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Wanda focused intently on the chessboard, moving her pawn a couple spaces, only for Kitty's queen to smash it in half and toss it off the board. She sighed, "I'm so horrible at this." Kitty giggled, "Don't worry, you'll get better. I was like, hopeless until Charlie helped me." Wanda smirked and reached behind her to her bed at the Leaky Cauldron, picking up her new DADA book. "So what's Wolvey got planned for us?" Kitty shrugged, "I have no idea. He won't tell me." Wanda leafed through the pages, "Pixies? Dementors? What about Unforgivable Curses?" Kitty giggled, "Logan's still not too good with his wand." Wanda made a face, "Don't you think he should be? He is our teacher after all." Kitty shrugged, "Professor Dumbledore is gonna help him. And I think Professor Snape does too. He's never happy about it." Wanda smirked, "Spending time with Snape would make anyone unhappy."

Storm passed by Logan's room at the Leaky Cauldron, knocking lightly, "Are you coming down for dinner?" Logan turned another page of his book, "Later." Storm nodded and continued to the dining room, leaving Logan in his room surrounded by books. They were all related to the dark arts, so Storm supposed he was researching for his class, which was exactly what Logan wanted her to think. Logan closed "Magick Moste Evile" and rubbed his face with one hand. There was very little about this "Voldemort," the one who'd made him who he was, and the one person he actually wanted information on. Only in "The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts" did he find a mention of him, but there was very little besides that he'd gained power and followers and that Harry Potter, a boy of merely one, had defeated him.

The fire in his fireplace had died down, the embers barely glowing. Logan stared at them, deep in thought. He'd always wondered about his past, and now it was restored to him and he was no where nearer to figuring it out. He needed to talk to someone who knew. One of his followers- what were they? Death Eaters? And he knew exactly who to talk to.

Hogwarts castle was silent, save the occasional chatter amongst the ghosts and Peeves' cackling laughter. The professors, bar the X-Men, had already arrived and were preparing for the new school year that started in less than a week. Severus Snape sat in his office, scanning lesson plans once more. His fireplace held burned out ashes from yesterday's fire, completely devoid of the usual crackling flames. He shuffled the papers atop his desk, correcting something on the top sheet.

"Hello?" The potion's professor froze, glancing at his empty doorway. "I know you can hear me!" He fully sat up, head swiveling to the fireplace and dark eyes zeroing in on the bright green flames currently erupting from it in which Logan's face sat. "Mr. Howlett term starts in less than a week. Can you not wait that long for whatever pressing matter you must discuss with me?" Logan scowled, "Listen smart aleck it took a lot of that magic dust-" Snape interrupted, "Floo powder." Logan rolled his eyes, "Whatever. It took a lot of that to get this right so shut up and listen. I need a list of names."

Snape raised an eyebrow, "You'll have to be more specific." Fighting the urge to growl, Logan clenched his teeth and answered, "A list of Death Eaters. The people who worked for Voldemort." Snape's eye twitched at the name but he said nothing, "And why is that?" Logan was silent for a moment, "Are you going to help me or not?" Snape sighed through his nose, "I suppose I'll see what I can do. I can not promise you anything." Logan shook his head, making the flames shiver, "Well as long as you try." Snape narrowed his eyes at his colleague's sarcasm but didn't get to retort as the flames disappeared along with Logan's head. He stared at the now empty grate and then returned to his lesson plans.

"Be good Bill! Charlie! Don't forget to write! And you come home for Christmas!" Mrs. Weasley's calls and waving figure disappeared as the Hogwarts' Express pulled out of King's Cross Station and began the long ride to Hogsmeade. The students had settled in their compartments while the trolley witch made her rounds. Laura excused herself from her friends, passing Kitty and Tonks on her way to the back of the train where she knew her clone was.

He glanced up at her as she entered his compartment, sitting on the sofa across from him, "So thanks for inviting me for the summer." Logan grunted, "No problem kid." She furrowed her brow, "What are you doing?" Logan looked up from another dark arts book, "You heard of this Voldemort guy?" Laura nodded, "He killed hundreds of people." Logan closed the book, "He's responsible for this." He slid his claws out and Laura blinked, her face not betraying her surprise, "I thought that was Weapon X." Logan nodded, "Well turns out that 'Weapon X' was performed by muggles, but created by this guy. What I want to figure out, is why. Why would a guy who hates muggles work with them?" Laura smirked, "Beats me. And you're going to what, look up old Death Eaters?" He nodded and she raised an eyebrow, "Seriously?"

Logan leaned forward, "This guy made me who I am. Because of him my memories are a jumbled mess and I'm trying to fix that." Laura nodded, "So by default, he's responsible for me too. I want in." She set her jaw and folded her arms making him chuckle, "Alright. If you were anyone else the answer'd be no. But I don't have everything I need yet so we're not leaving anytime soon. Plus depending on how far these places areā€¦" Laura raised an eyebrow, "Why not apparate?" He shrugged, "I don't know how. But," he rubbed his chin, "I just might learn. Thanks kid."

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