Chapter Six

Katie POV

I groaned and hopped out of the bus, The trip wasn't that long, an hour and a half at most, but I felt sleepy. About ten minutes in, I had snuggled into Travis so I could have a nap. We had finally gotten here, and we were supposed to meet a person called Cyrus Brandon. He was a son of Athena, like Annabeth, and had been appointed by Athena to watch over the area. He wasn't particularly strong, but he was smart like a daughter of Athena should be. He had that geeky look about him, but he had a knife, so he seemed like he could do some damage.

"Hey, are you the demigods that I am supposed to meet?" He asked.

I replied with all the others, saying, "Yeah…"

"Okay, well then I guess I should take you to your apartments. Follow me!" He said before heading back up the road. We all scrambled to grab our suitcases, and then followed him up to the apartments. We found our own one, put our stuff in, then went to bed early. Travis and I shared an apartment and so I slipped into my pyjamas then snuggled up to him.

"Night, sweetheart" I whispered.

"I love you." He replied.

"I love you too."

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