out the camp started to whisper while a few glared at him with anger and detest. Jin Tae-Jin just shrugged it off and he focused on the speech of Artemis:

-Good morning Hunters, as you had known that we had a man in our camp. Althought it goes against the rules of ours I want all of you to treat this man as an exception. Although he is not a demigod he will come with us to camp Half-Blood and from then we won't interact with him again. I know some of you are confuse but don't worry, he won't harm us, and please treat him as a friend. We should go now if we want to make it before noon.

The Hunters nodded and they started to run very fast, some of them who ran first was carrying big bags of things which Jin Tae-Jin assumed were camp stuffs. Some of them snickered at him and his age, even one of them said mockingly:

-After you.

He sighed, kids, why can't they become half as nice as Jin Mo-Ri? He then started to run with them, even faster than most of them, making those girls stared at him in disbelieve. Kids, he sighed again, always underestimated old people. Anyway they ran for about 20 minutes when a girl jumped out of a nearby bushes and she held up a hand to stop them. The girl was about in her 16, with long curly blond hair and fit, athletic looking. She is wearing an orange T-shirt with the words camp Half-Blood on it. But the weirdest thing was that her eyes are a deep shade of gray and she was holding a sword. "Looks like Artemis is right" he thought "this really is not a normal camp" as Thalia came over to that girl and said something to her. From what he heard her name is Annabeth and she is one of the kids who lives here. Annabeth pointed over Jin Tae-Jin:

-Who is he? There are rarely demigods who returned here when they are old.

-Oh Annabeth, he is not a demigod. We found him yesterday after he had killed a chimera, a pack of werewolf and a troll using only martial art.

-And the reason you Hunters bring this man here is...

-He can look through the Mist and he had seen a god before, but the god he had seen isn't a Greek god. Beside, goddess Artemis demanded him go here.

Annabeth nodded and turned to Jin Tae-Jin, she looked at him for a while then offered her hand to shake. Jin Tae-Jin shook it and Annabeth said:

-OK. My name is Annabeth and welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Mr...

-Jin. Jin Tae-Jin.

-Mr. Jin, right. I'm gonna show you to your cabin while you stay at Camp Half-Blood for sometimes.

And she said to no one in particular:

-I give them permission to see camp Half-Blood. (AN: Or some thing like that, I don't remember every thing OK).

And what before is a strawberry farm is now replaced to a big field with children all over the place. Jin Tae-Jin wished he had more eyes, it wold be very useful now. There are kids playing sports, kids talking and kids doing nothing, 12 cabins and a big house at the end. At his left is a stable and an armory. To his right is a training ground and a lake. The Hunters was sniggering at him, maybe because he looked like a child when he heard that Christmas is coming early. Annabeth nudged him and he woke up from his daze. The Hunters were walking to a cabin from the twelve cabins and they were pretty far a head so he used Bo-Bup to went there. One of the Hunters shrieked as he appeared in front of her, making every body jumped, the girl then said sorry but every body still glare at her. Jin Tae-Jin looked around as Annabeth told him every thing about the cabins. On the way they passed the Ares cabin with children who liked to fight, the Aphrodite cabin with beautiful kids, the Apollo cabin with accuracy and athletics kids. The Hunters stopped at their cabin, the Artemis cabin and went inside but Jin Tae-Jin can't see Artemis any where. Thalia waved at him then went inside, leaving him with Annabeth. He asked Annabeth:

-Did you saw Artemis any where? I swear she just came here with us earlier.

-Oh, Artemis doesn't like to be in the camp often so she had gone back to Olympus. Come, I will show you the Hermes cabin.

And they went there, near his cabin is Athena's cabin and Hephaestus's. There were a lot of noises in both of them and Annabeth had to came in her cabin to make them stop (which, hardly surprised, she is their counselor after all). And they did after she came in, mean while Jin Tae-Jin started to walk into his (Hermes's) cabin but before he came inside the door he slammed into a small boy, about 10 years old. The kid said sorry and ran away, leaving Jin Tae-Jin with Annabeth again. They both walked into the cabin and inside were chaos. There are beds every where, with children running and screaming and pocketing (Hermes is the god of thief, Annabeth said) while the others looked at him with curiosity. Annabeth said:

-Wait here.

And she headed toward two guys at the back of the cabin. They were laughing and selling things for kids, after Annabeth talked to them they looked at him and smiled. Jin Tae-Jin returned the smile and he use Bo-Bup to went over there. The two guys both yelped in surprises and Annabeth laughed. One of them said:

-It's not funny Annabeth.


And they both said:

-Welcome, who ever you are, to cabin 11 of Hermes!

That's it. There will be fighting next chap so prepare.