A/N: Put on your seatbelts for this one.

Eleanor was back at her apartment. She had just left Demetrius with the weapons and was now using her computer to purchase tickets to Mars. She felt the looming threat of the Red Dragons and their heat was too much to handle. Eleanor prepared everything. She felt confident that she was going to be able to herself off the map and go into hiding with Demetrius.

However, she had one last piece of business to take care of: Faye. Eleanor was none the wiser to the true nature of Faye's identity and believed that Faye was an actress by the name of Angela. Eleanor was able to pull up Faye's information by locating the Redtail's console. Eleanor used this to deposit the money into her bank account. However, something began to trouble her: the name on the account was "Faye Valentine." She searched the net for information. She cracked her way into a database. Eleanor discovered that Faye was part of the crew on the Bebop, which was labeled as a bounty hunter ship. She learned about Faye's past, and it shook her to the core. Eleanor gasped. She did not know who she had just dealt with.

Eleanor thought about Demetrius. She realized that she had led "Faye Valentine" to Demetrius's location, and it was that moment in which Eleanor knew she made a huge mistake. With a trembling hand, she reached for the phone on the desk. She dialed a number and put the phone to her ear.

Demetrius was doing push-ups in his room. The lone light bulb hanging from the ceiling dimly lit the dusty room. He embraced the rage he felt from Lee's disrespect. Yet, Demetrius felt in control. He couldn't wait to stump Lee, once he was gone with Eleanor.

Demetrius's push-ups were fast and boiling with energy. Sweat glistened his forehead and dripped down his nose. The phone began to ring. Demetrius looked to the black duffel bag on his bed, where he had left the phone. Demetrius wiped his sweat with his sleeve. He stood up and went toward the bag. He grabbed the phone and answered it. He didn't say anything and waited to make sure it was Eleanor who was calling him.

"Demetrius?" said Eleanor.

"What is it?" said Demetrius.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Oh, God…"

"Eleanor, what's going on?"

"I've made a huge mistake."


"I… I… I think I may have led a bounty hunter to your location."

"What?! Eleanor?!"

Eleanor began tearing up and the desperation in her voice was apparent. "Demetrius, please! I am so sorry! Don't be angry!" she said.

"You better explain!"

"There was this woman, she tricked me! She was there today to distract Lee! I thought she was someone else, but she was a bounty hunter the whole time!"

"You've ruined us, Eleanor!" Demetrius growled like a wild animal, and in pure rage, he tore the bedroom apart. He turned over all the furniture, broke the mirror, and threw his clothes all over the floor. He began to steady to his breath.

Eleanor began screaming over the phone, so Demetrius could hear it from far away. "Demetrius! Demetrius! Stop! Please!"

Demetrius took a deep breath. He picked up the phone. "Eleanor…"


"What does she know?"

"I did not tell her a single thing about you. She knows about me, but she knows nothing about you."

"She's a bounty hunter, Eleanor. You know she got involved with you to get to me!"

"I know that! Demetrius… You gotta get out of there."

"Where do I go?

"Get the bag and start walking up the street. I'm coming for you right now, okay?"

"Hurry up, then." Demetrius began gathering his items into his backpack. He did it as quickly as he could.

At this moment, Spike had arrived. Spike had a bandana around his face and a cap on his head. He straightened his brown coat and broke off the lock of the back door with a crowbar. He entered inside the apartment building. Everything was dusty and dilapidated. He looked around and found the staircase. He looked up the staircase and saw the winding steps that led to the top. Spike made his way up and scanned every floor. He could see light coming from the top floor and he knew that was his end goal.

As Demetrius packed his clothes, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Spike tried his hardest to be silent, but the old wooden stairs groaned with each step. Demetrius breathed unevenly. He knew his time was up.

Demetrius went to the duffel bag. He put the phone in his pocket and folded his documents into his jacket pouch. Then Demetrius moved on to the weapons. He attached the smoke grenades to his belt. He holstered the handgun to his right rib, leaving his jacket unzipped. The tranquilizers and ammunition went into the pouches of his pants. At last, Demetrius picked up the grenade launcher. It was already loaded; all he had to do was switch off the safety.

