Three to get ready

And four to go

Araceli had known about Erika from the day she had been conceived. Her parents, Araceli's grandchildren (well grandchild and his mate) had bound Erika in the womb to try and keep her from the eyes of her great-grandmother and the city that was hers by birthright. Safe in their conviction that Wyverns court wasn't a threat to the white city and that she had given up on monitoring them they remained unaware that their child had been a point of interest to the white lady, she doubted they even knew how bored their child had grown amongst the open societies and politics of her birthplace.

"Mikael, go retrieve a falcon named Erika, she will not be able to fly so use what ever you need to in order get her here. Do not force her, if she does not come of her own free will let her be."

"As you wish, lady." The merlin had been trained as part of the mercy, and along with his three other trainees had yet to gain a place in any mercy. With this new falcon arriving, he might just have a chance to prove his worth.

In a tower of purple and silver an aplomado's mind stirred for the first time. She borrowed a feather of fate and made it dance, it said she would burn.

It said she would freeze.

It said she would fly.

It said she would fly.

How she wished she had heard it.