Chapter 3:I feel 30 years younger.

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Jin Tae-Jin's POV.

-Welcome, whoever you are, to cabin 11 of Hermes!

The twins said to Jin Tae-Jin as he came over them. Jin Tae-Jin smiled, they looked like Jin Mo-Ri when he is young and he said:

-Hello and my name's Jin Tae-Jin and I'm Korean.


The twins said and one of them asked Annabeth:

-Is he an old camper who came back here to visit?

-No, he is not. He is not even a demigod, but Artemis led him here because he had seen a god before.

-Cool. Anyway, we are the Stoll brothers. This is Cornor and I'm Travis or I'm Cornor and this is Travis, we are either way around. So this is cabin 11 or Hermes's cabin and we are his children. He's the god of thieves, merchants, salesmen... and anyone who use roads. So when someone who parents doesn't claim yet usually come here to stay for a while.

Conor or Travis explain to Jin Tae-Jin. He then looked around the place again and all he saw is people, so he asked the Stoll brothers:

-So where am I sleeping?

-Oh, just bring your stuff and put it at the back, where the new comers's.

Travis or Cornor replied and they winked at each other. Jin Tae-Jin just shrugged and he went over to the back. On the way he had to jumped, tip toed and had to make him self smaller to get there. "This place is full of people" he thought when he's going to put his monsters trophies down but on his back is nothing. The club, the chimera and the wolfs's skin were gone, Jin Tae-Jin scanned around and he saw some of the kids giggled. Jin Tae-Jin sighed and he had to jumped, tip toed and make himself smaller again to came back to the door. Cornor or Travis had went out while Annabeth is standing at the door, waiting for him. When Jin Tae-Jin came to her she said:

-Lost some of your stuff huh?

-Yes, it seems like that.

He replied and Annabeth leaded him outside, she explain to him:

-We have to notified to Chiron, our activities director and Mr. D the camp director that you are here. Chiron is nice but don't expect anything from Mr. D. He is a bit angry for being here.

Then she explained to him that Chiron is the centaur that teaches heroes in the story and Mr. D is Dionysus and he is punished because of chasing to a wood nymph that is off-limit. And when they came face to face with a big house that looks like a palace with blue paint and build by wood, Annabeth said:

-Welcome to the Big House.

And they walked in. When Jin Tae-Jin saw the outside he imagined that Mr. D and Chiron must be very big. But when Annabeth lead him to a room where there is a ping pong table he felt disappointed. Inside are 2 men, one of them is a centaur so he must be Chiron while the other is a bit fat and plump and he is wearing a Hawaiian shirt so he must be Dionysus. Chiron smiled at him but D just looked at him once then turned away. After Annabeth had introduced them to each other Chiron said:

-Humph, tell me, did the god that you saw said anything to you?

-No, instead we were too busy fighting each other that we didn't said anything for a while.

Chiron stared at him, as Annabeth and D too. Then D started to laugh then he said:

-I didn't know that East gods could be that weak.

-No, actually it's just a guardian of another thing.

D stopped laughing and Annabeth turned to looks at Chiron, Jin Tae-Jin then said:

-Are there anything I need to know right now? Because this place looks kind of fun so I would like to get out there as soon as I can.

-Oh yes. Annabeth had told you where to sleep which is in cabin 11. Because of that you are temporary a camper so if there is any major events you had to be participate in. Other than that is the schedule which your cabin mates will let you know. Yes, I think that is. And you mustn't came out of the boundary without permission because of some reason. Do you understand?

-Yes I am.

-See Annabeth. If you just be half as nice as Mr. Jin during the first time you came here it will be much better.

Annabeth pouted while Mr. D started to glare at Jin Tae-Jin. He said:

-I wonder what reason did Artemis bring you here.

But Jin Tae-Jin had already ran outside to the climbing rock with lava on it, leaving Annabeth dumbfounded inside the Big House. Chiron chuckled when Annabeth ran outside too, maybe she afraid Jin Tae-Jin will destroy something on his way. Mr. D still hadn't said anything nice to Jin Tae-Jin since he came here, Chiron hoped that he wouldn't mind Jin Tae-Jin for being here and reverse.

