Batgirl huffed and puffed as she chased the Robber over the rooftops. She was determined to catch this one, yessiree. She ran faster, bounding closer to the thief even now. After a moment she caught up to him and tied him in bat-rope. She stood up now, and smirked.

"Tag you're it."

Suddenly, A large booming sound filled the Air. When she looked up, Batgirl gasped at seeing two big holes, seemingly torn in the Sky. She noticed that the Holes were blindingly bright and didn't get any larger. More booms were heard and she saw Lights in the sky some miles away. Another boom, louder than the others was heard and the Entire building snook. Car alarms went off and street lamps flashed. Batgirl and the robber stood there, puzzled.

"What the He-Oof!"

Something Hit The Heroine on the back of her head and she fell forward. Things started to get darker as she hit the ground. The last thing she heard before blacking out was:

"... Ow, my Head..."


"How many minutes has it been?"

"Only 5, Amy. RELAX. She's just... knocked out."

"But what if I killed her?!"

"Shh! She's waking up!"

Batgirl groaned after the voices stopped talking and sat up on they grey asphalt. She rubbed her throbbing brain gently, silently cursing to herself. When she opened her eyes, she gasped.

Standing in front her were two Animals.

At least they LOOKED like Animals. They were both standing on their hind legs and Staring like a human would. One looked like an orange cat with long red hair and Purple eyes like a human would and the other one... Well, she didn't know what to call it. It was Some sort of pink animal in a red dress and shoes with white gloves. Barbara's eyes widened more when the cat creature spoke.

"...Um, Hi there." It said with a feminine and friendly voice." Don't be afraid. We're not going to hurt you... my name is Flower. Flower the lion." The animal pointed at the pink creature with her tail. "Her name is Amy. Amy rose."

The pink thing waved,nervously. "Sorry for falling on you..."

Batgirl thought her jaw was going to fall off. Heck, she would've passed out again. She turned to the Robber. "I'm not the only one seeing this, right?"

The robber merely stared at the aliens with eyes as big as the moon. Batgirl turned back to the creatures.

"Um, Hi... Flower,was it?"

The Lion sighed." Yeah, and I hate the Name. But, I can't think of any other name."

"... are you a Cat?" Barbara asked.

"...if you're asking if I'm a part of the Big cat family. I'm a teenage Lioness. 13 years old!" Flower brightly smiled.

"Oh,... and What are you?" She asked Amy.

"I'm a 19 year old Hedgehog! What's your Name?"

Batgirl frowned. She didn't LOOK like a Hedgehog." My name is Batgirl."

Flower smirked." Batgirl, huh? I like it. It's classy, it's New and Original! What do you think Amy?"

"I Dunno, flower. The name reminds me all too well of certain Bat I had on my world."

"So you guys aren't from around here?" Batgirl asked.

Flower nodded. "That's right. In fact, we both come from Seperate worlds. I only know a little bit about her, and she knows a little bit about me."

"How did you get here?"

Amy scratched her head." Well... I remember there being this Huge Earthquake and this blinding flash of light... then I landed on you..."

"Same for me. Except for the landing." Flower giggled.

Barbara knew she had figure out what was going on. But, The law comes first. So, She slung the Robber's body over her Shoulder.

"...I've gotta put this guy behind Bars. Can-"

"You're a super Hero? Wow!" Flower exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm a Super Hero. And I have to take him to jail. I need you two to stay here until I get back..."

"Why can't we come?"

"Well, how do I put this... you'll give people a Heart attack."

The two blinked in Unision. "Ohhh..."

So, The curvaceous hero fired a lined from her Bat grapple and Swung off in the direction of the Nearest Police station, while some parts of her brain tried to Process what just happened...


Bruce stifled a yawn from his mouth.

The Dark Knight had been up for NIGHTS again. He knew he needed to sleep, but he felt that as soon he fell asleep something bad would Happen. So, he was staying up for the 3rd night in a row. Right now, he was driving the Bat plane.

He lightly smiled to himself as he thought about how Alfred would scold him for this. 'Master Bruce,' he'd say. 'You've stayed up all night again? *sigh* one of these days master Bruce you're going to have Hallucinations...'

