I miss you

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A/N – My first story.

I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. During the war battle for Hogwarts, when I found out Harry was alive and I turned around to share the moment with you but for the first time, I realised there was no one there.

You were always first, weren't you? It was always Fred and George, never George and Fred. You were the ringleader. You were always noticed first. You thought of everything first. You did everything first. I never minded this. I grew up following you. But you did something I'll never forget.

You did the one thing we should've done together.

We were always together. Two sides of the same coin. A package deal. We were Fred and George. The Weasley twins. The mischievous menaces. We were the legendary Weasleys's that stood up to Umbridge. We were the owners of Weasleys's Wizard Wheezes.

I knew not all of us were going to come out alive after the war but never did I in a million years think I'd lose you. I wish it wasn't you. I wish it was someone else. I always thought we could get each other through anything but I guess I never thought what would happen if one of us left the other.

You know something, Fred? Every since your death, I never been able to conjure a Patronus charm. How could I? You're in all my memories and from good to bad. There hasn't been a day passed I hadn't I wished you were still alive.

Remember that time when we were five? When Percy couldn't tell us apart on our brooms and got so confused, he mixed up our names. From them our nicknames became Gred and Forge. Or when we found out about Quidditch? We wanted to become beaters from the start. It was one of our dreams that came true.

Remember our first year? We were so nervous at the sorting hat ceremony wondering what if we didn't end up in the same house. The hat hadn't touched my head until it shouted out... 'GRIFFINDOR' but you were different. You never told anyone else but the hat wanted to but you in Slytherin. You wanted to be placed in Gryffindor and the hat took your decision and just like that we were in the same house. It hadn't even been a full 5 minutes after being sorted into Gryffindor that we lost 10 house points from our 'little' prank. Remember that? How much fun we had? Charlie and Percy kept there heads down right after that for the rest of the feast.

Remember that time when your love of spiders got you so ecstatic when you found out there were giant spiders living in the woods. You went to see them immediately and I ended up dragging your body to Hagrid's for an anti-venom potion.

Remember the tri – wizard tournament. How we tried to break the age line? We put both our names on each piece of paper hoping we get picked as co-champions .Remember how well that turned out? Got accused of stealing Dumbledore look. Remember Umbridge? Our last act of rebellion made us heroes, huh? No – one is forgetting us anytime soon.

You know Fred, I really miss you. I wish it wasn't so. How could 20 years pass by so quickly?