Marisol's POV

I walked into my dance room at 8 am. UGH! It's too early in the morning, but it's fun. I set my bag down and put on my pointe-shoes. I stretched for a while and soon started on my seconds.

"5,6,7 and 8," I counted in my head.

I spun 4 times!

"YES!" I thought.

Then I heard a knock on the studio's front door.

"Come in" I hollered.

A guy walked in. He looked around my age, which was 23. He was tall with long curly hair with gorgeous caramel brown eyes.

"Are you Marisol Santiago?" he asked.

"Si, why?" I told the guy.

"I'm Spencer Reid from the BAU." he said.

Spencer looked so familiar, like he had been to 1 of my performances.

"Have I seen you before?" I asked.

"Yes, my co-workers and I saw your solo last year. It was extravagant and radiant." said Spencer.

I blushed hard at his compliments. This is one VERY attractive stranger.

"Thanks." I said as I blushed harder. "Why are you here Spencer?" I asked.

"There is a serial killer who likes to rape and torture Hispanic prima ballerinas." he informed me.

"So you think he'll come after me next." I said bluntly.

"Precisely." he said.