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Liz's p.o.v

"We are leaving tomorrow."

After he said that i hung up the phone, I felt my whole word crashing around me. Tomorrow. I'm leaving tomorrow. I looked at my best friends, the three most important people in my life and felt my heart breaking at the traumatised looks on their faces. I saw a single tear fall out if Ari's innocent brown eyes and couldn't stop myself; I started crying. Followed by Vic, then Avan. We cried in each overs arms and silently vowed to never forget one another.

Avan's p.o.v

Oh hell no. Liz was leaving in one day. ONE FREAKING DAY!? We all held onto each over and sobbed. I feel like such a girl. After like 30 minutes Liz spoke up, "Hey, we only have one more day together, so we might as well make the most of it. I don't want my last memories of you guys to be us crying in my dressing room."

When none of us moved she spoke again, "No, seriously guys, I'm starting to lose all feeling in my legs." Ari, Vic and I let go of Liz and chuckled quietly. God, I'm gonna miss her warped sense of humour and hilarious sarcastic comments. There was a knock at the door. "Come in!" We all chorused.

Daniella, Leon and Matt walked in. Leon took one look at us and said "What wrong with ya'll?" I looked at Liz and she subtly nodded. I took a deep breath and said "Liz isn't leaving in one week" I sighed inwardly at their joyful expressions, Dani ran and engulfed Liz's smaller frame in a bear hug. "That's so great Liz!" I saw Liz shake her head and smile sadly.

"I'm not leaving in a week...I'm leaving tomorrow." Daniella, Leon and Matt all gasped in shock. "Wh-what do y-you mean?" Matt stammered bemusedly. I answered for Liz seeing that she was in no fit state to do so herself. "Her dad called and said that there was a change of plans and that they were leaving tomorrow"

Vic's p.o.v

Nobody spoke for a while until I realised something."Hey guys?" I said, looking at Dani, Matt and Leon, "Why did you come here anyway?"

They seemed to have remembered something, as Daniella jumped up and said "Oh my god! I totally forgot! Liz, Dan told you to come to his office for some reason."

Liz looked confused but got up and left anyway. As soon as she had closed the door behind her, Daniella turned to us and said "Okay guys, we NEED to throw Liz a going away party! And we only have three hours so let's get started!"

Everyone agreed to help out, Avan was buying food and drink, Leon was the D.J, Matt would be entertainment,Daniella was decorating and Me and Ari were keeping Liz busy and out of the green room for three hours. (AN# I know the green room is really small but lest pretend its big, like basement sized)

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