Demetrius put on his ski mask. He looked at himself in the pieces of shattered mirror on the floor. His image was scattered, and his reflection was in each piece of the fragments. Demetrius went out into the hallway. He got on one knee and aimed the grenade launcher at the staircase.

Spike was nearing the top. The expression on his face was that of determination. If Demetrius was at the top and he caught him, he could pay Jet and Faye back for everything. He knew he had to do this.

Spike put his back against the wall. The hallway of the top floor was behind him. Spike slowly peeked his head around the corner. He saw a shadowy figure that was barely visible due to the light from the room. Spike jumped out from behind the wall and aimed his gun.

"Hold it!" said Spike. As he finished the sentence, he immediately noticed the grenade launcher. Spike's eyes opened wide, his body activated, and he jumped into the room to his right.

Demetrius shot a grenade in Spike's direction. The blast obliterated the area, and the floor above the staircase collapsed. Wood and brick went down like a landslide. Demetrius ran toward the entrance of the room Spike was in. Spike was on the floor, and he took another look at Demetrius. Spike moved quickly and leaped over a dresser. Demetrius shot a grenade into the floor of the room. The room looked like it was sinking. There was a hole in the floor, and debris flowed through it. Smoke caked the room. Demetrius couldn't see a thing, so he decided to make a run for it. He slid down the debris to the staircase. He began running down the steps.

Spike dusted himself off. The dresser had protected him from the blast. Spike could hear Demetrius running away. Spike leaped over the dresser. He shimmied down the hole the grenade had created. Spike touched down into the room on the floor below. Debris was still falling into it. Flames torched the splintered wood. Spike ran out into the hallway, toward the staircase. He ran into Demetrius. Spike shoved Demetrius into the wall, and Demetrius shoved Spike back.

Spike staggered down the steps. Demetrius lunged at him, extending his hands far out. Spike caught him, contorted, and they both fell down the stairs on their sides. They both felt the pain, yet powered through it. Spike kicked Demetrius in the stomach while they were both still down. Spike stood up, and Demetrius did with him. Spike put Demetrius in a chokehold and removed his ski mask. They both were struggling like wild animals, forgetting any kind of training they had.

"That hair! It's you, bounty hunter!" said Demetrius.

"Time to finish this!" said Spike.

"I'll finish you!" Demetrius roared and threw himself back into the wall with Spike on his back. Spike took the impact and it stunned him. Spike let go of Demetrius. Demetrius got away from Spike and ran down the stairs. Demetrius activated a smoke grenade and threw it up at Spike. The blast went off and the staircase was engulfed in smoke.

Demetrius kept running down the stairs and created distance between himself and Spike. Spike leaped out of the smoke and jumped over the railing. Spike dropped two flights and landed on top of Demetrius. Demetrius fell down but was able to absorb the impact. Demetrius shoved Spike and grabbed his handgun. He pointed it in Spike's face. Spike gripped Demetrius by the wrist. He tried forcing the gun away from his face.

Demetrius shot the gun three times. It hit the wall on Spike's right. Since there was a silencer on the gun, the blast didn't deafen Spike's ears. Spike was up higher up the steps. He used his angle to force Demetrius down the steps. They impacted on the railing below. Demetrius lost his grip of the gun, and it flew down the stairs. It landed on the tile of the first floor.

Demetrius headbutted Spike. It was enough for Demetrius to escape. He descended down the final steps. Spike went after him and readied his gun. Spike aimed and shot multiple times. The shots missed, and Demetrius kept running toward the entrance. He reached the glass double doors of the entrance. The entrance was shut from the inside. Lee had locked it so no one could come in or out.

Spike was quickly approaching Demetrius. In a desperate attempt, Demetrius used the grenade launcher to try and blow the entrance open. It failed, as the blast destroyed the ceiling and walls. The entrance collapsed, and a pile of brick and wood blocked the entrance.

The blast had thrown Demetrius and Spike. They lied on the floor in pain. With his ears still ringing, Demetrius aimed the grenade launcher at Spike once again. Spike put his feet on the ground and leaped out of the way. Demetrius shot the grenade launcher. The grenade went far. It hit the support of the staircase. The blast destroyed the brick, cement, and wood support. The ascending part of the staircase collapsed. More of the staircase kept on falling, it was like a domino effect. Flames were trickling down the staircase.