Batman's 'day' dreams were interrupted when Sudden booming sounds erupted and flashes of light appeared in the sky. Batman blinked against the glare. When he looked at the Bat-monitor, He gasped slightly.

2 projectiles were near his ship, one of them was already on his ship.

Before Batman could even blink, A red mask covered head appeared upside down on the Window screen.


Batman nearly sent the plane crashing into the ground after the Heart attack he got. The batman landed the Plane carefully, but quickly. He could hear the Man in the red costume Say:

"Hey, Spidey! Lookie, lookie! I found da Batman."

"Shut up, Deadpool."

"Fine. When I get a Fucking Autograph, Don't Complain or I'll slice off your ear, like in that movie."

Batman turned on his Night vision(with color) and finally got a good look at These people. The one that yelled was in a Skin tight red and Black suit, and loaded down with Guns and other weapons. He noticed that on the man's mask,there were Black Ovals and white lenses that seemed to form other Man was wearing a Red and blue suit with web designs in the red areas and Spider emblem on the chest. The mask was similar to the Other's but with Differences.

The man in red and black jumped to the Ground in front of the Dark knight. This man reminded him of Deathstroke.

"HIYA! I'm Deadpool, The most Badass character in this fic. Though, you might be more Bad ass. Heck, your game is awesome. I played so much I have the highest score in the world! Then again, your Movie version talks like a Fucking Gorilla gargling Bowling balls and your next version is going to be Portrayed by... BEN AFFLECK." Deadpool shivered.

The man in red and blue leaped onto the area next to this 'Deadpool'. "Don't mind him, he's as wacky as a Bugs bunny cartoon."

"Hey! My name's not 'wacky as a Bugs bunny cartoon'! It's...Deadpool! The merc with a mouth! The regenerating degenerate! That gun carrying lunatic! That guy with the glasses!...I mean, That guy who can pull a Rocket launcher outta nowhere!"

Batman stared as the red and blue man shouted at Deadpool."Will you SHUT IT?! I'm trying to ask for directions!"

"But I wanna murder something!" The childish man complained. "and when I wanna kill something, the first stage is talking till my jaw breaks, but I don't think that's possible. The second stage is stabbing my eyes and I already did that. All that's left for me to do now is to disembowel the nearest living thing... and then I go watch Adventure time."

The man realized his was the nearest and stammered as he spoke. "I-I, um, G-go kill those trees!" He hurriedly pointed at a nearby group of trees. The other Man's eyes turned to slits.

"You seriously expect me to kill an unmoving Target?"


"Works for me!" Deadpool jumped high in the air, whipped a Rocket launcher from no known area and aimed it at the poor, defenseless plants.


In a millisecond, the trees were turned to smoking wood. The merc with a mouth waved his arms in confused outrage.

"What the hell?! When I say dance, at least do GANGAM STYLE!... ooo, more trees!" With a Hyena like chuckle, he skipped off. Batman turned to the less insane man.

"Sorry about that, there's only so much a Spider can handle, Y'know?"


"...Okay. Well, I'm the amazing Spider-Man. You've already met the trigger happy Imbecile over there-"

"I heard that, Ass hole!"

"...So, who are you?"

"...I'm Batman."

"Um, okay. I guess Deadpool was right..."

"How did you get on my ship that quickly?" The Batman demanded.

The webbed wonder scratched his chin in thought."Well, I was swinging through New York when Deadpool tried to drag me to one of his Karaoke parties. All of a sudden, everything thing starts shaking and there was blinding flash of light and the next thing I know, I was on your ship."

(In my version of DC, New York doesn't exist, at least not yet.)

Batman' s eyebrow arched." New York? Is that another planet?"

"You've never heard of New York?"


"...Hmm, this is strange... yet, it makes a little sense. I've never heard of you and you have never heard of New York..."

For once, Bruce didn't know what was going on at all." Soo?..."

Deadpool zipped next to Spidey and chimed in. "Soo, either Spider-Man's drunk and passed out or we're in another Dimension!" He did a space pose.

Spider-Man stared at Deadpool with a rare look of agreement with the Physocotic mercenary. "Yeah. Unfortunately, I haven't drunken anything in a while... which brings us to the main question. How did this happen?"

