The jet was on auto-pilot most of the trip, and it was considerably later than they'd first thought, because of time zones, by the time they reached their destination, and as it was around 7:00pm, they spent the night in the X-Jet. The next morning, having landed in an empty field, they waited: Professor X had told them his friend was meeting them there. A man came forward, whistling and twirling a pink frilly umbrella in his left hand. From on the jet, he looked like any normal man but this was not the case when they were on the ground. The man was extremely tall, and rather large. His hands were as big as garbage lids, his feet like small dolphins. A great scraggly beard hid most of his face, also surrounded by a mane of scraggly hair. "Hello! You must be the ones I'm s'posed ter meet! Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. You mus' be Mr. McCoy! 'Eard lots 'bout you, all of ya'!" he boomed. Logan smirked; he'd been expecting some guy in crisp suit or something, positively radiating rules. But this man, Logan was pretty sure he was a little crazy. Hagrid smiled under his beard at the others, before turning toward the X-Jet. "Well we can' have some muggle seein' this then." He pointed his pink umbrella at the jet, which vanished. Several of the kids gasped, making Hagrid chuckle. "Disillusionmen' charm. Never been real good at 'em but I reckin' I did ok fer now. Although best not to mention tha' to anyone at Hogwarts, if ya' don' mind." He began walking towards the city they could vaguely see, motioning them to follow. "Is he serious? We're not like, walking the whole way!" Kitty hissed to Rogue, who shrugged.

They'd only walked about twenty feet when Hagrid stopped on top of a hill. "Everyone gather roun' now. Tha's right okay now everyone grab hold a tha'," he pointed to an old bicycle missing a wheel and badly rusting, "Come on now, grab hold." Everyone cautiously held the bike, feeling foolish. This is dumb, Logan thought, we are really gullible. Thirty seconds passed, nothing happened. "Any momen' now," Hagrid said. And then it happened: a sharp jerk and they were flying through the air, indistinguishable blurs swirling beneath them. Kitty found it fascinating and terrifying at the same time, this would be a terrible time to phase. "Alrigh' then le' go," Hagrid called over the whooshing of the air. And now Logan was positive this guy was crazy, "Are you insane?!" He yelled back. The shapes below were moving alarmingly fast, they had to be going a hundred miles an hour. And this guy wanted them to let go? Logan knew he could survive the fall, but the others? They didn't have a healing factor, and their bones were not adamantium coated. He suddenly became alarmed, like the time he'd been between a cliff and Sabertooth with only regular bone-claws. But this time, he was alarmed at the look on Kitty's face: she looked calm, but calm in the way she did when she phased.

And she did, falling down, down, down certainly to her death or a concussion if she managed to phase through the ground. And then he'd let go, falling after her, trying to catch her. He expected to catch Kitty and fall to the ground, saving her but probably breaking something in the process. He did not expect that the others would follow suit and let go, falling down to their deaths as well. He couldn't save them all! The ground came rushing up to meet them and right before he hit it, he stopped. So did everyone else. The froze, inches from the ground, suspended in the air, before falling and hitting the ground from only a couple of inches in the air. Logan lay on his back, panting, and his heart racing. So this was magic. Scott helped Jean up, who glanced towards Logan. "I'm glad we didn't tell him about what we read," she whispered to Scott. He nodded. Hagrid landed, on his feet, next to them. "Well tha' was fun." He tossed the bike into a pile of garbage; they were now only a couple of feet from the city. Hagrid turned and began walking towards an alley lined with shops, "You comin'?"

If this was Diagon Alley, Storm was disappointed, but she didn't show it. The alley had only a couple of shops, many dark and dreary. Hagrid walked past them all, towards a pub that didn't look any more inviting. The sign swinging above the door read "The Leaky Cauldron." It was small, but not crowded, which was good considering their group. Logan walked past her and practically collapsed into the nearest chair. She noticed he hadn't seemed like his normal self since the- what had Hagrid called it? - portkey. Logan hadn't seemed to like that at all. Hagrid sat down next to Logan, motioning the others to sit. An older, slightly hunched, balding man came over. "Your usual Hagrid?" he asked. Hagrid nodded and Logan looked up from the spot on the table he'd been staring at. He suddenly realized- with its barrels and kegs- that this was a pub; one of his favorite places. Hagrid was ordering for them all, so he began to take in the rest of the pub. A rickety staircase led to what the crooked sign said was "Room and Board." There were several small tables and two large, one of which they were sitting at, along with a wall lined with barrels and a bar counter.

