Batman and his group sprinted from a group of white Martians firing at them from a few feet away. After escaping thru a hole just below the ceiling, they were halted by J'onnz when they neared a glowing room. He pointed up, and presented the central core of the machine. It was a red meteorlike rock, surrounded by both a glow and dozens upon dozens of White Martians working tirelessly around it. The heroes exchanged uncertain glances.

"That's a lotta uglies." Captain obvious, A.K.A. Freakazoid stated.

"How can we shut it down?" Batman asked, calculations running rampant thru his brain.

"The ion matrix crystal." He responded, talking about the rock. "If I can remove it, I can stop this. I'll need a diversion."

"You got it!" Batman and Freakazoid said simultaneously, backed with the looks of the other heroes.

"HEY, WEIRDOS!" Freakazoid as Batman unsheathed a Batarang. "FETCH!"

The Batarang sailed sideways a cut a pipeline in half, allowing a black liquid to fall onto two white Martians below. Batgirl and Wasp followed suit by firing lasers or throwing Batarangs, while Wonder woman ripped away pipes and Antman just sort of...stood there. The Martian became intangible and sunk into the ground. He reappeared from the ceiling and floated in front of the core. Before he could float back down with the rock, laser fire knocked him from the sky and he hit the ground with a thud. Hank ran over to him.

"J'onn!" He exclaimed and quickly lifted him up on his shoulder.

"Get him out of here! NOW!" Batman snarled, kicking away three Martians that tackled him. Many more were coming towards him. Batgirl nodded and barked for the others to follow her, after kicking a white Martian in the face. Their only escape door was being blocked by a slowly oozing door, however, and it wouldn't remain open for long. The heroes following Batgirl managed to get thru, and Wonder woman looked back at the dark knight with worry."BATMAN! COME ON!"

The dark knight shoved a white Martian off of him, grabbed the ion core and started racing towards the slowly closing door. But it was too late, for the door closed far too soon for him to reach it. He was now cornered by an army multiple aliens, all of which had laser guns trained on him. Glaring, he tossed the core behind him and got into a battle stance. The triggers of the laser guns were squeezed.

"Batman!" Batgirl sprinted towards the squishy yet unbreakable doors. Multiple blasts squashed and pushed at parts of the door, signalling that the Batman had been fired upon numerously. The Dark knightess gasped.

"No!" She was about to try to open the door, when J'onnz stopped her.

"There is nothing more we can do for him!"

Wonder woman was about to protest.

"I know. I want to help him too. But we cannot..."

"You don't mean he's..." Wasp began.

"Gone?...yes. He is."

Everyone recoiled at that, especially Batgirl. She turned to stare at the door with utter sadness. Bruce had saved not only her father, but her own life several times before and he was like another father to her. He was her inspiration for her to become Batgirl and he was the who trained to fight crime. This death was almost as painful as...

"Geez..." Freakazoid muttered. "If Batman's really dead...we're in trouble."

"This is snapper Carr reporting. The Government has confirmed that another object from space, 8 times larger than the other machines, is coming towards the planet. The senator is now addressing the U.S. embassy about the situation."

"In this situation, we are asking civilians to remain calm-"


A man took the television before he could finish. "Always wanted one of these."

"What of we get caught, man?"

"Doesn't matter. World's coming to an end, anyways!"

As they ran off thru the half burning city, with crashed cars and broken stores with screaming people all around, A group of heroes that just recently escaped a machine watched from a roof edge.

"...Mother was right about mankind..." Diana observed a man breaking into a store. "...they are nothing but untamed savages."

"Gee, those are the kindest words I've ever heard." Batgirl sarcastically and angrily said, sitting with her knees hugged to her chest. "Especially coming from someone who witnessed a man give his life for us."

"You speak harshly, Wonder woman." J'onnz declared. "They act out of fear."

On the streets, two men tried to a lifted a large slab of concrete from a car. They looked around for help with this, when a clank was heard from behind the slab. It was lifted by an Iron hand, and thrown away to reveal two kid's trapped under. Iron man watched the men take the kids back to their parents, just another group of heroes noticed him.

"Good work, Sir!" Buzz girl commented. Behind her were Leo, Green lantern, Sora and The Flash.

"Uh, Thanks kid. Sorry I'm late, though. Had to change the suit a bit."

"That's alright. Maybe it'll help!" Sora shrugged. "I had to leave too."

"Hey look!" Leo pointed at the other group, who took notice of them. They floated down to meet with them and share their information and achievements on the situation.

"So, why'd you call us back?" Flash questioned.

"We heard from Spider-Man that They've been captured in that machine." Wonder woman gestured to a particularly large terraform machine, making some of the heroes blink in uncertainty. Leo noticed then, that not everyone was there.

"Hey, where's that...uh, Batman guy?"


"...He fought bravely. To the very end." J'onnz answered solemnly.

"He's...DEAD?" Flash repeated, not believing it.

The remaining heroes were crouching behind a concrete barrier not too far from the biggest machine. The flash glanced Buzzgirl.

"We're doing this again?"