Demetrius staggered as he tried to stand up. The grenade launcher was empty. He dropped it to the floor. He looked around for Spike, but his vision was blurred. Spike sneakily swooped in with a kick to Demetrius's face. Demetrius staggered back. He growled and countered with a tackle. Spike was flattened to the ground with Demetrius on top of him. Demetrius began punching Spike in the face. He got a few shots in before Spike could protect his face with his arms.

Demetrius reached for the tranquilizers in his pouch. He tried unbuttoning the flap, but Spike grabbed his hand and began squeezing it. Their other hands grasped each other. Demetrius leaned his face into Spike's face.

"You think you can take me down, cowboy?" said Demetrius.

Spike grunted and struggled underneath Demetrius' weight. He smirked. "Yeah, not by myself, though." he said.

Jet pressed the barrel of his handgun against Demetrius's head. "Alright, hands in the air." he said.

Demetrius was dumbfounded. He let go of Spike and put both hands in the air. Demetrius prepared to disarm Jet, but stopped once he noticed Faye aiming her handgun at him from the opposite direction. His mind was rattled.

Spike got up from the floor and dusted himself off.

"Next time you want to pull something like this, let us know." said Jet.

"Yeah, you're lucky we even saw when you sent your location. Try not to be so vague next time." said Faye.

Spike stretched and groaned. "It worked, didn't it?" he said. "Looks like we finally got you, Demetrius."

Demetrius kept his lips sealed. His hands were in the air as Jet continued to point his weapon. Jet handcuffed Demetrius.

"I really can't believe this. After everything I've had to deal with. I'm caught by some bounty hunters." said Demetrius.

"Big mistake underestimating us." said Spike.

"I was too busy worrying about Lee. You guys were small in the grand scheme of things. You still are."

This statement raised the ears of Spike, Jet, and Faye.

"What are you talking about?" said Spike.

"Those men who were here?" said Faye.

Demetrius looked at Faye. His eyes gleamed. "Oh, it was you, huh? You're that woman Eleanor trusted. You were here. You saw those men? Your guys' trouble is just starting. Once they hear about this, they're gonna be your problem too."

"Who are they, Demetrius?" said Jet.

"You'll find out soon enough." said Demetrius.

Spike grabbed Demetrius by his shirt and approached him. "No games, Demetrius. Tell us what's going on."

Eleanor stepped into the picture. She aimed her handgun at Spike. The Bebop crew all turned to look at her.

"Let go of him!" said Eleanor. She motioned her handgun to emphasize that she was aiming at Spike.

Faye aimed at Eleanor. Jet aimed at Demetrius.

"Hold it, Veidt! You're outnumbered!" said Jet.

"I don't care! I will take all of you down with me!" said Eleanor.

Spike let go of Demetrius. He put his hands in the air. Demetrius started moving away from them.

"Uh uh. You're not going anywhere, Demetrius!" said Jet.

Faye approached Eleanor while aiming. Eleanor began tearing up as Faye approached. "You! You! I don't know who you are! You tricked me!"

"I'm sorry Eleanor, it's just business." said Faye.

"Shut up! Demetrius can't go to prison! I need him!" said Eleanor.

Spike made fists with his hands. "Just tell us what's going on!" he said.

"You've ruined us." she said.

All of them remained in their standoff. Flames began linking together in the staircase. The fire became larger. The heat became noticeable.

Outside of the building, police cars gathered around the front. Donna, Bob, and Sgt. Durant stood outside. Donna looked around. She could smell smoke in the air. The windows began shimmering from the flames.

"Oh, God!" said Donna. She began motioning to all the other officers to stand back. "Clear the way! Clear the way! The fire department is coming!"

The flames began approaching Faye. Faye had to back off, yet she kept her aim on Eleanor.

Jet looked to the window. "The police are outside. What's it going to be, Veidt?" he said.

Eleanor was breathing uneasily. She tightened her grip on the gun. She kept it aimed at Spike. "I- I don't know." she said.

Demetrius remained stone-faced. He looked deep into Eleanor's worried eyes. He took a deep breath. "Let's give it up, Eleanor. They bested us. We're better off in police hands than in Lee's." said Demetrius.

Tears began rolling down Eleanor's face. She dropped her arms to her sides. Her gun fell to the floor. "Okay." she said.