"Beats my Ass."

Suddenly, Batman's communicator bleeped and Alfred showed up as a Hologram on the Dark knight's arm. Alfred was an 80 year old guy and became the great father figure for Bruce ever since that terrible night. Alfred also helped to inform him of crimes against justice and such.

"Master Bruce, There's been a Police battle on 53rd street. They seem to be fighting what is described as... A man with 4 mechanical tentacles protruding from his back and a Humongous Humanoid Rhinoceros. So far they've stolen Thousands of dollars in cash and taken 3 hostages, most likely to provide a swift escape."

Batman glanced at Spider-Man and noticed that the white lenses on his mask formed a annoyed expression. "Thanks for the Update Alfred. Batman out. Is there something wrong, Spider-man?"

"Nothing much. Just that those guys he described are My enemies. Pretty nasty suckers, they wouldn't mind if we tagged along would'ya?"

Batman would have declined, but he realized that they probably have more experience fighting these new criminals. Well, at least one of them did.

"Alright. Since you know them well enough, I'll take you. Hop in."

Spider-Man held up a Finger as if to say 'hold on' and glared daggers at Deadpool."If you kill ONE person-"

"Ah, go web yer zipper closed, Andrew garfield, I already took out my Killing feeling for the day. At least that's what the author said."


"Nothing. Absolutely nothing."

Spider-Man and hopped into the Bat plane's seats and soared away into Gotham while Deadpool sang his version of 'walk it out'.



Sora the Keyblade wielder groaned to himself. He rubbed a sore arm and tried to remember what happened. As far as he could remember, he was fending off the Heartless with Riku and Kairi when this Blinding flash of light enveloped him. Now he was sitting in a Meadow with tall grass that hid him. He grew worried about his friends as soon as he thought of them. His heart raced as he remembered Kairi's frightened eyes and how she screamed-

"Hi there!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sora screamed as he jumped Ten feet in the air. When he recovered, he looked at who spoke. There seemed to be a cat or something with white fur and brown hair on his head, like a human would have. He smiled when he saw it's friendly face, realizing it was probably not going to hurt him. He wasn't surprised it could talk. After all, Donald could talk.

"...uh, Hi."

"My name's Leo. Leo the lion. What's your name?" With the friendliest voice you could imagine, except it's not squeaky.


"Sora? That's a very good name. Do you know what's going on?"

"I wish I knew."

"Well, we seem to be in a meadow of some sort. Probably belonging to somebody. If we find the house, we could get Information."

Sora nodded. "Or we could just fly there." Then, the teenage boy realized that he probably couldn't fly. But, to his surprise, he floated up to him. The two soared up above the long grass and scanned the land around them. They both spotted a large wooden house with the lights still on and streaked over to it. Sora landed first and knocked 3 times. He and Leo could hear voices inside.

"Who could that be, way out here at such an hour?"

"I'll get it mom!"

The Door opened, revealing what looked like a 21 year old man in blue Overalls. He seemed strong enough to snap someone's spine, yet looked friendly as well, sporting circular glasses. The man was confused, wanting to know why a Teenage boy with spiky brown hair and an odd looking cat was at his door.

"...Can I help you?"

Sora thought for seconds about what he should say." Well, we sort of crash landed in your garden. Not intentionally! It's just, um, we're not from around this... world."

Surprisingly, the man just blinked and said."Come in." So, they did. Inside was warm cozy living room with fluffy and something Tasty smelling was found by the two. The man who let them in held out his hand.

"Looks like we haven't properly introduced ourselves. My name is Clark. Clark Kent."

"My is Sora."

"And my name's Leo."

The man glanced down at Leo with a smirk. "Yep. Definitely not from around here..." he , Dad! Come in here. And try not to pass out."

So, the Kent's came in and everyone one was well acquainted. Misses Kent even invited them to Dinner. How often does THAT happen, huh?

Seriously, in the review section, tell me how often that happens.

Any ways, the group of 5 people sat at the table, having Dinner. Clark was teaching Leo how to use a fork on his pork chops instead of ripping it to pieces with his teeth, while Sora stared at his food(he would normally eat sushi.). Mr. And Ms. Kent made conversation and began to talk about how they found Clark.

