Spencer's Point of View

I walked into the BAU at 7 am my usual time. I came in today with a case Prentiss and JJ told me about. I walked into the briefing room and I saw Morgan trying to play flick football with himself.

"Hey Morgan, did you know that the odds of you winning against yourself are impossible?" I asked.

"Yeah,yeah I know pretty boy." Morgan retorted.

A few minutes later Hotch, Rossi JJ and the others came and started the case. The unsub raped and tortured Dorian Cortez a prima ballerina in Venezuela and Daniella Martinez. They were both the best prima ballerinas in their country. We didn't have enough evidence and I was nervously pacing. We believe that the unsub had a connection to our victims.

"We know that he likes Hispanic girls." Morgan said.

"Who wouldn't?" Rossie replied with a grin.

"He'll probably go after Marisol Santiago, here in Mexico." Hotch said quietly. "Reid, since you are closer to her age you'll tell her."

I got up and Hotch gave me directions to her studio. As soon as I walked in I heard music blaring, Tainted Love instrumental by Marilyn Manson. I soon saw the girl I was looking for. Memories rushed into my head. I remember her, I will always remember. Marisol had long black hair and piercing sea foam green eyes. She was small and lithe. Her dancing was beautiful and entrancing. We talked and then exchanged numbers.