Faye looked to the flames. She turned back to everyone. "Let's go!" she said.

"Spike, you gotta get out of here." said Jet.

"Way ahead of you." said Spike. He walked by Demetrius. They looked at each other for one intense moment.

"You'll see what I'm talking about, cowboy." said Demetrius.

Spike didn't say anything. He kept walking and went out through the door. He continued walking away and jumped over the fence. He jogged away from the scene toward his Swordfish.

Back inside, Jet led Demetrius toward the opposite exit. Faye kept her weapon pointed at Eleanor and they began walking alongside Jet and Demetrius. Eleanor approached Demetrius. She put her hands around his face and planted a kiss on his lips. They kissed for a moment. Faye and Jet stood back, lightly stunned.

"I'm sorry, Demetrius." said Eleanor.

"You're fine. You're the only person who ever tried to do right by me. Thanks for that." said Demetrius.

Jet and Faye led Demetrius and Eleanor outside. Donna looked upon them. She couldn't see clearly at first, but then she realized who they were. Her jaw dropped. Bob saw them as well.

"Holy shit, that's Bardon." said Bob.

Donna readied her weapon and approached them. Sgt. Durant followed her while Bob stayed back.

"That crazy crew did it again." said Bob.

Demetrius was put in the back seat of an ISSP cruiser. Two officers stood by the car and watched him.

At the Basque Industries building, inside of Marius Basque's office, Leandro sat at the desk. A Red Dragon had a gun pointed at Leandro's head. The Red Dragons learned of what happened to Demetrius and Eleanor. They suspected Leandro, so they were holding him inside of the office. Shiro and Andre stood in front of the double doors.

"Okay, Leandro. We're leaving now. We have important business to attend to." said Shiro.

"Hey! Tell me what's going on!" said Leandro.

The Red Dragon pressed the gun against Leandro's head even harder.

"That's what I want to know too." said Shiro. Shiro and Andre exited out of the office.

Donna and Sgt. Durant were in front of Eleanor as they stood in front of another ISSP cruiser. Jet stood by with his arms crossed. Donna had her notebook and a pen.

"Okay, Ms. Veidt, you've got a lot of explaining to do." said Donna.

Eleanor stoically stood opposite the officers. The wind was blowing her hair. "I was only trying to get away. You should have let us get away." she said.

"Why's that?"

"Because. The men that killed Marius Basque and took over his company are going to tear apart Ganymede so we won't talk."

"Demetrius killed Basque."

"I'm talking about the men who are behind it. The men who control Basque Industries now."

"Who are these men, Eleanor? Please. No more mystery. We have to know. We will do everything we can to protect you. You just need to tell us."

Eleanor stayed silent for a moment. She looked at Demetrius sitting in the backseat of the cruiser. He looked tired and angry. She looked to the firefighters who were dousing the fires from the building. The flames glowed an orange light into her eyes.

"Red Dragon." said Eleanor.

Jet's eyes widened. "Who did you say?!" said Jet.

"They're from the crime syndicate on Mars. They've taken over the entire business. Their whole organization is using Basque weaponry now. They were going to kill me and Demetrius. We had no other options."

Jet appeared shell shocked. He put his hand on his head. Donna looked at him curiously. Sgt. Durant did the same.

"Jet, what's wrong?" said Donna.

Jet didn't say anything for a moment. He looked at Eleanor. Then he looked at Donna. "Donna, I need you to come with me." he said.

"What? Jet, this is kind of a big deal here." said Donna.

"Let Durant handle it. Please. I'm begging you."

Donna looked to Eleanor and Sgt. Durant. She looked to Jet and could see that he was deeply concerned. "Durant, please take Veidt down to the station. Continue the investigation. I'll be there soon." she said.

Durant nodded his head. He guided Eleanor into the backseat of the cruiser and closed the door. "Make it quick, Shapiro. You wanted this case." he said.

Donna and Jet walked toward her ISSP cruiser. She held Jet by his arm.

"Jet, what's wrong?" said Donna.

"Veidt. She said the Red Dragons are behind all of this." said Jet.

"Why does that matter to you?"

Jet looked around. He saw all the ISSP officers moving about the scene. He got nervous and put his hands on Donna's shoulders. "Donna, can we talk about this at your place?"

Donna looked at Jet with her mouth slightly open. "Jet. Tell me what's wrong."

