Title: Free At Last

An Inuyasha fanfiction.

Rated: M

Pairing: Kagome/?

Disclaimer: don't sue because it's not mine.

Summary: She became free with his death but at a high cost.

"Cooking" talking

"Cooking" thinking


Chapter 4: The killer and Blessings & The Promise & The End


She was kneeled in front of the Goshinboku praying and crying. She knew she had an audience consisting of three. She sighed. It had to be done. "Come out, Kikyou. I know you're there." Kikyou walked out. "reincarnation." Kagome had her back to her but answered "You know just like I know, I'm not your reincarnation." "true." Kikyou answered "So what do you want?" Kagome asked. "To finish what I was send here to do." Now Kikyou had her attention. "Oh, and what is that?" "it's already done. I'm only here to inform you of a few things and give back your piece of stolen soul…" all was quiet before she continued. "…and to ask a question." Kagome was quiet for a moment then started talking "Starts with the question, then inform me so we can be done with this." "why did you let me live knowing I'm not your incarnation?" Kikyou asked. Kagome thought for a moment. "Because Midoriko asked me too. She told me to leave you be because you are still needed for the greater good. She also said that when the time came you will give it back of your own free will. Now, what do you have to inform me?" "I killed the hanyou for his transgression against one so pure. The Kamis are happy because their favorite daughter is finally free and they bless your mating." This shocked and made Kagome happy.

"And also to apolize. The court should've listen I was a mere back-up for incase they didn't. it was planned for the hanyou to die the day he was schedule to return but it was never taken in consideration that the lord of the west would interfere and send the hanyou early to you. You and her should've been free. She was supposed to live a happy and free with your pup and your mate. And for that I must apologize." "that's okay. Kikyou, will you take care of her for me?" "I will, Kagome." "So they approve of a miko and youkai union." "not just any miko, their favorite daughter; the shikon no miko and just any youkai either, the most loyal and loving; the prince of the eastern tribe, heir to eastern land. It's time." Kagome nods and their bodies begin pulsing to the beating of their hearts until it was synchronized. Kagome's stolen part of her soul came out of Kikyou and flew into her. The pulsing settled down. Kagome, who at begging turned around to face Kikyou smiled a sad smile, a smile Kikyou return before she started to dissolve as the other souls passed on.

For the last time in many years she felt whole. She heard footsteps coming from her left, knowing who it was, she didn't move. Still relishing in the feeling of being whole once again. The person moved to stand behind her and brought her into his embrace. "How do you feel, mate?" "Complete." She relaxed into his embraced as he took the time to kiss her neck and inhale her scent. "let's pray for Sakura then head home, mate." "thank you, Kouga." With that they kneeled and prayed. "Goodbye, my baby. Mommy's going to go now but know that I'll always love you no matter how many siblings you get. You will always be my first." With that they got up and left. The third figure came out; looking in the direction the couple went. He sighed and looked at the direction the couple was and saw the headstone and the engraftment on the tree of ages behind the stone head "Here lies Sakura Higurashi-Taisho. Her mother most sacred treasure." He sighed again and for the first time in his life he regretted a decision he made. He looked up to the skies and silently apologized to the pup he could've saved but didn't. and then he too left.


A/N: I hope it is to everyone's liking. Those that follow me know that I'll be making changes to almost all of my stories. I already started with "The Day Fascination Became Love" but I'm still guessing which will be next. Until then, bye bye~