Chapter 1

"Arthurs Return"

End of school and Arthur is going to be staying with his grandparents. Archibald has fixed the telescope, and made potions. But Arthur wants to see Selenia as soon as possible. So since Arthur wants to see Selenia again. And not to prolong his wait for the day of the tenth moon cycle he uses the vines instead. The worriers squeeze all of the water out of Arthur. Then they drop him into the tube. So he slides down the tube right into the center of the Minimoys kingdom. Which is a large fall and he rolls of the tops of the buildings. Then lands hard on his face. Everyone is quiet until they recognize its Arthur. Then everyone starts to cheer for Arthur's return. They all walk up to the throne of Emperor Sifrat. With all the commotion going on Selenia run out of her home to see her prince standing before her Father. She runs to be with her love.

Arthur point of view


Arthur runs to Selenia. They run into each other and go into a big hug.

"Arthur how is this possible to see you before they 10 moon." Asked Selenia

"Well I use the vines again to see you."

"You shouldn't have that is very dangerous"

She shudders at the thought of the vines squeezing all of the water out of her love.

She pulls away from him and brings him into a kiss.

"I love you Selenia."

"I love you to Arthur."

Then they separate a little, and Selenia Slaps Arthur.

But next time please don't use the vines.

They both smile at each other.

"Okay, Okay everyone calm down." Says the Emperor

Everyone looks to the king.

This has be a very big surprise to all of us. But in the name of Prince Arthur let use have a feast.

At the king's command the chef's get to work to prepare a mighty feast.

"So how have you been Selenia." Asks Arthur

"I've never been better. IT has been a blessing to be at peace once again. Since we captured the Evil M peace has come at last to the 7 Kingdoms."

"I've missed you dearly my lovely Selenia."

She smiles at him and they go into another kiss this one more passionate then the first. At this time a messenger runs up to the side of the king. She tells him that the preparations for the feast are complete.

"Everyone let the feast commence!" Says the king

Arthur takes Selenia's hand and they walk to the tables set up for the feast.

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