before I do this yes I know someone already did this but I feel I can kick his butt in this thing also the version of me in this is an orange lizard so enjoy another story of mine here

hey this trystrike


Now since this the first chapter I'm going to use my own q and d's so here

Tina: I dare you to battle bobert like godzilla

Darwin: I dare you to admit your feelings for carrie

Tobias: why are you an absolute douche

Gumball run into a concreat wall

(Later afte tina has pounded bobert using the power of the trex)

Bobert: u-u-u-u-uncle



Darwin: listen carrie I have had a crush on you for quite a while

So wait then why did you say"carrie thinks her stiles unique but she is just one more emo freak

Darwin:because I got caught up in the music it ryhmed I meant to say "carrie thinks she's just one more emo freak but she is unique"

Tobias I am NOT a douche bag

Everyone:YES YOU ARE YOU #$/^&*

Gumball :WHAT THE WHAT!?

Do it or jackie the fire dragon will burn you

Gumball:fine I'll do it


Gumball: Okay I did it


*Breathes fire on gumball*

Gumball:what the #$/^&* jackie

Jackie tends to prank people,plus you deserve that for not letting darwin help BJ

there you have it folks my first chapter please someone support me in kicking theomega1399's #$/^*