Chapter 4

Jak's POV

As I watched my Mother swallow the man, what was his name? I never got his name…. oh well. It doesn't matter anymore, he's gone, as far as I know. I don't know if Mother intends to kill him or not. She didn't tell me. But I felt kind of bad not trying to speak out about what She was doing, but I have no right to. She eats what She wants to eat, maybe even me one day.

She walks back over to me after swallowing the man and sits behind me. I lean against her chest, then She looks down at me and gently licks my head,

"Did you really have to eat him?" I asked hoping She doesn't snap at me.

"Yes, he would have went to the other humans and told them of our existence."

She was right about that. We don't want humans finding the wolves ever. There's no telling what they would do to them. Possibly kill them as game and take their organs, meat, and furs as their prize. Sick beings. Sadly I was one, a human, but know, living out here with the wolves I see that they kill when needing to. To feed the pack and not letting nothing go to waste either. They let me skin the animal for the furs to stay warm, we eat the meat, then chew on the bones if we are unsuccessful at a hunt. Humans just waste everything, but the fur or pieces.

But I still wish I had stopped her. There was something about that man. Like he had something waiting on him, not those other men, but something more important to him. Maybe a lover, maybe children. We can never find out now…or so I thought.

The bulge in her stomach started to get bigger and as it grew, my Mother groaned in pain,


"He's changing….into something…" She tried talking, but then She started to vomit to get the man out of her before he kills her.

As the man slid out, he was bigger, taller, and had new features. Wings? What is he?

I went to get my swords and when I got back, Mother was already growling and watching him to see if he was going to attack, but he didn't. I readied my swords anyways.

He struggled to stand and staggered a bit once he was on his feet. He was different, he has wings, his eyes were black where white should be and his silver eyes in the middle, blue scaly patches on his skin, black curved horns coming from just above his ears, his teeth seemed to have sharpened, and his feet were black and scaly like, like dragon feet. Was he a half breed of a dragon? Is that even possible? More and likely.

"What are you!?" I demanded, even though I can tell what he was. I wanted to make sure of my guess.

When he looked at me, he looked like he was going to rip my throat out as if I had done something wrong, which I did, but then it seemed he released his hatred and his eyes seemed to have softened as if all ill intentions melted away in a instant.

He stayed sitting on the cave floor trying to catch his breath, I lowered my swords, then I looked at my Mother, She was relaxed now, She walked towards me and sat down next to me and whispers in my ear,

"Watch him. If he makes a move, kill him. I'm going to get the Elder." She walks out of the cave.

I watched him for a moment, then I sat down, laying my swords on each side of me, ready to grab if he tries to attack.

Once he got his breath back in his lungs, he looked at me. I tense up as if he was gonna pounce at me any second. But all he did was relax his wings to where they're laying almost flat on the cave floor. He leans back on his hands like props. I looked him over and asked,

"What are you? Are you really part dragon?"

He smiles, then answers,

"Yes. I'm part dragon. I was turned into a half breed two years ago. Painful experiment gone wrong. Not very many know of this side of me."

"Experiment? You was experimenting on a dragon? If so how did you even catch one?"

He looked at me and chuckled, amused I presume. But he answers my questions anyways.

"No, not a living dragon, just on a dragon skull I found. I was going to see if I could turn someone else into a dragon half breed, but it back fired on me and changed me. I ended up killing the other person, because I lost control of myself." he looked away from me, remembering that I guess.

I started to relax and lean back against the cave wall. Another question popped in my head.

"Do you have a family?"

He looked at me surprised for a split second, then smiled,

"Yes. Her name is Crystal. She's so beautiful like an angel. She's also a half breed, but a wolf half breed."

"A wolf half breed? I thought even half breeds couldn't mix."

"They can if they really love each other very much." he's smiles thinking about his wife.

I was right, there was someone important waiting on him back home. I look towards the mouth of the cave. But what will Mother and the Elder do to him?

Just then, Mother and the Elder walk in. the Elder slowly walks around the man, looking him over, then walks back over to my Mother and they whisper to each other. I watched them for a moment, then the man got my attention. He was getting up, he staggers a bit but regains his balance, he folds his wings close to his back and starts to walk toward the mouth of the cave. My Mother and the Elder see him and block the cave opening growling at him, but he keeps getting closer.

"Move out of my way or I will have to hurt." the man demanded calmly.

"You get back! We're not letting you leave so easily!" my Mother barked back.

When he was right in front of them, he brings his fist up to hit them. I dashed forward and jumped, grabbing his arm. He looks at me, then grabs me by my neck and starts squeezing it. I gasped for air, scratching at his arm, but he wouldn't let go. My Mother jumps at him, tackling him to the ground making him let go of me. She starts trying to bite him, but he keeps holding Her back, then he uses his legs to push Her off. Once I get my breath back, I grab my swords and slash at him, all he does is side step, then grabs my wrists tightly causing me to drop my swords, then he grabs both my hands with his hands and pulls mine back threatening to make the backs of my hands touch each other and possibly farther.

"I will break his arms if you do not let me pass."

The Elder and my Mother look at each other, then the Elder moves out of the way. He pushes me forward, still holding my arms. Once we was passed, he turns towards them and pushes me away making me stumble and fall as he flies away.