The bartender (and landlord he later learned), Tom, came back with a tray filled with glasses. He said the name of each as he set it down. "One mulled mead (Hagrid's), three firewhisky (Storm, Hank and Logan), and six butterbeers (Rogue, Kitty, Kurt, Jean, Scott, and Evan)." Storm seemed genuinely shocked, (as did the others) that Hagrid had ordered such a thing for the kids. Hagrid saw her expression and chuckled. "Butterbeer doesn' have anythin' bad in it. Perfectly safe." She relaxed slightly, but watched carefully as Kurt took a sip. "Wow that's good!" The others tried, nodding or voicing their agreement. Logan was still staring at his firewhisky. He wasn't sure what it was, and after that portkey he was hesitant to try anything Hagrid said was a good idea. He wasn't too keen on Storm staring into his soul, trying to tell him something using telepathy she didn't have, so he grabbed the glass and walked to the wall covered in paper.

News reports, pictures, and flyers were plastered all over it, but what interested him most was that the pictures moved. He watched them, curious as to how this was even possible. But the pictures were not what made him tense. A news clipping taped in the middle of the collage seemed to be the center of attention, and for good reason. "You-Know-Who Vanquished at Last!" the headline said. As he continued to read, the whispered statement Jean had said to Scott made sense. A crazy madman had been running around killing people because he thought he was doing the world a favor? That didn't sound too farfetched. Nor did it sound unfamiliar: every crazed villain they'd ever been up against had done this. But none of them had ever gone after a family and tried to kill an infant because of a stupid prophecy. All though their heads were messed up, the villains they'd defeated were not that dumb. The picture at the top of the article showed a blurry, rapid movement, and one had to look very close to see the pale, snake-like face of Voldemort. Logan absentmindedly took a sip of the firewhisky, forgetting that he hadn't planned on drinking it. It was actually pretty good; he drained his glass and went back to the table for more.

Hagrid had ordered food, which Kurt was eyeing hungrily. Hagrid was deep in a conversation with Tom, but looked over when Logan sat back down. "'Nother round fer my friend here Tom," Tom refilled Logan's glass while Hagrid turned to the kids who were all looking at the food. He chuckled, "What are ya' starin' at it fer? Eat!" Everyone dug in, and it didn't take long for the food to disappear. Kurt licked his lips, and looked for the dessert. "There's no dessert menu here!" Hagrid chuckled while Storm opened her mouth to scold Kurt. "Don' worry. We can stop at Florian's fer ice cream." He stood, bumping the table slightly, and made his way to the back door, handing Tom a letter as he did. "Dumbledore said he'd take care o' the bill," Kitty looked at the many cleared plates and felt kind of guilty: Dumbledore had invited them to his school and now he'd paid for their food. Hagrid turned to find them all still sitting at the table. "Well come on then, we got to get yer supplies!" They stood and followed him out the back door of the pub, expecting to see the impressive display of shops that was Diagon Alley. They were therefore surprised, and disappointed, to find a plain brick wall. Hagrid took out his umbrella and tapped a series of bricks. There was an odd scraping, some clicks, and the bricks began to separate, peeling back like some odd door to reveal the alley behind it. "Welcome," Hagrid said, "To Diagon Alley."

This is what a wizarding alley should look like, Storm thought. Shops lined both sides, displaying colorful and inviting storefronts of all kinds of goods. It was filled with bustling witches and wizards, catching up with friends, toting their purchases, or admiring the displays. Kitty did a little dance, and pulled out her list. She couldn't wait to see everything! Hagrid smiled at her enthusiasm, and nodded to the impressive building at the far end. "Quick stop a' Gringotts, then we can get yer supplies."

