Chapter 2:

Travis POV

Awesome! I finally can live somewhere that isn't in the middle of nowhere and watch movies and stuff! Whoo! Also, I can take Katie somewhere apart from the forest (though she loves it...) and have normal food! I guess I should go see if I made it into Belmont Bay. As I make my way on over to the Big House, I run into Katie, my girlfriend, :) and drag her with me to the front door. As we enter, I see a lot of anticipated faces. Over the noise, Mr D shouted,

"If you hear your name, you are accepted into Camp Firefly and have gotten a rare place. If you don't come with Chiron and he will discuss how to help you get in."

Oh gee I hope I get in! I paced up and down the corridor nervously, waiting to see if I got in. Katie was just coming out with a giant smile on her face, which I'm guessing means she made it in!

"Travis Stoll" Chiron called as I stood up and made my way into his office.

"Travis, you haven't had much experience with monsters outside of camp, but you are fabulous when you're in camp. Because of that, I am glad to say you have made it into Camp Firefly!

With that, I ran over and gave him a hug. I couldn't wait to go!

After I came back out, there was a list posted on the door of the people who made it:








It also said there were more to come.

After that, all the people on the list met in the storage room for the weapons.

"Why'd you think I would get picked? Like seriously, I don't even stay here. I just visit from time to time and steal the chocolates from the kitchen' Nico asked.

"Well, I'm not sure, but maybe because you are one of the children of the big three, you have to come learn responsibility?' Annabeth said as she played with Percy's hair.

Everyone then looked at Katie, because she was probably the second smartest. She stared back at them.

"What? Why are you looking at me? I don't really know, and frankly, I couldn't care less about this…" Katie replied, "Ask Mr D or Chiron, hopefully they'll know."

Everyone groaned in protest from where they were laying or sitting on the ground.


"Yeah, tomorrow."

That's how we ended the day, sitting in the storage room and talking with each other.

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