When Jin Tae-Jin came running toward the climbing rock with hot, dripping lava he came across a chariot. But this isn't a normal chariot, this chariot aren't had anyone on it and the two horses that is pulling the chariot is made of metal. There are steam coming off on the horses's head and they are coming toward him. He dodged it, since he thought it might be important, and the chariot ran behind him. But the horses suddenly turned around and it started to ran toward him again. At this time Jin Tae-Jin heard a boy's voice shouted out:

-Careful old man! Wait for the reinforcement and don't destroy it! It's very valuable.

So Jin Tae-Jin countinue to dodged it and wait for the reinforcement. After a while some kids came running toward them, leading them is a mean looking girl who is holding a spear and yelling battle cry. Some kids behind her are shooting arrows at the chariot but the arrows just bounced out of the metal horses. The girl ran toward the chariot with her spear up and she started to attack the horses with her spear. When her spear reached it target Jin Tae-Jin saw blue sparks came out of it."So this is a thunder weapon" he thought as he countinue to dodged it. The girl just jumped up on one horse and she is trying to control it but the metal beast doesn't give up. It keep trying to make her go done when the other horse used it teeth to bite her. She yelled out and it throw her down far then both of them started to run toward her, ready to sqash herlike a bug.

Clarissque's POV

"Damn it!" she thought as the horse throw her down to the ground and the other mashed the spear. "Why anything with Percy always had to destroy my spear?" she thought as she struggled to stand up but when she does her leg feel very painful, as if the whole leg bone just broken and one look at her leg confirm it. The leg bought her down and she waited for the horses to came at her. But then she feel a shadow of something big then he heard a big crash and the sound of machine got mashed. Then the old man who had dodged the horses helped her up, she asked him:

-Who finished the horses?

-Oh, that's me.

He said while Clarissque looked at him with open mouth. "Impossible" she thought as the old man steady her hand on his shoulder and she looked over the chariot. And the whole scene make her even more shock. The chariot is lying on the ground, broken while the horses is almost in bits and pieces, Leo is bending over them, almost crying while a big mountain of dirt is standing there, right near her. She looked over at the Apollo kids and they are like her, standing there with their mouth open. The old man said:

-OK, you kids could close your mouth now.

And all of them closed heir mouth at the exact moment. Clarissque couldn't understand it, how could that old guy could beat a child of Ares, especially he is a mortal. The man helped her walking, he asked one of the Apollos:

-Could you tell me where is the infirmary in this camp?

The kid seem become focus once more and he leaded them to the infirmary. She said to the man:

-You could let me go now. I don't need your help.

-No I won't. Your bone is broken and with that you can't even crawl without hurting your self. And my name is Jin Tae-Jin so it will be more convienece to call me.

Clarrisque feel stunned. An old man is carrying her and he even care about her but that didn't stop her from the eyes of the other campers. On the way to the infirmary they had crossed a lot of people, they are all pointing and looking at her like a beast got caught. All of them when saw who is carrying her broke out laughing, making this day is the worst day of her life. "Me, a child of Ares, deserve better than this. They will know what is pain when I return to my cabin." she thought as she glare at everybody who want to laugh, which make them stop very quick. Everything was fine until that guy show up.

Percy's POV.

After he had visit Annabeth (with her giving him a kiss at the end) Percy decided to went to the lake for a swim. He ran back to his cabin to get his swim suit and then he double the speed to the lake. He just turned around the corner of Haephetus's cabin and what he saw so shock that is like Hera saw Zeus making another baby with other woman (with the familiar sound of thunder in the sky). In front os his eyes is an old man and he is supporting Clarissque. She looks like her leg is broken and she is staring at him, maybe hoping to scare him away. Boy, she was so wrong. Percy just stood there, looking over them while the old man countinue walking toward him. He asked Percy, making Clarrisque growled under her breath:

-Could you tell me where is the infirmary again please?

