New Elavan story based on 'fly away' by JoJo. Liz and Avan are just really, really close best friends in this story but may turn into more later. Maybe. I just wanna say that Avan and Liz look the same as they did in the first season. So that means that Liz's hair is still long and brown and Avan's hair is decent length and he does not have any facial hair.

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Elizabeth's p.o.v

We had just finished shooting the second-to-last Victorious episode today. We all tried our very best, and gave it everything thing we got.

In the episode Jade has to move to New York with her parents and she wants Beck to come but he said that as much as he loves her, he doesn't want to leave Hollywood. They all expect Jade to leave in a week so are very surprised to find that she had mass texted them the next day that she had left early because there was no point holding it up if it was gonna come anyway. The episode ends when the gang meet Jade at the airport.

To be honest, I don't really want this day to end. Why? Because if this day never ended then we won't ever finish filming And I'm pretty sure nobody in the cast wants that.

Out of everyone I think I'm probably the one who is most upset, you see...I'm moving to New Jersey.4 days after we finish shooting I'm going back to my home town.

I haven't told anybody yet. I don't know how. How do you tell the people you have spent the last 4 years with that you'll probably never see them again? It's not gonna be easy.

"Liz Mcgills?"I was snapped out of my trance by a familiar male voice. I looked up and saw Avan Jogia, aka, my best friend looking at me in concern. It was only then that I noticed that I was the only person who hasn't moved after Dan called cut.

I smiled at him reassuringly and stood up, he followed me off set then suddenly said, "Liz?Something's up. I can tell." I glanced at him and said "Don't worry. You'll find out next week." he frowned at me but let the matter drop. Thank god.

We eventually reached the green room where we found Victoria talking to Daniella, Leon playing a funky tune on the keyboard, Ariana bursting into song and Matt muttering something about how disgusting broccoli was and how he refused to eat it.

I knew I was gonna miss all this when I leave.

Avan's p.o.v

Elizabeth has been acting strange lately. She has been blanking out in our table reads, she hasn't been joining in any of our videos and she has been basically been ignoring everybody who tries to start a conversation with her. That is so not like her. She is usually all ears in table reads, she is like the star in our videos and she is friendly and sociable with everybody who talks to her. So you can see why I'm concerned.

I found her in her dressing room reading tweets on her phone, she hadn't seemed to notice me come in. "Hey Lizzie..." Her head snapped up and I'm pretty sure I saw her eyes water. "Hey Jogia" she said with a cheery smile although i could tell that her voice was lost of its usual joyful demeanour. "Watcha up to?" I asked her.

She put her phone down and stood up to go to her dressing table. Well I was just reading some tweets on how much our fans were gonna miss victorious."

She paused before continuing "At least eleven of them had said that there should be more Bade before ends." I furrowed my eyebrows "Bade?" I Asked with a bemused expression on my face. She giggled shortly before saying "Bade is Beck and Jade's names put together. People use it when they're writing stories about them or something."

I nodded and sat on her deep purple couch, she did the same. After about 3 minutes of silence Liz finally spoke up. "Avan? I know you didn't just come here to ask me what I'm up to. There's something else. What's bothering you?"

I didn't meet her gaze but replied quietly "There's not anything bothering me but I can tell there's something bothering you." I saw her smile fade and her eyes water over. I really didn't mean to make her cry.

"Lizzie. Liz. Stop crying baby tell me what's wrong." she cried for about 5 minutes into my chest before raising her head to look at me although she was covered in makeup she still managed to look beautiful. But that was just Liz. She was always beautiful.

She sniffled a couple of times before saying softly "A-Avan I'm mo-moving to b-back to J-Je-Jersey next we-weekend I-i'll probably never see you a-a-again." Suddenly time froze. I felt my legs go numb and my eyes sting. Liz was leaving. In a week!

I got up and ran to the door, I had to get out of here fast! To sort my thoughts out. I turned back one more time to see Liz sitting in exactly the same position, tears streaming from her eyes. I made a mental note to myself to come back to her.

Hey. Many people have asked me if I was continuing 'another world' and I am but this just popped in to my head And I thought it would make a great story. So before I make chapter 2 of this I will make the last chapter of another world. Reviews please! ;)