The orb of electricity came straight at Colby. Colby didn't have any experience battling a pokemon for real. That gave Pikachu an advantage. The orb hit Colby in the chest making him roll over in the dirt. He got up fast growling at Pikachu.

'' Aw man that didn't work. '' Ash said a determined look came across his face, '' Well, that makes things even better! ''

'' Pika, pika! '' Pikachu agreed standing up the same determined look appeared. Irish and Axew sighed.

Something started forming at Colby's mouth. It started growing larger. An energy ball formed at Colby's mouth. He aimed it at Pikachu.

'' Pikachu dodge it! '' Ash commanded. Pikachu jumped as the energy ball hit the ground, '' Pikachu use quick attack! ''

'' Pika, pikachu! '' Pikach and Colby heads collided, when Colby head butted Pikachu.

'' Use Iron Tail! '' Ash commanded. Pikachu tail came straight at Colby's head. Colby's tooth started glowing, Pikachu's tail made contact. An explosion shoved Pikachu to the ground.

'' Whoa! What was that! '' Irish exclaimed.

'' Okay I'm going to finish this. Pikachu use Thunderbolt! '' Ash said clenching his fist.

'' Pikachu! '' Pikachu's thunderbolt struck Colby causing a huge explosion. Once the fog cleared Colby was still standing there. He wasn't affected at all.

'' What! How's that possible? '' Ash exclaimed gritting his teeth. Before he could do anything else Ryan bursted through the bushes.

'' Stop! He's my pokemon. ''