Episode 2 - Teikoku ga Kita! (Teikoku is Here!)

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"Wah..." I said. "This fight is going to be cool...!" I was suppose to say that in my head, but then I just said it out loud.

I turned to Handa and the others a bit. "Minna, let's do our best!"


"H-hold up captain!" Kabeyama shouted at me.

"Hm?" I was now fully turned to Kabeyama.

"I.." Kabeyama said.

'Oh...please don't tell me..' I thought.

"...NEED TO GO USE THE TOILET!" Kabeyama yelled and turned around to run to the bathroom.

"Ka-Kabeyama!" I yelled for him.

"What are you going to do?" I heard Kidou ask me, and I turned to look at him. "Even with that guy, you only have ten members." He pointed out the problem, then began to grin. "Where's your last player?" Kidou asked another question, and then turned a bit to the side, where I was guessing, he was looking at Gouenji.

Before I could answer Kidou, someone shouted for me.


"Kino?" I said, then she ran up with...Megane...

"This guy said he wanted to join the soccer club!" Kino yelled waving her hand.

"Uhh..." I sweatdropped.

"From what I heard about him..." Matsuno said. "sports isn't really..."

"Yeah..." Someoka agreed.

I'd agree with Someoka and Matsuno, but...it's in the original anime, so I guess...

"His name is Megane-kun." Kino said when she and and Megane was near me, then pushed Megane in front of me.

Megane fixed his glasses. "I'm Megane Kakeru." He said. "Nice to meet you."

I gave my best Endou smile. "N-nice to meet you too!" I held out my hand for him to shake, but he didn't take it. As expected, he was looking around.

"Looks like I'm really the last person.." Megane said. "But, I have one condition before I join the team."

'Oh boy...' I thought.

"I won't wear any uniform expect for number 10."

'Please forgive me...Endou...Kami-sama...' I thought. As much as I don't want Megane to wear number 10...I decided ignore Kurimatsu's, Shourinji's, Shishido's little chat.

"Gomen, but I can't let you." I said, instead of saying, Oh, yes you can!. "Playing with number 10 is Ace Striker number. Megane, I'm sorry, but you can't wear that number." In my serious voice, I looked at Megane and Kino seriously. "Oh, and also..I'm serious."

"Captain..." Kurimatsu and Shishido said. "T-that was a cool speach!"

"Endou-kun.." Kino said in surprised.

Megane glared at me. "Then I won't join this soccer club, if I don't wear-"

"Ah~ but someone said they joined, and to ask at the last minute!" I cut-off Megane and ignored the others. "Megane, you have to play."


"Megane." I cut him off again.

I was talking to Kazemaru, Someoka, Matsuno, Handa, and them, and then I heard someone calling for me, or Endou.

"Endou-kun, Endou-kun, Endou-kun!" I turned around a bit, and saw Fuyukai-san running to me, once he was in front of me. "What's the hold up?!" He asked me.

"Fuyukai-sa-sensei, Kabeyama just went to the toilet, and-" I explained, but he cut me off.

"Honestly, we can't let our guests wait any longer." Fuyukai said. "Get a move on!"

"H-hai!" I said. "Let's go look for Kabeyama!" I yelled to Someoka and the others.

They nodded and we went different ways.

I first checked the bathroom in the first floor, and Someoka went up.

"Kabeyama, you in here?!" I yelled.


"Okay, he's not here!" I closed the door, and ran all around the school. "MOU!" I then stopped when I found myself lost. "Nanami, calm down!" I yelled at myself. "I'm being out of character now," I breathed in the air and let it out. "Yosh...if I was Nanami, what should I do at a time at this..." I clapped my hands together and looked around.


I finched, and then fell to my butt.

"W-what was that.." I asked myself, and looked around. "Quiet hall-way...no one's here...and who would call me Nanami..."

"Captain!" I turned to the side, and saw a Locker. Kurimatsu freaking out. Handa. Matsuno. Kageno. Shishido. Oh, this scene.

"S-s-s-s-s-s-something's in the LOCKER!" Kurimatsu yelled.

I then gave an confused face. 'How did I end up here with them? I thought I was alone.' I thought to myself.

"..they have been shaking non-stop ever since we got here!" Kurimatsu explained.

The locker kept on shaking and everyone looked and studied the locker.

"...what do you guys think?" I asked Handa, Shishido, Kageno and Matsuno.

"Ghost?" They said.

"But a original ghost won't make a dent that big..." I said, then took a stand up and walked to the locker. "Kabeyama I know you're in there, hurry up and come out!" I shouted at it.

I opened the locker door, and was blown back and fell on my back.

As it happened, Kabeyama was shown.

"..hello, Captain." He said. "...hello.."

Everyone's jaw dropped.

"Ka-Kabeyama..." Shishido, Handa, and Matsuno said.

I stood up. "What are you doing in the locker?" I asked. "Stop playing around and come out."

"Umm...well.." Kabeyama said. "I'M STUCK!" He shouted and started jumping with the locker. "SAVE ME!"

"Then why not just play soccer like that?" Kurimatsu asked Kabeyama. "You'll be an absolute iron defense! ...j-just kidding!"

