Chapter 1

Jak's POV

It's cold on the air tran. I barely remember how I got on it in the first place. My memory is blurry at the moment. My head hurts like as if someone held my head and shook it around while I have a hangover. Even my body won't stop shaking. I don't know if it's from the cold or what. I just wish my memory would clear up and get over this haze.

Two guards jerked me up by my arms, seeing how I can't stand up on my own. They drag me to the gate and it opened. My vision must be kinda blurry or it's just the weather. I can't tell.

Too bad my sense of smell is still working, because I smell that piece of thrash, Errol as he got closer to me.

"Well this is where we drop you off, Freak." he said.

The guards drag me closer to the opening and when we got to the edge, one of the guards take off my cuffs. I would fight, but I'd lose in my condition. Then they let go of my arms.

"Good bye, Eco Freak!"

I felt something slam into my back, pushing me forward and out of the air tran.

As I fell, I more and likely looked like a rag doll falling to the floor. It felt like I was falling forever and when I hit the ground, it was a hard impact, knocking the air out of me.

As I laid there, gasping for air, looking up, it looked like they were laughing at me like I was some stupid idiot that just tripped over my own feet on flat ground. Then the air tran's gate closed and flew away as I closed my eyes.

I laid there and it felt like hours since I was 'dropped off'. Well at least I know why it's so cold, they left me on Snowy Mountain.

I opened my eyes and I heard something, soft steps. I tried to sit up, but when I did, I got really dizzy and laid back down. I looked around, then I saw something and there were two of them, big and white. They came closer to me, then they were standing over me. Big, white wolves! And when I say big, I mean one is big enough for a child to ride it and the other one is big enough for a full grown person to ride. The biggest one started sniffing me, then it nudged my head with it's nose. At first my mind was screaming run, but my body hurt so much I couldn't move. Then the bigger wolf looked at the smaller one, then the smaller one leaves.

I looked at the bigger one and watched it walk around me, then it stopped at my feet. It looked like it was sniffing my feet, but I was wrong. It put my feet into it's mouth and started swallowing! I wanted to get away before I was devoured, but my body wasn't working right!

My body hurt so much as I went down. All that pressure made me want to scream, but all that came out was moans and groans of pain. When my head got to the wolf's mouth, I heard a voice, a female voice in my head.

"Be calm, human. You are safe now."

Then the snow disappeared as I was forced down the wolf's throat and into it's belly.

I have to admit, it is really warm and comfortable in the wolf's belly. As I slept, I kept thinking about that female voice that spoke to me before I was completely eaten. Was it the wolf or was it something else? I don't know, but the voice was right! My body isn't burning any acids, in fact there isn't any acids at all, but doesn't mean that the wolf won't decide to digest me at any moment.

But during the hours I was out of it, I slept really well even though I was balled up and saliva coating me and soaking me to the bone, but other than that, I was comfortable. Weird, right? Oh well.

After an hour or so, I started to feel pressure all around me, like as if being squeezed. I woke up and rubbed my eyes, letting out a yawn. I looked around, then I started pushing against the fleshy walls only to see my hands and arms get engulfed by the walls. My eyes widened and I pulled my hands back. I looked at my hands, okay no burns, that's good. I crossed my arms over my chest and closed my eyes in attempt to go back to sleep and wait for my end to come.

Few minutes later, my already small space started to get smaller and tighter. I put my hands against the fleshy wall to attempt to try to stop it, but it didn't work, then the walls tightened more wrapping around me, constricting my movements. The walls tightened even more, a pain filled groan escape my lips. It hurts as mush as it did when I was being swallowed just tighter than that.

I guess this is how I'm gonna die. I'm gonna be crushed to death.

I started to move and push against the fleshy walls, trying to get the wolf to either let me out or to hurry and kill me already, then I heard the voice from earlier, but the voice sounds more frustrated,

"Be still, Human! I'm trying to heal you!"

I stopped moving.

"Thank you, Human. Please remove your clothing to speed up the healing process."

I didn't know what say to that. I sat there for a moment, then I started to take off my clothes.

When I finished taking them off, I pushed them to the bottom of the wolf's belly and sat there with my arms crossed over my chest feeling a bit weird about sitting in a wolf's belly completely naked, but after I took off my clothes. The stomach walls start to ooze some kinda clear gel,

"What is this?" I asked as I scoop some up with my hands.

"It is the healing serum. Swallow some to speed up the healing. It will heal all internal injures."

I looked at the gel, then I smelt it. It smells really sweet, I brought some to my lips and swallows it.

Wow it's really sweet!

I scooped up some more and swallowed it. After swallowing three hand full's of the gel, I laid there letting the gel coat my body from head to toe so I can be completely healed.

It was quiet for a while, so I decided to break the silence and get some answers,

"Why are you healing me instead of killing me?" I asked

"I have my reasons, Human."

Well that didn't go no where.

"What's your name?" I tried another question.

"Safira. What is yours?"


"Why did your kind abandon you here?"

"They want me dead so they might have a chance of winning the war between the Underground and the baron."

"I see."

It was quiet after that. I looked at the fleshy walls a bit closer and noticed something. The stomach lining is blue and gave it off a soothing aura.

After discovering this, I started to feel more relaxed and safe. I shifted, wedging myself in the fleshy wall and I instantly fell asleep.