"And when it opened, we saw this tiny little boy wrapped in a blue blanket, fast asleep...and we took him as our son."

"So, you adopted him LEGALLY, right?"

nodded."Of course, when he was 12, he found out who he was and learned that he could fly and had other abilities, like being bullet proof, fast and seeing through walls."

giggled."I remember how red Clark turned when I asked if he could see through Girl's clothes."

Sora smirked as Clark shifted uncomfortably."Can we talk about what I decided to later?"

"Why of course dear! Why don't you tell it?"

Clark stood up." I decided later on, that I would use my powers for helping people, for bringing justice..." he unbuttoned his 'office shirt' that he had on, revealing a blue suit underneath with a red Diamond shape in the center. Inside the red diamond shape, was a crimson S.

"...Wooooaaahhh... what does the S stand for?" Sora asked.

"Well, it's not really an S. It's the kryptonian word for hope. However, it also stands for: Superman."

Leo was about to remark on how his title was original, when a crashing sound came from outside. Everyone stared in the direction of the noise, then back to each other. Clark stood up and took off everything else and spoke to Sora and Leo in his full costume.

"I can hear more than one of whatever's causing the noise. About 20."

Leo nodded with a serious look on his muzzle. "Yeah, I hear it too." He replied, whipping out his razor sharp claws that sparked with electricity. Sora silently uncovered his keyblade and turned to the 'parents' of Clark.

"Stay here, we'll handle this."

The 3 walked cautiously outside into the cold night and looked around. Leo, who was born with night vision, discovered a broken lamp on the ground near him. The lion held up a paw to stop the other 2, then got down on all fours with his head low to the ground. His paws glided swiftly on the dried grass as if he were stalking a nervous gazelle and his eyes gradually scanned the entire and Sora looked on in suspense until Leo looked back over his shoulder at them.

"I don't see anything alive out here. Maybe it was just a raccoon or-"


Leo grunted as his body was suddenly knocked onto his back when something black collided with him. He regained his senses just in time to use his paws to keep the thing from biting his throat as he tried with all his might to push it off him. He was able to see what the heck this creature was. It was about the same size as Leo, was all black and had two antenna on the back of it's head. The creature had a humanoid composition with clawed hands and feet that could rip through flesh in an instant. It's eyes were yellow and soul piercing and it's mouth and endless, glowing red abyss that wanted nothing more than to rip something apart.

The creature made a screech that sounded like a humpback whale and a Dying alien mixed together and snapped wildly at the lion's face. Leo wasn't frightened though. Oh no, he glared at the monster and roared with enough force to startle for a moment. And a moment was all he needed to kick it off him.

(Note: Even though Leo and flower are still cubs, they roar like adults.)

Leo wasted no time in quickly ripping his claws thru the creature's head. The thing turned into dust a second after. He growled as he heard more coming.

Superman held up his fist as heard more coming as well." Does anyone know what that thing was?"

Sora gripped his blade tightly, knowing what it was." Heartless."

(Note: heartless have a mouth in this fic. I mean, come on! They NEED a mouth! They can't just use claws!)

The battle began as a heartless leaped on superman, who killed it off with his laser vision as more attacked. Sora disintegrated about 6 more heartless than Leo did, due to his skill and superman wasn't doing Good as he was usually accustomed to large adversaries. These small creatures were too fast and nimble and began swarming over Superman.

That is until a certain keyblade obliterated them. Superman nodded at Sora, who responded with advice: "can you blow really hard? Aim for their feet!"

Superman did much more than that though. Using a deep breath he quickly froze the oncoming monsters in ice. Leo, who had just finished crushing the skull of another heartless, congratulated The man of steel.

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Wish I could do that!"

Supes smirked for a moment before seeing something coming towards them. It was a dense cloud of heartless, packed like a ball, heading straight for them. He got ready to fight the rest, but Leo calmly walked forward to the oncoming army.

