Pikachu heard something in the trees. It looked up but saw nothing but the sky. Colby's blue fur camouflaged him in the sky. Pikachu turned it's attention back to Ash and Oshawatt.

Colby decided to make his move. He jumped and grabbed Ash's backpack with his huge tooth. He ran away before anyone could do anything.

'' Hey come back! '' Ash yelled running after Colby. Planning on getting back his backpack. Pikachu ran after him as fast as it could.

'' Wait up! '' Iris yelled running after Pikachu and Ash. She didn't want to be left behind.

'' You must stay with him at all times. The whole world depends on you.'' The mysterious pokemon from earlier said.

'' Who is he then? I've never watched Pokemon. I get the other stuff you showed me. '' Ryan asked the mysterious pokemon.

'' His name is Ash Ketchum.'' The pokemon answered showing the image of Ash again.

'' If I'm supposed to be a trainer. Then what will be my partner? '' Ryan asked thinking of all the pokemon showed him.

'' Your friend Colby will be your pokemon.'' The pokemon responded. An image started forming in the air. It was the human version of Colby.

'' But Colby is a human not a pokemon.'' Ryan said pointing at the image of Colby. The image started changing to the pokemon version of Colby,'' What pokemon is that?''

'' Don't you recognize it? It's the same pokemon your friend drew. That pokemon is Colby.'' The pokemon said putting the two images together. Ryan could tell similarities between the two images. The pokemon in the image had the same eyes that Colby had. The pokemon had the same smile too.

'' So Colby got transformed into a pokemon but I didn't. Why didn't I get turned into a pokemon?'' Ryan asked wondering the reason why he didn't get turned into a pokemon.

'' That is for you to find out. It is time for you to wake up. Remember Colby is your pokemon. His pokemon name is Riffledon.'' The pokemon said as it started to fade away in the darkness,'' Remember.''

'' I think that pokemon ran this way.'' Ash said walking in the forest with Pikachu, Iris, and Axew.

Pikachu heard something in some bushes,'' Pika?'' Pikachu ran over to the bushes and the others followed.

'' What is it Pikachu?'' Ash asked parting the bushes Pikachu was looking at. Behind the bushes was Colby looking through Ash's backpack,'' Hey stop that!''

Colby got into a defensive stance growling at them. Pikachu growled back at him getting in front of Ash.

'' What kind of pokemon is that?'' Ash asked Iris turning to see her panting from running. Iris looked at Colby in confusion.

'' I've never seen or heard about that pokemon.'' Iris responded baffled by the sight of Colby. Ash took out his pokedex and pointed at Colby.

'' Unknown Pokemon.''

'' Unkwon Pokemon?!'' Ash and Iris exclaimed at the same time in surprise.

'' Cool! We're the very first people to see this pokemon! Now it's time to catch it.'' Ash exclaimed happy that he got to catch his second pokemon in the Unova Region. Also that it was a new pokemon,'' Pikachu use Electro Ball!''