Gringotts was indeed a very impressive building. Two guards stood outside the door, looking down at them as they passed, or rather up at them: the goblins didn't quite reach their waists. Hagrid pushed the large bronze doors open, pointing to the engraving on the set of silver doors ahead, "There ain't no place safer than Gringotts, 'cept fer Hogwarts o' course." Logan scanned the motto,

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

"Impressive," Hank muttered, but that was nothing compared to the hall beyond these silver doors. Hundreds of goblins sat counting, cleaning, and sorting large and small coins. Several looked at them as they passed, but most simply ignored them. An older, wrinkled goblin sat behind a rather large pedestal, staring down his long nose at them. "Hogwarts business," Hagrid grunted, and handed the goblin a large key he'd pulled from his pocket. The goblin held the key in his long fingered hand, weighing it in his palm before turning to the goblin next to him, and began to speak in an odd rasping language that made no sense to the visitors. Hagrid let out a sigh, "Hate it when they talk in their native tongue. Always feel they're talkin' 'bout me." Native tongue? Rogue mouthed to Kurt. He made a face and gave a small shrug. The goblin turned back to them, and gestured to the goblin next to him: "Griphook will take you to your vault." They had taken two steps when the goblin held out his hand in a stopping gesture, "The cart can only fit two, including Hagrid." Hagrid turned and gave a shrug, "One then, who wan's to come?" Storm stepped forward and when no one else stepped forward in her place, Hagrid shrugged and nodded. "Alright then, the rest a' you can start with the shoppin' we'll be along shortly to pay fer it. Sorry 'bout tha'." Storm, Hagrid, and Griphook disappeared through one of the many doorways, leaving the others to show themselves out, no one regretting that they didn't get to stay in the company of the goblins any longer.

"Flourish and Blotts," they were told, was the bookstore. But like the rest of the shops around it, it wasn't big enough to hold all of the X-Men. Logan, more for his own benefit than the others, suggested splitting up and meeting back somewhere when they were done. "How about the wand shop?" Kurt suggested, "We all need wands anyway." The others agreed, and split into groups of two, backfiring Logan's plan of returning to the Leaky Cauldron for another firewhisky, and set out to tackle their set tasks. Rogue, Hank, Scott, and Jean headed into the bookstore: seven sets of eight books was going to be a challenge to carry, not to mention the extra "refresher" books for Storm, Hank, and Logan on their subjects. Kurt and Evan headed towards what they hoped was a store that sold telescopes, cauldrons, phials, and scales, surely Potage's Cauldron Shop sold them all.

Logan and Kitty headed towards Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, "Of all the places to go, I'm stuck with half-pint at a clothing store," Logan muttered. A short, friendly looking lady greeted them when they entered, "Hogwarts? First year? Thought so, come with my dear and we'll get you fitted. And you sir? Robes for yourself?" Logan hesitated, was he really going to wear a cloak and hat in public? Madame Malkin was looking at him expectantly, so he nodded, cursing himself later for agreeing to something so stupid. It was ten minutes of waiting before Kitty came out in black robes that were still far too big for her. Madame Malkin was hurrying behind her, protesting that her father shouldn't see her in robes that don't fit properly. "O no, I-I'm not her father," Logan said hurriedly, "More of an, Uncle really." But Madame Malkin was already busy fitting the robes to Kitty, her wand making intricate swirls and twirls in the air as a needle flew in and out of the fabric. She finely smiled, satisfied. "Well now that's one of three, and a cloak, hat, and gloves." Logan groaned, why couldn't he have gone book shopping?

Evan set down the third telescope he'd picked up. "Does it matter if it's gold or bronze? It's a telescope!" Kurt shrugged, "The letter says bronze, besides all we need is the telescopes and cauldrons and we're done!" Evan rolled his eyes, "Right cause today is free stuff day, and we don't need money to pay for it. Hagrid hasn't come back with the money yet remember?" No sooner had he said this when the door jingled and Storm was at his side, holding a leather pouch that was heavily laden with Galleons, Sickles, and Knots. "What was that you said?" Kurt asked. Evan rolled his eyes again.

