Hello my little readers, I am back with a new story and I soon new Chapter of Nymphetamine. After my little holiday from fan fiction I am back and ready to go. And that I missed writing and hearing from you guys also. I got this idea from both the book and 1992 movie of Dracula. I just thought this would make a great story idea to start and that I would enjoy writing this along side with Nymphetamine. I hope that you guys will enjoy this story as much as I will and that I hear from you guys soon.

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In 1190 Prussia there was a young Prince of the name Cato Teufel took the cross to fight for the holy Roman church against the Muslims during the third crusade. He was going out to battle the day before he married his young Hungarian bride Katalin Esezes. They weren't sure when they would see each other because they knew that this war he would most likely die in battle.


I was looked down to Katalin as she gazed at me with her silver-blue eyes. "I will pray to god that you are victorious in battle and you come back home to me" she told me before she handed me my helmet.

"I will try to come back so we can be husband and wife." I told her before I held onto her and kissed her deeply. Her hands rested onto my face as she kissed me. "I love you and wait for me until I return." I spoke kissing her head and then headed to the castle's doors to battle.

"Wait!" my Katalin said causing me to turn around. "You forgot your crucifix, so you can be protected by god." I gave her a nod in thanks and kissed her again. It will be a long time before I am able to taste her lips again. I placed my helmet on my head as I went to my men awaiting for battle. "I love you too Cato!"

The battle for Cato lasted two whole years. The battle was bloody and gruesome as Cato and his men charged. They lost a number of men but were still victorious.

"Praise the holy one! I have become victorious!" I cried out as I stood among my men and our battle field. I gave a kiss to my crucifix and mounted onto my horse. I rode towards Katalin to make her my wife.

But what Cato did not know was that Katalin was told that her worst fear has came true and that he died in battle. Her soul was filled with such grieve that she did suicide by allowing herself to fall from the highest tower. She died instantly from the impact.

I rushed inside of the church still dressed in my armor. The sight I saw broke my heart. My beautiful, pure, and lovely Katalin laid on the ground with her eyes closed and a line of blood coming from her mouth with a stain on her green dress. I kneeled beside her and held onto her corpse as I started to crying into her hair "Why did it have to be you my love!?"choking out through a sob with Katalin still close to me. As I pushed some of her black hair behind her ear the priest started to speak.

"She took her own life." He placed his hand onto my shoulder. " I am sorry but it's God's word that her soul is damned." I jerked myself away from him giving him a cold glare.

"Then I renounce god!" I yelled as I glared up to the cross"If I am given this to fight for his church then I shall over come death to seek revenge for Katalin Esezes' death!" I gave the priest a glare as I drew my sword and stuck it in side the cross. "As I shall live among the darkness of this world."

And when he did so the candles, angels, and crosses had blood running out of them. The crossed he stabbed was the one that would grate his wishes. The priest moved his hand in 'the father, son, and holy spirit for Cato's soul as he gave it away to the darkness as he had promised. He held onto a golden goblet and let blood fill it.

"The blood is the life and shall remain my only life source for eternity." I said as I looked up at the price cross and drank from the goblet. My white uniform became red as I drank the blood that will change my life forever but will bring back my Katalin.

HE became immortal, a monster of the men of the living and fallen away from the grace of God. His Katalin stay dead with her soul damned as much as his was now. His eyes became amber as he grew fangs that peaked out from his lips causing blood to drip from his lips. He was now a vampyre, and will remain both damned and divine until he was forced to greet death by someone else's hands with a stake made from ash, oak, or seeder and having his head cut off with a blade of silver. This is the start of Count Cato Teufel .