"Don't worry guys, I got this!" The anthropomorphic lion inhaled sharply and ferociously roared at them with echoing force. Using the electricity flowing in him, he distributed 9000 volts through the sound waves. As the sound waves hit the heartless, Stichthey were instantly fried to nothingness. Superman gawked in amazement and Leo turned back to the Others after he was sure the heartless were gone.

"I may not be able to breathe ice, but at least I can do that! Heck, I've got enough juice in me to melt Pluto in seconds!"

Clark laughed at that. " Heh heh. Bet you could turn Mr. Freeze into Mr. Wet my pants!"

"Who's ?" Leo frowned.

Before Superman could talk about it, Mr. and Ms. Kent walked cautiously outside. "Everything all right?"

Sora nodded and smiled."yeah, just a little pest problem."

Then, everyone heard an automobile pull up. It was a red dodge pick up truck with an old paint job and squeaky wheels. From the looks of the scars on it, it seemed to have survived hundreds battles. The truck came to a stop in front of the odd group. The driver's door swung open in a wide arc and someone stepped out.

It was girl the age of 19 or more, with a great body build, having curves in all the right places. She had long, bannana blonde hair and sky blue eyes, like Superman. Her face showed signs of adventure in her life, long ago. Right now, it was showing sadness. Superman didn't seem to notice this and Immediately ran up and hugged her tightly.

"Kara! It's great to see you!" He pulled back to look at her face. "How'd your job interview go?" Kara replied with a gloomy frown. Superman slowly frowned as well.

"Oh...are you all right?"

"...just tired,Kal. Just tired."

Clark only frowned more. He knew it had been 13 job interviews so far and each one of the job managers turned her down. He wished he could know why it was like this for her. He nodded at her and let her pass him. Then he noticed she was crouching down next to Sora. He began to walk over to investigate.

"Awwwwww, hi little guy!" Kara cooed as she scratched behind the cat's ears. She was walking into the house when she saw the adorable thing. Now she was scratching it and the cat seemed to enjoy it. Odd though, that a cat has Brown hair on it's head...

(She doesn't know it's a talking lion yet! Tehehehehehehee! ;D)

Kara grinned widely and glanced back at her cousin. "Gee, Clark! You didn't really have to get me a kitty!"

Leo's expression of satisfaction disintegrated when he heard her call him a kitty. He pulled his head away swiftly and glared daggers. Superman spoke before anything bad erupted.

"Um, that's not a cat..."

"And I'm DEFINITELY NOT A KITTY." Kara shrieked with the equivalent of a screaming banshee having a heart attack. Then, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell backward on the ground. Everyone was silent for long moment until Clark glared like a rabid Fox at Leo.

"Nice going."

"...W-w-what did I say?! Was it something I said?"

(:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;: ;:;:;:)

Julie power's excitement grew as she neared the end of the chapter. She was reading 'The Hatchet' (the one by Gary Paulsen) and so far, Brian robenson was diving underwater to retrieve a survival pack, but failed the first time. Now, he was trying again swimming deep underwater. Now, he was reaching for it, closer, closer...


A thick, red liquid splattered over the entire page, with some landing on her nose. The 13 year old girl knew exactly what happened when she heard the following voices:

"Hah! You missed me Jack!"

"I'll show you!"

Julie turned around just in time to see her two younger siblings, 10 year old Jack and 5 year old Katie. Jack was holding a ketchup bottle, which was the cause of the red substance on her book, and Katie was making Dopey faces at him. With an animalistic growl, Jack pounced on Katie in a cloud of smoke. This ability was not surprising to her. In fact, she, Katie, and Julie's older-brother-by-a-year Alex, all had powers too. They received this power when a dying alien who gave it to them, and from that day, they became the hero team 'Power pack'.

"Eeeeek!" Katie shrieked and began wildly shooting energy blasts. One nearly hit Julie's red hair, another singed part of a wall...

Just as their parents came in.

Their Father, James power, stared at the singed part of the wall, then narrowed his eyes at the frozen children.

(The parents know about their powers. It worked out pretty well in the T.V. pilot.)

"What did I tell you about using your powers in the house?" He growled.

"He started it!"

"You were making faces!"

"You tried to squirt ketchup on me!"

"Stop! Both of you stop! Go to your room!"

