Mystic Force: A New Beginning


Shiba House

The Samurai Rangers were buys training when their gap sensor went off. They went over to find their Mentor Ji looking over a map, where he told them the disturbance was down in a rock quarry. Just as the Rangers were about to leave, their Mentor stopped them.

"Wait! Something's wrong here." Jayden turned back, his frown evident.

"What do you mean?" Ji looked up from the map, confusion evident on his face.

"These readings are different. They aren't your normal readings. Something's different. Keep your guard up." Jayden nodded, and the team went down to the rock quarry.

Rock quarry

The Samurai Rangers were carefully scanning the rock quarry for any sign of Nighlok activity. The sensor was rarely, if ever, wrong, but there was something off. Their Mentor's words put Jayden on edge. Suddenly, a large purple symbol appeared on the ground, and a large group of bizarre looking creatures appeared. The creatures appeared to be wearing brown and white cloth, and their large, yellow eyes were located on the sides of their hole-ridden skulls, and their jaws were exposed. The creatures almost looked skeletal, with no muscle being visible. The Yellow Samurai shrunk back a bit as she saw the creatures.

"What are those," Emily shrieked.

The Red Samurai merely shrugged. "I don't know, but they're trouble."

The creatures started to close in on the Rangers, who were about to morph. Just as they got their morphers out, a Red blur shot past them straight towards the creatures, which had started to get knocked around like bowling pins. The blur stopped, and the Samurai Rangers were able to get a look at their benefactor. They gasped as they saw a Red Ranger standing there. The Ranger appeared to be wearing a red cape with a flame enclosed in a gold circle on the back. The cape was connected to a triangle shaped cloth on the front of the uniform, with a black and gold stripe extending from the front to the back. The same stripes appeared on the front of the uniform, going from the Ranger's shoulders down to his boots, which had a similar stripe going around the top. The Ranger's gloves also had the stripe going around, and he was wearing a gold belt with a strange marking as the clip. The Ranger had a Katana resting across his shoulders, just behind his neck.

"Anybody you know, Jayden," the Pink Ranger asked. Jayden could only mutely shake his head, still in shock. The Ranger leapt back into battle, and quickly defeated the creatures, which had then fled back through a symbol that had appeared on the ground. The Ranger turned around, and the Samurai Rangers saw the mark of a flame on his helmet. The Ranger demorphed, and the Samurai Rangers noticed that the mysterious Ranger was wearing a black leather and cloth uniform with red piping, and had a mask, also with dark red and orange piping, covering most of his face, leaving only the eyes visible. The Samurai guessed the Ranger was about 6'3, and was powerfully built. A flame was etched into the uniform just above the left breast.

"A Ninja?!" The same thought was running through the minds of the Samurai team.

The Ninja started to walk past the Samurai team. Jayden managed to grab the Ninja's arm, as he asked, "Who are you?"

The Red Ninja slightly turned his head towards his Samurai counterpart, and said, "In the fullness of time."

The Ninja shrugged Jayden's hand free, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the forest.

Antonio blinked. "Wow, not even I can move that fast," he muttered.

"What just happened," Emily asked.

Jayden shook his head. "I have no idea. But I have a feeling we'll be seeing him again, very soon…"