Epilogue-several months later.

Georg opened his eyes. The darkness made it difficult to see much, so he used his hands to find what he was searching for. He quickly found her, her skin soft and smooth as silk. She awoke at his touch.

"Darling? Are you alright?" her voice was husky with sleep, and it stirred something deep within him.

"Fine. I just needed to feel you, to make sure you were really here." his voice was almost a whisper, choked with emotion.

He could hear her smile. "Where else would I be, in the middle of the night?" He felt her hand move to his cheek, her tender caress soothing him. Georg closed his eyes, and kissed her palm. Maria took him in both her arms, and pulled him close, bringing his head to her breast in a sweet embrace.

"What can I do to help, darling?" Maria kissed his forehead, and ran her fingers through his thick hair.

"Mmm, that." His hand began lazily tracing the neckline of her nightgown. "I still can't quite believe that my dream has literally come true."


"Did I never tell you? I started having the oddest, yet most comforting dream, repeatedly, beginning the night you first came here." His hand continued wandering around Maria's body.

"No, never. Tell me now?" Her voice was a sigh, and he knew she enjoyed his touch as much as he did.

"At first I didn't know it was you, you know. But soon enough it became clear. I was lost in darkness, without end. Until then it did start ending, with you. I'd be in your arms, and you'd ask if you could be of any help." He hugged her even more tightly, unwilling to ever let go.

"But the first weeks I was here, you were off in Vienna."

"Apparently you made quite a strong impression on me," he admitted, softly kissing her neck, her shoulder, the roundness of her breast. "You invaded my heart before I knew what was happening."

"And have I been? Any help, I mean," she giggled softly.

"Oh, my love." Georg adjusted the position he was in, propped himself up on one elbow so he could look deep into his wife's eyes. He leaned in and softly kissed her, then pressed more urgently as he felt her lips melt into his. Their tongues danced together, and Georg slid his hand down her body once again, and soon the two became one flesh.