The two rascals trudged up the high staircase and Julie decided to make a small joke on the argument.

"...boy," she started. "I hope Alex and I weren't that bad."

Her father smirked." Actually, it was much worse. Even without powers, you two would tear this place apart."


"Um, so, I just wanted to tell you that your mother and I have to go away for a while. Science conventions don't allow kids apparently..."

"Exactly how long?"

" weeks..." he seemed to wince as he said it. Julie of course, was surprised.

"Wait,wait,wait,wait,wait. You're telling me MOM is allowing this?"

"It took Days of begging and pleading. In fact, I need to leave or your mother will change her mind. Uh, the sitter should be here any minute now, so, uh, just fill her in, will ya? And tell your siblings. We'll call every 10 hours!" And with that final note, he slammed the door. Julie sighed as she looked at her ketchup drowned book.

"Hi, Julie!"

The girl jumped at the sudden voice and found the source of it: her older brother floating horizontally above her. He broke into a chuckle fit.

"UGGH! I swear Alex, you're going to give someone a heart attack!"

Alex changed the subject as swiftly as he could fly." I overheard about the sitter. We'd better tell Jack and Katie about-"

"Mom and dad leaving?" Jack suddenly stepped into the room, with Katie trailing close behind."We heard! Oh yeah! This is gonna be sweet! I'm gonna stay up all night and eat all the pizza I want!"

"You do realize the babysitter would disagree with that, right?"


"I wonder if she likes ponies..." Katie pondered thoughtfully. Jack dismissed this with a flick of his hand.

"Puh-LEEZE. It's probably a guy anyways!"

"Guys," Julie could tell by Alex's voice that he was serious."We have to remember to keep our powers can NOT reveal ourselves."

"Yeah,yeah,yeah. We know. When is he or she gonna get get here?!"


The power pack flinched at the sudden knocking coming from the door. Julie trotted to the door,as did the others, and she swiftly opened the door to see their babysitter.

A girl grinned at the kids in a friendly manner. She was a teenage female of average height with a slim yet athletic build. She had large, bright green eyes and long fiery red hair which came down to her shoulders, and when seen from behind was in the likeness of a heart. She wore a Green tank top that revealed the skin of her hips, blue 3/4-length –also known as Capri– jeans with a pair of what appear to be plain white canvas tennis, or running, shoes. She was also holding a brown book bag.

"Hi!" She spoke in a glee filled voice."You must be The power kids?"

"Yes. Who are you?"

"Kim. Kim possible." She politely extended her hand and Julie shook it."Would you mind if I came in,er, Julie?

Julie stepped to the side, allowing Kim to enter."How do you know my name?"

"Your dad told me about you guys on the phone.'s my rules: I'm okay with you doing anything you want as long as it doesn't involve breaking anything irreplaceable or making a Huge mess. Are there any questions?"

Katie took a step forward. "Do you like ponies?"

Kim leaned down and that friendly grin again."You bet I do!"

"YYAAAAAAAAYYYY!" Katie began dragging Kim to the stairs. Jack rolled his eyes and glanced at Julie and Alex.

"Besides the fact that she likes ponies...ew...she seems alright. Oh, Alex what time is it?"

"...uh, 6:30. Why?"


Now Julie grinned. If there was one show her family liked, it was AFV. She could remember one occasion where something funny happened, and the whole family laughed harder than a pack of hyenas getting tickled.

Katie, upon hearing about AFV, tugged Kim back down and the sitter plopped down on the asked Jack:

"What is America's funniest home videos?"

"You've never heard of America's funniest home videos?! You will soon!" He turned on the TV. Kim took out her cell phone.

"I could order pizza if you guys want." She said. After a brief moment of shock, everyone agreed. Later on, the pizza man came and then they had nice buttery popcorn, thirst quenching soda and cheesy pizza. And I mean cheesy as in actual cheese not cheesy as in terrible. In fact, they got Alfredo cheese from CiCi's and they put parmesan cheese on it.

Yep. Cheese,cheese,cheese.

The 5 friends were just watching a man jump from a house and accidentally land on a rail between his legs, when a news report interrupted.