"I can't do that here. This is serious."

Donna exhaled. She nodded her head. "Okay, let's go." Jet and Donna got inside the police cruiser and drove away from the scene.

Spike sat on a bench near the docks. Jupiter moved with strength in the night sky. Its reflection shimmered in the water. Spike took a drag from his cigarette and exhaled the smoke slowly.

Faye approached Spike. She stood by him while he was on the bench. Spike looked at her at smiled. She smiled back.

"Nice job back there." said Faye.

"Thanks. There wasn't too much damage, was there?" said Spike.

"Less than usual. The building is still standing at least."

"Heh. I'm not standing, that's for sure."

"Then I'll sit with you."

Faye took a seat next to Spike. She held Spike's hand. Spike rested his head on her shoulder. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Are we in danger, again?" said Faye.

"I think so." said Spike.

"Yeah. It doesn't feel like it though."

"We'll take care of it. Just not right this second."

"What's the plan then?"

"Have you changed your mind about leaving with me?"

"No. I'll go anywhere with you, Spike."

The two of them watched Jupiter. They didn't say anything to each other. All their trouble seemed to melt away into the sea.

Demetrius was processed through the station and put into the jail cell. The other men inside of the cell sneered at him as he entered inside. He sat on the bench and stared down all of them. They stopped smiling and took him seriously.

An ISSP officer watched Demetrius closely from outside the cell. This officer crossed his arms and walked toward the exit door. He went into an area with the investigation rooms. He stood by the room where Durant was interrogating Eleanor Veidt. They couldn't see him through the mirror.

"This guy came out of nowhere, really." said Eleanor.

"What's his name?" said Durant.


"Lee, what?"

"I don't know. That's all he goes by."

"How many in his operation?"

"I don't even know. He has a few men here in Ganymede. He probably has an army back on Mars."

"Red Dragon. I knew they were still around, I didn't think I'd ever have to deal with them, though. I thought Blue Snake was behind all of this."

"No. Basque worked with Blue Snake. Lee made it look like they were the ones who used Demetrius to kill Basque. That's what started all that mayhem on Mars. Lee wanted Basque Industries to himself."

"Okay, so Lee's the one in charge. Anyone one else we should be aware of?"

"This one young guy. His name is Shiro. He's Lee's right-hand man. He handles technical aspects."

The officer listened closely to Eleanor. The officer went to the offices and began typing at a computer. The officer sent a message to Shiro.

Andre was driving a black car with Shiro in the passenger seat. Shiro received the message from the officer in the station. He looked at it.

"Our inside man got back to me. Veidt is revealing everything to the police. Demetrius is in a cell with other criminals. Idiots." said Shiro.

"Oh God, this is such a shit-show." said Andre.

"And Lee still isn't answering his phone. I wish he wouldn't have gone off by himself. This is ridiculous."

"Tell me again, why are we going to these docks?"

"I told you. Those bounty hunters are staying out there. We're going to find them and catch them, don't you worry."

"I don't know about this. I don't think Lee is going to like that we're doing business without him knowing."

"Forget about Lee right now! Believe me, he's going to be happy once find these people. Those cameras I set up were good for something." Shiro pulled out photos from a folder. One photo was from the video cameras he had placed at Demetrius's building. It showed Spike walking out of the building. The other photo was a mugshot of Spike. The rest of the documents were information on the Bebop ship. Shiro was able to pinpoint the Bebop's location through the bounty hunter database.

"Who is this guy?" said Andre.

"Spike Spiegel. He was in the old syndicate. He left, then came back to kill that man they called Vicious. We don't really know why he did it."

"Wait, you're saying the guy that attacked the tower by himself was this guy?"

"Yeah. We kept an eye on him on Mars and then he disappeared. We think he killed Vicious for personal reasons. He wasn't a threat to us anymore, so Lee didn't care to look for him after that. We should have. I knew we should have."

"Hey, look. I don't know if we should be messing with this guy. He took down Demetrius and the old syndicate?"

"He doesn't know we're coming, okay? His partners are off with the police. We outnumber him."

"I hope you're right."

Jet and Donna sat in her cruiser outside of her home. Donna slapped Jet upside the head. Jet had finished explaining Spike's situation to Donna.