"Affirmitive. J'onnz, are you sure they're in zhere?"

The Martian was silent and his glowing eyes were trained on the machine. They stopped glowing. "Yes. But we must act quickly."

"Can we trust this space case?" Flash sortve muttered to Freakazoid.

"I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing, so let's just get this over this. "Batgirl told them. Upon hearing that, Freakazoid pulled out a boombox. A really big one. Out of nowhere.

"...How...?" Was the basic reply of everyone, to which the hero shrugged massively and punched a button.


And that's how the team almost lost their ear drums. The tripods standing nearby were frozen thanks to the sound waves acting as an emp. Freakazoid gestured that they should probably go now, and they ran towards the entrance with the exception of Flash and Freakazoid dancing there.

"Okay. Now what?" Freakazoid asked after he'd turned off the beatbox.

"Take out another core, I guess." Hank Pym shrugged. "If we're lucky, we'll make a chain reaction to shut them all down."

So, they traveled thru the infinite walkways undetected. They Eventually came to a corner, where alien voices were heard talking. J'onnz halted his friends, morphed into a white Martian and trotted towards them. After they ran down the hall and saw the heroes, the Martians arms stabbed thru their bodies immediately. J'onnz started walking again.

"Let's go."

"...okay, is it just me or does he creep you guys out?"

Everyone slowly followed behind and eventually found a door area, which was where they were. But, even wonder woman couldn't tear it open. Iron man aimed his arm at the door and a laser project appeared on his arm. The laser cut a quick, large circle for them to get thru.

"Huh. That's a pretty fancy suit." Green lantern commented.

"Yeah, I always wear it at business meetings..." Tony said, his mask up.

Once inside, our heroes discovered that the remainder of their companions were hanging upside down by some odd webbing. They start running towards them, until J'onnz felt something...

"Wait. Something isn't right here..."

Taking heed to his warning, Sora slowly approached what looked like Superman. But, his eyes were alien like when they shot open. Before Sora could alert the others, the next part of the trap went into action: gas.

"It's a trap!" Tony coughed, wishing he still had the mask on.

"Thank you...captain...obvious..." Freakazoid muttered before falling unconscious, followed soon after by everyone else. The aliens morphed back to their original form and grinned Ricky at their prisoners.

Minutes later...

The whole roster of superheroes were captured. They all held in what looked like a cup of White batter. Very sticky batter, at that, which only left their shoulders visible. It seemed no one who could break out, no matter how powerful they were. A white Martian walked onto a cliff above them.

"Earth's mightiest heroes..." It mocked, before morphing into a very familiar face. " Welcome."

"Senator Carter?!" Iron man asked.

"Unfortunately, the REAL one is dead." He confirmed.

"And to think that I helped you weaken earth's defenses!" Leo snarled.

"Well, you all were so willing to cooperate, so I decided to use you three for this."

"This is isn't over!" Superman declared. The alien shook his head, chuckling as a football stadium sized window opened.

"Wrong again, Superman."

No sooner had he said that, then when a massive figure appeared. It was a ship with behemoth tendencies, possibly many acres wide. It was littered with pink Windows and an opening on the bottom. The opening came closer until it was over the window opening. Then a pod floated down in front of a group aliens awaiting it's arrival.


"The who?"

Crawling out, a purple and green mass with tentacles towered over his subjects and the heroes he stalked toward. Everyone noticed that it seemed focused on J'onnz, who made no emotion as he saw it.

"J'onn J'onnz. It's been a long time." The imperium spoke. The batter stuff around the green alien pushed him onto the cliff edge in front of the Imperium. His allies could only watch in horror, as two white Martians shot him with enough electricity to revert him to his normal form. J'onnz struggled to get up. "Unfortunately, you defied us for centuries."

And I shall...never stop...

"Then I shall do what I failed to do years ago...eliminate the last Martian."

Faster than bullets, tendrils came from the alien king and immediately crawled under J'onnz skin, rather painfully at that. Then, he shoved him into the imperium himself, as he tried to gain access to his mind. Leo growled, briefly trying to bite off his restraints.

"Hey! Leave him alone!"

"Yield to us, Martian!"


"And why not? After all these years, you have lost."

Have I?!

"You're hiding something...something in the recess of your mind. Is this another of your Martian tricks?"

Do I sense fear?!

"What are you hiding?"

J'onnz struggled with his restraints more, before he turned towards the casing for the ion core, where a figure stood. "NOW!"


The casing on one side exploded, gaining everyone's attention, but hiding the figure due to the smoke. When it cleared, however, the form of the one man who was thought to be dead stood there triumphantly. Batgirl's jaw dropped.


The Dark knight whipped out a thingamajig, pulled a ring out of it and tossed it inside. The once red glow of the core turned blue, as did the rest of the systems. The White Martians looked on in fear.

"What have you done?!"

"Reversed the ion charge, idiots." Batman responded with a batglare. Just as the blue finished spreading at started dispersing clouds, a roar was heard. A hulking green creature in purple shorts landed roughly from the ceiling and began pounding away at the white man and Antman couldn't believe it: The HULK...was helping them?!