"We interrupt this program," the reporter said." To inform you that a large creature dressed like a caveman has taken 400 hostages today at a school named 'Harry connick high school'. Citizens are advised to stay indoors at all times and refrain from going to the high school."

Everyone grew very, very silent after that. The power pack knew they had to stop the thing before something wrong happened, but they would need a good excuse...

"Oh! I just remembered!" Alex said "We have to go to bed now!"

"What?! It's only 11:00! We don't have to go to bed!"

" .DO."

"Oh..." Jack realized. The 4 kids rushed up stairs in a quick flash, leaving Kim on the couch. She stared after them for a moment before murmuring to herself.

"What luck. I didn't even have to make up an excuse." She started to dress into something more... 'appropriate'.

( From now on, my time transitions will be a cluster of faces, like this: 80 :-) 0_0 :-D :-( 8D 8I 8-P)

"Are we there yet?!"

"I swear Jack, if you say that one more time-"

"I have to go potty."

"Katie, we went 2 minutes ago."

"I know Julie, but I drank a big cup of root beer."

"Shh, we're here..." Alex whispered. The super powered kids were lifted inside by Alex's gravity and they crept to the ring surrounding the cave-man thing. It was a large ape-like creature with blue skin and a leopard loin cloth. It held large club in it's oversized hand. The creature was looking out the door at the police. With a loud roar, it slammed the door shut Power pack watched as a teenager girl with black hair pushed another teenage girl with blonde hair towards the cave-man. They listened very closely to their dialogue

"Go see what he wants. You're on the student council." The one with black hair said.

"But you get along better with older guys!" The blonde said in a shy voice. The other one reacted with a glare.

"What do you mean by that?!"

The blonde was pushed forward until she was 3ft away from the cave man. She cleared her throat.

"U-um, excuse me... do you know how long this will take?"

Power pack balled their fist, expecting the creature to attack. But what came out of the caveman's mouth surprised the entire team.


Now, you can't tell what a character sounds like because this is a book...sort of. Just try to imagine an intelligent voice with a hint of being a snob coming out of a piglet. Y'know, like Wil.E coyote, who might make an appearance along with the rest of the looney tunes.

"Well,um, some of us have reservations at the Green gord...

"Oh yes, I've DIED at the Green gord, you're better off as hostages."

"Oh, you're rather well spoken for a..Primordial american, cave guy!"

Pfft. What a name.

Cave guy Leaned down to her face."You're so kind-RRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" He picked up the girl in one swoop and the power pack began to rush out. Cave guy saw them coming and raised an eyebrow.

"What ho? I believe I've gone and missed another holiday. No-one ever tells me when it's halloween."

"Alright buddy, put her down or I'll-" Julie barked, flying towards cave guy. The Primordial american grabbed her leg in midair and threw her into her teammates.

Cave guy began lumbering over to the heroes when...(sigh) this happened.

An unknown voice echoed through the silent gym. The voice puzzled our heroes and made cave guy groan in irritation. He knew exactly who was talking. The very person was making his way through the crowd.

" 'scuzemepardonmecomingthroughpardonmeottamywayplea seexcusememampardonmesirigotanappointment-" You know who this is. It's the Super-teen extraordinaire who runs around in underwear,


For those of you who know nothing about the show, here's what he looks like:A guy with blue skin and black hair with a white lightning bolt in it, wearing a spandex red suit with the symbol F! on the chest, and and also white gloves/boots.

Freakazoid suddenly rushes out of the crowd and jumps on cave guy's head, sitting on it in a crouching position."UGH! Have I ever been chubbier?" He said, trying to see things from cave guy's perspective." This body type makes me feel so big and bulky!"

And in a voice so loud a supernova would sound like a whisper, the new hero sang:



"...has he been eating too much sugar,Julie?"

"I don't know Katie, I really don't."

Freakazoid heard the kids and turned towards them."Hey! Don't you know it's Dangerous for little kids to go kaplunking at such an hour?! Don't worry,I'll get your babysitter!" He reached into the crowd with one his arms that can do who knows what and pulled out their babysitter.


Who might as well have been wearing a bikini. Seriously, you really would think the same thing if you saw her costume.