"Why didn't you tell me you were harboring a fugitive?!" said Donna.

Jet rubbed his head and grunted. "He's my partner! What was I supposed to do?!" said Jet.

"You should have stayed out of it, Jet! You put yourself at risk for some no-good gangster!"

"Spike's past is behind him!"

"Apparently not! The Red Dragons are right here in Ganymede! This whole place is sitting on a powder keg!"

"Spike had nothing to do with that! This all one big coincidence!"

"So, your partner has no idea they're here?!"

Jet looked at the dashboard of the car. His eyes widened. "Oh my God! I have to tell him! Quick, we have to get back to my ship!" he said.

"Fine! Hold on! Since we're here anyway, I need to go inside and pick up my documents on the Basque case!" said Donna. Donna exited out of the car and went inside her home.

Jet took a deep breath and watched her as she went inside. Once Donna was inside she left the front door open and flipped a light switch. She looked through her documents on the table.

Shiro looked at his phone once more. He knew Eleanor's interrogation would lead the police to Basque Industries. He made a decision.

"Alright, I'm calling it." said Shiro.

"What?" said Andre.

"Leandro Russ. The police are going to be there soon. We have to get rid of him. Get rid of everything."

At the Basque Industries office, the Red Dragon member looked at his phone. He placed the gun to the side of Leandro's head and shot him point-blank. He placed the gun in Leandro's hand to make it appear as a suicide. The two Red Dragons then grabbed the gasoline cans in the corner of the office. They doused the office in gasoline.

One of the Red Dragons lit a match and threw it on the gasoline-drenched desk. The office quickly caught on fire. The two Red Dragons ran out of the office and into the stairwell.

While Donna read a document, her front door closed. She didn't notice. Behind the door was Lee. He locked the door and pointed his handgun at Donna. He cleared his throat. Donna turned around and gasped.

"Hello, officer Shapiro. I don't know if you know who I am, but we need to talk." said Lee.

Donna had her hands in the air.

"I know you were the one working so hard to crack the Basque case. I know you have two suspects in custody. I need to see them. You are going to get me into that station, do you understand?"

Jet noticed the door had closed. He raised his eyebrow. He noticed two shadows hitting the window. He sprang into action and walked out of the car. He equipped his handgun and put his ear to the door. He could hear Lee talking.

Inside, Donna was shaking. "Look, I don't care who you are, I am not taking you to see them." she said.

"Oh come, now. Think about your life. Think about you child's life. I know where your sister lives. I know they are there now." said Lee.

In one motion, Jet kicked the door open. The door swung and hit Lee. It knocked him down. Donna jumped on top of Lee and reached for his gun. Jet stepped inside and aimed.

"Hold it!" said Jet.

Donna and Lee struggled. Jet tried to steady his aim so he wouldn't shoot Donna. Donna was on Lee's back. Lee threw Donna at Jet. Jet caught her and dropped his gun. Lee took this opportunity to run away. Jet grabbed his gun off the floor and ran after him. Jet shouted. Jet aimed and shot twice. Donna stood up. She looked outside to see Jet trying to shoot Lee.

"Shit!" said Donna. Donna went for the documents on the table. She ran outside and went to her car. "C'mon, Jet! We gotta go after him!"

Jet got in the passenger seat. Donna started the car and they drove off.

Lee reached his car. He started it and immediately drove off. He pulled out his phone and made a call.

"It's me! Okay, listen. I do not care who sees you, you have to kill Bardon and Veidt! Do you understand me? A van will be waiting for you outside the station!"

Inside of the station, the Red Dragon officer who was scoping out the scene hung up his phone. He understood Lee's instructions. He wiped his sweat. He could see Demetrius sitting inside of the cell.

At the docks, Shiro and Andre arrived. Shiro looked at his phone. "Leandro's taken care of. Come on, let's go take care of Spiegel." he said.

They left the car and began searching around the docks. Jupiter was enormous and the ocean was noisy.

With the sirens on, Donna drove her cruiser with Jet in the passenger side. She was driving fast, looking for Lee's car. She motioned to Jet to give her the phone. She got her phone and made a call.

"Sarge! It's me! Listen, I was just inside of my home and I was attacked! There was a man who wanted to see Veidt and Bardon! I need you to get them the hell out of there! They are in danger! The whole station is in danger!"