"No way!" Kabeyama shouted still jumping. "I want to COME OUT!"

After a few jump moments, Kabeyama's legs/feet came out and he fell backwards and landed on his back.

I was going to say something, but I heard Shourinji's voice.

"Let me give it a try, Captain!"

We turned to the left and Shorinji was running.

"Ah...eto, Shourinji, go for it!" I shouted.

He jumped up and kicked the bottom of the locker, which Kabeyama came out the other end.

"I-I'm...out.." Kabeyama said.

"Good job, Shourinji!" I said. Then I thought, 'Doesn't Endou call Shourinji, Shouri? Meh, he wouldn't know'.

"G-gomen captain...I got a little scared..." Kabeyama said.

"Kabeyama, you shouldn't run away from what you're scared of." I said. "You should move straight forward!"

"Ca-captain." Kabeyama said with some tears in his eyes, I smiled at him once his serious face came on. "I'll do my best."

"Yosh, here." I held my hand out for Kabeyama. "Let's go play the match!"


We all went to the field and got into position.

'This is the first time I'm playing goal keeper...' I started at Kidou. 'I'll do my best.'

"We will now start the practice match between Teikoku Gakuen and Raimon Junior High!" The person who wears a black and white shirt said. Ah..I forgot his name or something... "Both captains, please choose your side of coin."

But, Kidou turned around.

"Kidou-kun, the coin toss!"

"There's no need." Kidou said with his back turned towards us. "They can start first."

'This is just the beginning..' I thought.

"It's a CHALLAGE!" That voice! I turned to the side.

"Kakuma Keita!" I said out-loud.

"Endou, you know him?" Kazemaru asked me.

I nodded 'no'. "I just know his name, that's all."


I gave Kazemaru a weak smile and we all went to our positions.

I took a deep breathe and let it out.

'This is my first time being goal keeper.' I said in my head. 'As Nanami, I would normally whine about being Goal keeper because I hated this position. But it's the most important for soccer, and I love soccer.'

Forgetting my thoughts, the whistle started, and I looked in front where Megane and Someoka were.

'Megane's wearing number 12- of course, I knew it was his original number.' I clapped my hands together and Megane kicked the ball to Someoka, and Someoka kicked it to the back to Matsuno. Continuing to my thoughts, because I knew what's going to happen next. 'I hate it, but...I can't help but play.'

I took my stare to Genda who caught Someoka's ball and yelled. "Kidou, my job ends here!" And he threw the ball to Kidou.

And Kidou said, "Yeah...let's show them...Teikoku's soccer."

"...yosh.." I said preparing for myself for the impact. For some reason, I'm scared...

Kidou past the ball to...some dude...I think Jimon? Meh, continuing, the ball was heading towards me.

With power, I caught the ball in my hands, but it was still spinning.

I have to stop it! With no luck, the force of the ball made me lose my balance and was pushed back to the goal.











"Teikoku scored instantly on the counter!" Kakuma Keita's speech. "What speed! What power they have! Is this the Teikoku soccer that rocks the whole COUNTRY?! Is this Teikoku's true form?!"

After hearing Kakuma's question, I said in my head, 'Well I don't know...but all I know is that I have to win this match.'

"Raimon Eleven have absolutely no chance of winning!" Kakuma added on. "There's nothing they could do!"

..I held my stomach, but my chest was mostly hurting..

"Captain..." Kabeyama said.

"Endou!" Everyone ran up to me, and I ingored the pain and stood up.

"..." I couldn't say anything, so Handa said something.

"Damn it!" He said. "There's nothing we can do against a quick counter like that!"

"We can't even respond to it!" Kurimatsu added.

"...don't give up." I said trying to manage my voice. "T-the match isn't over! We have to win for Raimon's sake!"

"Captain.." Kabeyama said.

"I'll protect this goal...no matter what." I said firmly.

With that, they nodded and went to their positions.

As an girl, my body's weaker then boy's, but with my heart, I'm stronger then any boy.

The match continued and each second, everyone was hurt, and I broke my promise...I couldn't protect the goal. Why was I even Endou Mamoru. I'm just a plain girl...named Nanami.


The whistle was blown and the first-half was over.

We walked to the benches and everyone fell to the ground. I held my heart and took deep breaths.

"...everyone..." Kino said.

"They're too tired to even talk..." Otonashi said.

Then Kazemaru spoke up. "What's up with those guys?" He asked. "None of them have even broke a sweat!"

"Of course not..." Shourinji said. "They didn't run at all.. It felt like...they were toying with us this whole time."

"O-of course..." I said agreeing. "But...we can't let it end like this...I'll have to force them to run with us."

"Run? With us?" Kurimatsu looked confused at what I said. "And force them...? That's impossible.. I'm already exhausted as it is.."

"Me, too..." Shishido said. "I can't run another step..."

"Minna..." I said. "B-but we still can't give up! We have to go forward till the end!"

"You want us to play the second-half too?" Kabeyama asked me. "It's pointless."

"I knew this match was too much for us.." Shishido said.

