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She was and she wasn't what Rogue was expecting. She was tall, much taller than Logan. She towered over as she stood next to him. She was composed as she smiled and greeted everyone, mentioning how pleased she was to be at the mansion, and was looking forward to working with everyone.

Her names was Carol Danvers and she was...striking. Her hair was long and blonde, and she possibly the most toned woman Rogue had ever seen. Her biceps and calves were taut and she stood like a statue. She was somehting you'd see in a museum, beautiful and intimidating. Rogue tried not to be obvious as she looked her over, but their eyes met briefly. There was a look in her eyes, almost like, she...recognized Rogue. A chill went down her spine. What the hell did that mean? She didn't want to think about it, at least not at the moment.

As everyone greeted the pair, Rogue hung back. Logan hadn't noticed her yet, but she'd noticed him. He looked almost the same, if not better. His hair was slightly greying, a small step towards looking his actual age. He still had his mutton chops, his leather jacket and his jeans. She couldn't see it, but Rogue just knew that underneath his shirt would be the trademark wifebeater. He looked good, she'd let herself acknowledge that. She tried to ignore how fast her heart was beating, and prayed he wouldn't notice how nervous she really was.

No, fuck him. Fuck him! Don't let him do this sugar. This is our home, he is the one who should be sweating. She thought to herself. She stood up straight and let out a shaky breath. She suddenly felt very angry. She wanted to walk right up to him and slap him, or kick him in the balls, or both. How dare he make me feel this way! It was getting old.

She watched him carefully. He looked happy enough, but she could tell he was slightly uncomfortable. He never liked the spotlight, and frequently went out of his way to avoid it. Despite that, he was still a legend. It pissed her off, hearing students tell stories about The Wolverine. In their eyes he was dangerous, but brave; courageous. They revered him. They had no clue.

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, Rogue again forced herself to breathe. Then, a feeling came over her. That feeling you get when you know someone is staring at you. She turned back to the crowd to find his eyes on her, his gaze hesitant. Coolly, she nodded, awknowledging his presence. He nodded back curtly and just stared, searching. Rogue gave him nothing, or at least she hoped as she stared back. She tried to place the look in his eyes. What was he looking for? What was he expecting?

His eyes were torn away when Carol learned over and laced her fingers in his. He put his arm around her waist. Rogue turned on her foot and walked away.

What she missed, was Carol whispering in Logan's ear.

"That's her, isn't she?."

Logan nodded, staring at the spot she was standing in only a moment ago.

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