Percy couldn't control it any more, he broke out laughing, making Classrique angrier, much to Percy's delight. He paused to gain breath, then he said:'s over there sir. Hey Classrique, did this old guy beat you? Wow, I didn't know he would be that strong.

Classrique growled and she looks like she would be murder Percy right then but the old man cover her mouth before she said anything inappropriate and he said:

-Thank you.

Then he disappear. Percy stopped laughing right away "How could it be?" he wondered as he looked around him but he still didn't saw that man. Then he saw the old man at the infirmary, Percy frowned, how could he ran that fast. After a while he decided to went for a swim first then he will find more about this guy.

Jin Tae-Jin's POV.

After he asked that boy Jin Tae-Jin noticed that Classrique's leg is worse than before so he didn't want to waste any more time, he use Bo-Bup to travel to the infirmary immediately. He focused energy on his leg then he went. When they are right in front of the infirmary he stopped, without losing a beat. Classrique looks stunned and she stared at Jin Tae-Jin but he just shrugged it off. "Children of Gods that don't know how to Bo-Bup" he sighed disapprovingly. Jin Tae-Jin then helped Classrique into the infirmary to heal her leg. The kids inside giggled at the sight of an old man and Classrique, whom Tae-Jin had heard stories that she was the strongest kid in this camp, until some other kids come along. Tae-Jin smirked, this girl right here was not so bad, but he heard the other kids had super powers and legendary weapons so he could challenge them for a fight or two. If he wasn't mistaken warriors everywhere almost never refused a challenge, except cowards. Tae-Jin then asked for a map from a girl who was sitting there polishing her daggers. She looked at him for a minute then said:

-Sorry, we don't have any maps here. All of them are in the Big House.

Jin Tae-Jin sighed, then he asked for some place for training in this camp. The girl looks like she was going to laugh at his face but she just covered her mouth and pointed out the direction for him. He thanked her and left before she started laughing at how old he was. Jin Tae-Jin sighed, kids these days, always overlooked somebody old or poor (like that beggar who is one of the Six) or just lost an arm. He then Bo-Bup to the place she told him about, the first one is some bushes, then a small pond, and the last one is the armory. But there was a tiny accident, on the third time he landed he appeared behind a kid who was wearing a belt with pockets. That kid turned around and screamed his head off, one of his hand threw some metal arrows at him which he was carrying while the other arm just took out a giant hammer out of nowhere. Jin Tae-Jin dodged the arrows and he collected them all. But the kid then swung his giant hammer at him, Jin Tae-Jin threw down the arrows and used his hands to caught the head of the hammer and took it out of the kid's hands. But then one of his hand went into one of his pocket, then he took out a giant chainsaw. He turned it on and swung it at him like a blade, Jin Tae-Jin dodged it and swept the kid's leg out under him. He fell down but still holding his chainsaw and slashed it at Jin Tae-Jin's chest. Jin Tae-Jin then brought his knee up and changed the direction of the saw. "This kid is not bad" he thought "but if I didn't want to see what he could do he would have stop for a long time ago". The saw now lying on the ground, next to the kid who was looking up at him. Jin Tae-Jin smiled and put his hand out for the boy, the boy looked at it then took his hand. Jin Tae-Jin pulled the boy up and said:

-You are good kid.

-Thanks, who are you and what were you doing behind my back?

-My name is Jin Tae-Jin and the god Artemis led me here for something I do not know.

-What!? You mean the god of hunting who is the leader of a group of sexy, virgin girl didn't kill you on the first time and even led you here? Wow, you are cool. My name is Leo Valdez, I'm son of Hephaestus. Where are you going?

-I was looking for the arena.

-So that's why you were behind my back. Come, I will show you the arena.

And he took his hammer, turned of his chainsaw and put them in his pocket, his pocket! How did he do that? Leo looked at Jin Tae-Jin and smiled, he collected his arrows and motioned for Tae-Jin to follow him:

-Come, while we are working I will explain to you about my belt.

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