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Chapter Three

Rusty was looking at Sharon and Andrea, still taking in everything the women had just told him. He had to admit that he was impressed.

"Wow, Sharon. That was really badass."

Raydor gave Rusty a look that said she was none too pleased about his wording, but, then, her stern fa├žade cracked, and a smirk played on her lips; she couldn't deny that it felt wonderful to hear him think that of her.

"Did you find out who was behind it?" Rusty wanted to know, but before either Sharon or Andrea had a chance to answer, Mike Tao knocked on the Captain's door swung it open.

"Sorry to interrupt, Captain, DDA Hobbs. Rusty, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah," the youngster replied, already up and ready to leave, but, then, he turned to the two women, his brow creasing as he frowned, worried. "You guys caught him, right?"

"We did," Sharon replied, pleased she could give an affirmative answer to his question.

Rusty nodded decisively. "Good."

"Have fun tonight, Rusty," Andrea wished him, distracting him from his ominous thoughts and bringing his attention to the game night that was waiting for him.

"Thanks, you too," he smiled, genuinely happy. He glanced at Sharon before addressing Andrea again: "Make sure she gets home and eats something."

The DDA, touched by Rusty's concern, nodded, silently promising to do just that.

Sharon huffed indignantly from behind her desk and opened another file; those two were acting as if she couldn't take care of herself. So, she'd slipped a little when her worry over Rusty's safety had overwhelmed her, but she'd been doing much better since their intervention, and she certainly didn't need a babysitter.

"Okay, you heard the kid, let's go," Andrea said, her tone already insistent, as she knew Sharon would object.

"No, I can't; I need to wait till they catch the witness."

Andrea resisted rolling her eyes.

"They don't even know where he went. I'm sure they'll catch him, but it could take all night. So, unless you're planning on joining the search party, you and I are going home," Andrea reasoned, trying to ignore the small detail that she'd just called Sharon's place home.

Luckily, Sharon didn't seem to have heard it as she'd apparently focused on Andrea's earlier words.

Andrea shook her head: "Don't even think about it. I can forgive you for having to cancel our date, but I will not be so benevolent if you take off on a midnight drive around town when you have people who will do that for you."

Andrea stood up, and, grabbing Sharon's iPhone and bag, walked to the door. "Come on, up."

Sharon did as she was told; she was half irritated, half amused by Andrea's bossiness, but it a hundred percent turned her on.

"Fine, but don't think you can boss me around all evening."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Andrea promised, soothing Sharon's ruffled feathers.

A few hours later, when Sharon was lying on her back in bed with Andrea curled up around her, Sharon decided she really didn't mind it so much when Andrea was expressing her more dominating side. After having shared a relaxing bath, the younger woman had steered them to Sharon's bedroom where Andrea had made sure there was nothing but Andrea, and the pleasures they could bring to each other, on Sharon's mind.

Sharon sighed, content, as her fingers traced the scar on Andrea's right arm. She didn't want to say it out loud, didn't feel the need to verbally return to the events that took place two years earlier, but she was eternally grateful to the universe that Andrea's life had been spared that day. It had been close, too close, and Sharon dreaded to even contemplate the possibility of never having had the chance to get to know the amazing woman in her arms. She turned her head slightly, kissing Andrea goodnight.

Andrea relaxed further under Sharon's soothing touch. She could feel Sharon's fingertips lingering on her scar and she thought about the small, red pouch that had, at the hands of Sharon Raydor, taken down the man who had been paid to kill her. Once the case had closed, and Andrea had been ready to leave the Murder Room, she had seen the bean bag on Lieutenant Flynn's desk. She'd asked if she could have it, and he'd gladly obliged; it was now one of her most prized possessions.

The end