Frozen In Darkness

Have you ever felt frozen? Not frozen in the physical sense, but emotionally. My emotions have been locked down for twenty years. I haven't felt anything since the day I met King, after that it was just too dangerous. The day I met King was the worst day of my life, and it was the day I decided to lock down my emotions so deep that he could never find them. I willingly locked my true self away to keep from breaking into a million pieces, and that vault was so deep and dark that no daylight would ever pierce it.

I continued on for countless years in this state until one day a tiny speck of a light was thrust into it. It was a frail and fragile thing that the slightest bit of breeze would put out, but it spread light in my darkness like the brightest of suns. It thawed my heart and brought it back to life. Somehow without my realizing it this light had wormed its way past all of my defenses into the deepest part of my being, and it scared me. I had never let anyone in that close and I didn't know how to act. One thing I did know was that my light needed protection and I was the best one to do that.

My set of talents where ones that let me be one with the darkness they had kept me safe thus far in life and they would keep my light safe. That was the catch though my powers would keep my light safe, but would my light thrive and grow? It needed an environment that I couldn't provide by myself and the only way to get it was to go against my masters wishes. He wanted the light all to himself and I couldn't let that happen so I did the one thing I thought I would never do. I asked my arch nemesis a super hero for help, and by my actions changed my entire life as I knew it.

Breaking news. We have just been informed that Shadow Pawn has struck again last night. It was late last night that Shadow Pawn broke into the Maxville museum of cultural arts and stole a painting by the up and coming artist Sheila Coleson that was on exhibit for local artist month. As usual SPD is on the case and they have informed us that they are working on several leads and hope to break the case wide open within the following week. It is only the latest in a long string of robberies by Shadow Pawn and no one has ever caught the culprit on camera. Shadow Pawn has left a black pawn at each of the sites of the crime. Over the last year Shadow Pawn has cause three million dollars worth of property damage and stolen over 150 million dollar in items. We can only hope that they catch him or her soon. Until then we'll be reporting from the front lines this is M10 news signing off.