"Your father, would be as every bit proud of you as I am." Valka hugged her firstborn.

Astrid approached him next after the mother and son moment was over, willing to give him his hero's welcome and ceremony and glory. "Hey, told you it was in here." She touched his chest, then quickly flipped a switch that made a fin of his squirrel suit pop up.

Everyone laughed. It must have been a personal joke.

"Haha. Still doing that one. That's… Come here you." He grabbed her waist and kissed her full on the lips. Passionate and full.

Gothi, awkwardly, tapped him on the shoulder. It was time to crown him. He kneeled before her. She smudged her fingers with charcoal, and drew a symbol on his forehead.

The Symbol of a Chief.


A celebration was held between the united Outcast and Beserkians and Berk. Their Chiefs signed an official peace and alliance treaty. And the people of Berk, in true Viking style, threw a feast, both to celebrate the treaty, tribute to a new Chief and the tribute to Stoic the Vast's death.

"You're gonna repair my ships, aren't you?" Ferno asked, sitting on one throne, holding a tank of mead in one hand.

"Did I ask for your Armada?"

"No, but if I'm not gonna look out for you, who will."

"Urgh, fine… it's not like we have that much forest around here." Hiccup said, sarcastically.

"Cheers to your new poverty of woods." Ferno chinked the mugs.

"Oh shut up." Hiccup avoided drinking from the mug. Not only was it a bad toast, but he hated alcohol. "I've noticed that you've been avoiding mom. I would have thought you would have jumped into her arms."

"I have my reasons." Ferno, broodingly, answered, stirring the ale in his mug.

"Can you… at least not plot her death or something? Please, for me. And in any case, you should be grateful, she could have left you on a hill to die, as illegitimate children come."

Ferno sighed. "… Fine. Tell her I won't murder her while she's sleeping, but tell her to not expect me to be her sonny."

"I'll tell her." Hiccup nodded.

"Speaking of children… when can I hope to be an uncle?"

"Are you serious?"

Ferno deadpanned. "Hiccup, you're talking to a man who was 13 year old father. Are you serious? Besides, you've got a nice, strong girlfriend who you've been fantasising about for years. You have to marry and you better produce an heir quickly. Thor knows, with your escapades, we'll all need him."

"In case I should fail. Just hypothetically! What happens then?"

"One of my children inherits Berk. Young or old, Outcast or not, I've learnt from my stepson that all people need is a formal Chief, who's behind him it doesn't matter. All they need is: Chief, Food and the occasional War."

"Chief, Food, War. I'll remember that."


"How are your children?"

"Uh… grown since the last time you saw them."

"I should like to meet them."

"Come on then. And bring Mother with you. Besides, I need to check on my wife."

"Is something wrong with her?"

"You'll see." Ferno whistled at his cousin. "Come on, I need you."

The half drunken commander stumbled up to the Chief and hooked his arm around his neck and breathed a horrible breath at his cousin's face. "Let's go before I start throwing curses at random people."


"I must say, you made an improvement to the place the last time I was here." Hiccup said, coming into the Chief's House.

"What can I say?" Ferno side-ran into a large armchair, throwing Fenris into it. He huffed and looked at the ceiling, loosening his shirt collar, suddenly feeling very hot. "I'm not my father."

"Yeah, where is your old man?"

"Eh… somewhere. As long as he's not dead, I don't care where he is."

Something came right under Ferno's arm. He looked down and saw a mop of dark blonde hair and gleaming grey eyes. Two seconds later, a pair of legs and arms gripped his neck. Five seconds later, Ferno was sure the circulation in his leg was cut off.

"Ok… Loki you have five seconds to get off my neck, before I chuck you into the wild dragon nest."

Astrid, who found great amusement as everyone else did, realised that there wouldn't be much more amusement if that demented little boy stayed on his neck. She pulled him off.

"Unhand me, strange woman. Can't you see I'm busy inheriting a Chiefdom!?" Loki laughed in a sort of scary way as his father was struggling to breathe.

"That's your aunt, you pea brained squirt." Ferno said, in the process of returning the blood to his leg.

"Aunt?" Freya asked.

"She's your mother twin sister. And that's your Uncle Hiccup, he's my brother, and… uh… at the back there is my mother."

"But… you said your mom was dead." Junior looked up at his stepfather.

"I thought so too." He glared at the woman.

Something extraordinary happened next, that felt to Ferno like the healing of all his scars, both emotional and physical.

"FERNO!" A female voice upstairs screamed out.

"ADDIE!" Ferno ran, stumbled, tripped and whatever else his way up to the stairs, just to get up there as quickly as possible. He bolted to the bed and grabbed his wife's hand, kissing it mercilessly. "How are you feeling? Warm? Cold? Your hands are cold?—"

"Ferno!" She cut off his speech. "I feel great! Better than I have done in years." She began laughing and he looked at her with happy and desperate eyes. "What did you do?" She sat up on her elbows.

"You're gonna whack me on the head."

She glared at him. "You looked for the medicine, didn't you?"

"I guess… I just love you too much." He rubbed a circular shape on her hand, avoiding eye contact. "You didn't understand did you? If you went… the kids would be orphans for real. I would go straight after you, and chances are Fenris would do, too."

"He wouldn't. He knows he can't leave the Tribe in disarray."

"Perhaps. He'd go on for a decade the least and then… caput."

The Chieftess sighed, knowing she was defeated. She was hoping her husband and best friend would be reasonable, rational men. They failed her in that.

"In any case, don't tell me you don't like living, your children, and your darling sweet drop-dead gorgeous husband?"

She smiled. "I'll be mad at you later. Right now, whatever you found, is stopping me from having a bad mood." She pulled his shirt to her, and crashed their lips together.

"I think its called living." Ferno whispered, before plunging into a bliss of love.


"They're happy." Hiccup smiled at his girlfriend.


"You think… maybe… we should be that happy?"

Astrid starred at him. "What…?"

Hiccup smiled and made sure he was not looking at her, for his mind was full of mischief and devious thoughts. He observed his three nephews and niece, and thought of the happiness his brother and sister-in-law had and the happiness that he could have with his love.



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