"We still have to play.." I tried to shout, but I was still catching my breath. "..we can't give up yet! Minna! We still don't know who hold the Goddess of Victory! ..."

No one answered me.

"..minna..." My voice became quiet.

...the second-half was starting, so we got into position.

It started with Teikoku's kick-off.

'What should I do...I'm in the position where I can't think!' I notice when I was thinking, I heard someone..no about 3 people yelled "DEATH ZONE!"

I looked up and saw a black and white ball running towards me with a purple aura.

It quickly hit my forehead, which the force made me lose my balance and letting them score a point.

They continued to play, but they were hurting us more and more.

'What should I do...' I said in my head in fear...why.. '...if this was real life...Teikoku would lose..!'

I don't know why, but I froze at my spot and Teikoku scored...and scored.

...noticing I was the being stared at.

Kidou pointed to me, and I new he was talking about bring Gouenji out.

They started kicking the ball, and I let it. My face..my head...my chest..my stomach, over and over, the pain hurt, but...I had to go with it. Just until..

I felt being pushed and saw teal.

I shouted once I knew the scene. "Ka-Kazemaru!"

With the force of the ball, Kazemaru was shot back and hit the goal.

I turned around and gulpped. I then ran up to Kazemaru. "O-oi!"

"En...dou..." He manage said.

I turned around. 'I forgot about Kazemaru-san...I kept thinking of myself.'

"Kazemaru..." I helped Kazemaru up and moved him to the side. "This time...I'll protect the goal..."

"You haven't been able to defend it so far." Kidou said.

He kicked the ball up and Jimon did his hissatsu.


"I have to catch this shoot!" I clapped my hands together and ball with my hands, but with the force of it- and it was a hissatsu, I was blown back...letting them score.


I closed both my eyes, of course, knowning Megane ran away..

"What a pitiful sight.." Kidou said.

"Give up.."

"You can't even score one goal against us."

They started laughing.

"If you give up, you'll lose!" A voice rung in my head. "Stand up! Nanami!"

...I stood up.

"N...not yet..." I said half standing up. "It's not over yet!" I shouted with my energy.

"You still want more?" Jimon kicked the ball.

Once again, I let it hit me and into the goal.






"The one who showed his strong shooting technique in the Soccer Frontier last year, when he was still a freshmen? GOUENJI SHUUYA!"

..Gouenji Shuuya.

I looked up and saw Gouenji walking towards us.

"Now Gouenji-kun is wearing Raimon's Uniform and standing RIGHT before us!"

"W-wait!" Fuyukai-sensei ran into the field. "You're not a member of our team-"

"We're fine with it." Kidou cut-off Fuyukai-sensei.

"...I-in that case, we accept this substitution upon the agreement of Teikoku's Players!"

I stood up with a smile. "Gou-Gouenji, you came!" I fell down a bit, and Gouenji caught me.

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

"...I'm fine!" I smiled at him. "...sa-sakka yarou ze!" I smiled at him and Gouenji smiled back.

With Gouenji in our team, everyone stood up with a smile.

Then, we all got into our position and the whistle was blown and it started with our kick-off and Handa kicked it to Someoka, which he kicked it to Shishido, but he lost the ball and Kidou called out for Death Zone.


Knowing Gouenji, he ignored it and ran up.

'With Gouenji on our team, I feel happy...like I could play soccer everyday.' I thought and I felt energy in my body forming up into my hand. 'And, I'll protect this goal! Mamotte Miseru!'

"And...I'll pass on the ball to him!" I shouted out loud.

When I felt full energy in my right hand...

"GOD HAND!" I yelled and throwing my right hand out, then a golden hand appeared in front of me catching the white and black ball.

"H-he stopped it!" Kakuma's speech started.

~Que Music that shows Something Cool is going to Happen~

"Finally, Endou Mamoru, stopped Teikoku's SHOOT!"

"...god hand..." I smiled. "Yosh...!" I shouted. "GOUENJI!" I threw the ball at him.

The ball hit Gouenji's chest, and he kicked it to the sky.


"FIRE TORNADO!" Gouenji's hissatsu!

Without Genda knowning, the ball went into the goal!

"Goal! At last! The Raimon Eleven have snatched one goal from Teikoku Academy!"

...I smiled once more...I was going to fangirl about Gouenji, but I couldn't! I was filled with happiness.

"Teikoku Academy has just requested to withdraw from the match!" That guy said. "And with that... The match ends!"

T-this means...

"We won!" I shouted.

And we huddle up together at the middle.

"Gouenji, it's really awesome that you showed up!" I took my hand out. "Let's play soccer together-"

Gouenji took off his shirt and threw it at me.


"This is as far as it goes." Gouenji said.

"Ah...Gou-Gouenji!" I shouted for him when he walked away...but then I smiled. "A-arigatou na!"

"Captain, what aren't you stopping him?" Kabeyama asked me.

"It's okay," I replied. "minna, look at the score board...this is our first goal point..."


"This is the one goal that will re-born the Raimon Soccer Club!" I added on. "This goal is the beginning!"

Putting a finger up to the sky, we all started laughing.

"Good Job, Nanami..."

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