"History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot, Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1), I think we have them all guys," Hank said, reading through the list one more time. Hagrid entered the shop, and handed the manager his money. "Alrigh' then? We've got ter get you over to Mdame Malkin's fer yer robes." Jean shifted her weight, the pile of books she was carrying teetering precariously, "Logan and Kitty have that covered." Hagrid snorted, "Not unless yer all the same size they don'." Indeed, that was the problem Kitty and Logan had discovered in their shopping. The hats and gloves were easy enough, and Kitty had several of the hats on her head. Everything else, needed to be fitted to the wearer. Much to Logan's dismay, Madame Malkin decided that to pass the time waiting for them, she'd find robes for him. She'd held up a truly horrid yellow set, stating that Gilderoy Lockhart simply adored them. It was clear, that if said Lockhart was at Hogwarts, that he and Logan would not get along. Kitty was in a fit of giggles over the whole thing, and it took all his strength not to shred the yellow robes to pieces. He was saved, by the arrival of the others. Madame Malkin flicked her wand, sending the yellow robes pack onto the rack, before bustling over to assist them. "Hogwarts? The lot of you? Good, good plenty of new first years!" She then busied herself in fitting each X-Men kid to their robes and cloaks. Logan had gone outside, none too keen on being bombarded with more unwanted robes if he stayed.

When they finally finished, it became apparent that there was no way everything was returning to the X-Jet by being carried. Hagrid said he'd take care of it, and sent them off to Ollivander's to receive the last and most important item on their lists: a wand. As they left, Logan wasn't sure whether to be relieved that Hagrid was taking their purchases, or worried they'd return to find them on fire. With everything that had happened that day, it was not so impossible. Ollivander's was, like every other shop, not extremely big, nor was it really that impressive looking. In fact, besides the Apothecary and the entrance to Knockturn Alley, it was one of the least inviting store fronts. Peeling gold letters stated Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C. and a single wand lying on a faded, purple cushion was the display in the window. The interior was really no better: a single chair sat in the corner, and shelves upon shelves of thin boxes filled the remainder of the shop. An old man with whispy, white hair came from the back room; his pale eyes were slightly unnerving.

He took one look at them and immediately took them for exactly what they were: first year Hogwarts students. Although, his assumption that a father, Logan, and his wife, Storm, and an Uncle, Hank, were here for wands for their children, was entirely wrong. Logan found it slightly annoying that this was the second time someone had that that they were all related; did it really look that way? Mr. Ollivander took a box off the shelf, blowing a thin layer of dust off it before removing the wand within and handing it to Kitty. If the chair was supposed to be a parrot, it was a perfect match, but apparently Ollivander didn't think so: he snatched the wand back and handed her another. Again, if the chair was supposed to glow and whistle, it was a perfect match. Several wands and transformations later, Kitty had a wand that Mr. Ollivander told them was 9 ½ inches long, Holly, with a unicorn hair core. Whatever that means, Logan thought. They were right to get their wands last, because it took quite a while. Eventually every one of the kids had a wand: Kurt(11 inches, oak, unicorn hair), Rogue(10 ½ inches, willow, dragon heartstring), Evan(11 ¼ inches, hornbeam, dragon heartstring), Jean(12 ½ inches, chestnut, phoenix tail feather) and Scott(12 ¼ inches, mahogany, unicorn hair). Logan was fine with leaving then and there: during the quest for Evan's wand, he'd been turned into a real wolverine; an experience he wouldn't like to repeat. However Storm, forever reliable, reminded them that she, Logan, and Hank needed wands.

The fact that two grown "wizards" and a grown "witch" needed wands earned them a curious look from Mr. Ollivander. He said nothing, and the quest continued, irritating Logan more with each failed wand, that only eased slightly when, on his third failed wand, he'd turned Storm into a turtle. Unfortunately Ollivader switched her back, and after another hour of trial and error, the three had wands: Hank(13 ¼ inches, hazel, dragon heartstring), Storm(12 inches, pear, unicorn hair), and Logan(11 ½ inches, hawthorn, dragon heartstring). Logan was relieved to be out of that store, and on his way back to the X-Jet. True to his word, Hagrid had delivered everything there, and instead of using a portkey to travel the miles between the jet and them, Hagrid had an acquaintance of his, an Arthur Weasley who had also been taking his kids shopping for materials (Charlie, a first year, and Bill a third year) use sidelong apparition to deliver them back to the jet, which in Logan's opinion was decidedly worse than traveling by portkey. From now on, I'm walking, or driving.