"Who is that?!" Hawkgirl commented, just before Sonic the hedgehog appeared next to her.

"Friend of mine. Now let's see if I can get you out of here!" The hedgehog kicked at the solid batter at high intensity speeds, just the clouds moved away fully and allowed sunlight to begin burning the white Martians. J'onnz burst out of the Imperium and dragged him away from the shade into the sunlight.

"Why do you hide from the sun? Does it burn your pale, putrid flesh?!"

Meanwhile, as Batman worked to free Wonder Woman, a laser shot came towards him. Before Batman could dodge, Wonder woman's arm shot out to deflect it. Batman raised an eyebrow at her. "Nice reflexes."


Sonic had freed everyone else, finishing with Leo. He stopped his watch. "Aaand...record time!"

"Hi! I'm Leo! I noticed your pretty fast! Almost as fast as me!" Leo smirked.

"Almost? Care to make a bet on that?"

"Sure! If you can beat up more than me, you'll get free chili dogs from me for a month!"

"Hey! Count me in!" The flash halted next to them. Sonic nodded at his request. "Alright...321GO!"

Freakazoid fist pumped Deadpool and they set of an epic quest of chucking grenades at Aliens and seeing who could get the most head shots. All while singing their own version of 'Blurred lines'.

"because we FRIGHT CRIIIIIME! We save the planet! Hank Pym likes Janet! And we all ship it!" Deadpool laughed. "Take THAT, Weird Al!"

It was heated battle, with all the heroes battling with their small army. Pure strength and smarts managed to help our heroes win their fights with the White Martians. The imperium looked on in horror and pain as he burned. The imperium sent volts of electricity to the Martian, causing to let go as he screamed in pain. He then sailed to his ship, unintentionally pushing the senator alien into the sunlight and began to leave. Thor noticed this and flew towards the closest person to the ship.

"Wonder Woman! The imperium is trying to escape!"

"He won't get far!" Wonder woman assured him, then whipped out her lasso. With a flick of the wrist, the lasso caught the ship by a sharp point on it's hull. She tugged back with all her might, But it seemed to be equal to that of the ship. Hawkgirl responded to Thor's call for he and they both flew to the front of the ship. Two electric weapons crashed down on the black hull and the ship fell straight into the massive terraform machine. Batgirl was pushed to safety by Spider-Man before it could crush her.

"Okay, you have got to stop saving me!" Batgirl chuckled.

"I'll try." Was his response. "Hey guys! I think we should leave. My spider sense is strangling my brain."

"Wait we have to get them out!" Superman pointed to a group of civilians in pods. Spider-Man attached a massive web net with a thick line to the civilians and another to Superman's heel. He took off and therefore carried the civilians to safety. Outside, Antman grew to an epicly large size and managed to rip the machine from the ground. Then he chucked it into the air, just 9 seconds before it a massive explosion ensued.

They had won.

The team and their new allies stood as a group as they surveyed the hard fought victory before them. They had just done the one thing none of them could do alone: Save the entire planet.

Ben 10 and the teenage mutant ninja turtles eventually found their to them, and gave them the news that they'd stopped the other problems. After some brief introduction for them, all was silent as they gazed at the wreckage.

"I hurt...everywhere." Wasp groaned, returning to her full size. Several others nod in agreement. Thor smiled widely, shower, and somehow managed to grab all of them in a huge hug.




The simultaneous sound of guns loading caused them turn around. Nick fury and an army of S.H.I.E.L.D. stood there with aimed weapons. He glared at the tallest and newest ally of that team.


The Hulk got ready to leap away with a growl, until Leo suddenly stepped in front of him protectively. It puzzled the green behemoth so much that he stayed there To stare at him. The lion gestured to himself.

"If you want him, you're gonna have ta go thru me!" He shouted. "He just helped us save the world! He's a hero..."

With these words, the other heroes stepped to his side just as protectively.

"Just like us!"

Fury blinked with mild surprise at this, but shrugged it off. "...Alright, Alright. We do have bigger problems anyways. 99 Supervillains have escaped from their confines and roaming around the planet. Why don't you join us? With S.H.I.E.L.D., you can make a real difference-"

"Just a second." Batman snarled. "S.H.I.E.L.D. is what caused the villains To break out in the first place. Some sort of thing in your system caused this. Or a person.I don't think anyone wants to apart of that."

An intense glare battle ensued, ending with the last words anyone expected Iron man to say:

"Fury's right."

"WHAT?!" Wasp screamed. "You of all people want to work for THEM?!"

"Heck no. But he's right about making a difference. Maybe alone we can each take down one or two villains. But 99? None of us can do it alone. And that's how we can help the world. But not as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but as a team of our own. Together...we can protect the planet from the dangers that threaten it constantly."

"We can be...The Protectors!" The Flash boasted.

"HMM. Good name."

"We'll have to set up a meeting." Spider-Man said. "Get our official thoughts together."

"I've got just the place..." Tony smirked.



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