Inside of the ISSP station, Sgt. Durant was sitting in his office and was on the phone with Donna. He was listening to her as she shouted over the phone.

"Donna, hold on! Tell me everything that happened!" he said.

On the other side of the station, officers were moving Demetrius out of the cell. The other cellmates were being too rowdy because of Demetrius's presence. The officers decided to move him to another location. Two officers stood on both sides of Demetrius who had his wrists in handcuffs.

The Red Dragon officer saw this and equipped his handgun. He concealed it and approached them. As Demetrius and the other officers walked through the station, the Red Dragon officer aimed his weapon and shot Demetrius twice. He then shot the other officers, dropped the gun, and began running toward the entrance of the station.

Sgt. Durant heard this from his office. He could see Demetrius bleeding out on the floor. "Officers! Officers! Stop the gunman!" he said. Durant ran out his office into the main lobby. He shouted, "Get Veidt out of here!".

Bob could hear and see the commotion from the interrogation area. He and another officer got Eleanor out of her seat.

"You need to come with us." said Bob.

"What's going on?" said Eleanor.

The officers took Eleanor out of the room. They took her out through a back exit which led into a garage with ISSP cruisers. They put her in the back of one and got in the front.

At Basque Industries, the fire engulfed the entire office and began spreading on the top floor. The fire alarms and sprinkler system activated. All of the employees exited out of the building in a panic.

The two Red Dragon members who started the fire were nearing the bottom of the staircase. People began running into the staircase to exit out of the building. The Red Dragons busted open through the exit door. They ran down the alley toward their car. Once they reached their car, a group of ISSP officers who were around the corner of the building aimed their weapons.

"Freeze!" said one of the officers.

"Shit!" said one of the Red Dragons.

Outside of the station, the Red Dragon officer was running down the cement steps. He could see a black van drive up. He went toward it and jumped inside. Officers ran out of the station and began shooting their handguns at the vehicle. The van drove off but was immediately met by two ISSP cruisers that blocked off the street. The officers came out of the vehicles with shotguns and began shooting the van. The van reversed down the street. There was an ISSP cruiser on the other end of the street. The van was trapped.

The Red Dragons came out of the van. One began shooting the lone police cruiser with an automatic rifle.

The officers from inside the station ran out with shotguns and assault rifles. They began shooting at the Red Dragons. There were five of them. The gunfire traded off and the sounds rang loudly in the streets.

The officers closed in on the Red Dragons. One by one, each Red Dragon was shot to death in the street.

Durant looked in horror. He looked back inside and could see Demetrius lying dead on the floor.

Shiro and Andre reached the Bebop. They got on the deck and approached the hangar door. Shiro took out a device and aimed it at the door. The door opened and exposed the inside of the hangar. It was empty.

"Shit! He's not here." said Shiro.

"How do you know?" said Andre.

"His ship isn't here. He has a red ship."

Shiro clicked the device and the hangar door dropped down and closed. Shiro looked out to the docks. He overlooked the sea. He could see dozens of boats parked at the docks. Seagulls made calls. He then spotted the Swordfish. He could see it on the other side of the docks. He exhaled from his nose.

His phone rang. He reached inside his jacket and took it out. He answered.

"Sir?" said Shiro.

"Shiro, where are you?" said Lee.

"I'm at the docks."


"I told you! Spiegel! Spike Spiegel is here right now at the docks! Under our noses the whole time!"

"What?! He is not important right now!"

"He caught Demetrius! Our operation's failure is all his fault!"

"Demetrius is dead! I took care of it!"


"But Eleanor Veidt is still alive! We need a plan! I need you and Andre back at headquarters right this second!"

"Sir! He is right here! We need to get him once and for all!"

"Shiro! Shiro!"

Shiro hung up the call. He turned off his phone and motioned to Andre. They got off the Bebop's deck and on to the docks toward their car. They drove the car toward Spike's location.

The station was riddled with ISSP officers and ambulance as they cleaned up the remnants of the gunfight. Donna and Jet arrived. They got out of the car and their faces were stunned.

Bob approached them. "Guys, you can't get in here!" he said.

Donna put her hands to her head. "Oh my God! Bob, what happened?!" she said.

"Demetrius is dead. A Red Dragon member infiltrated the station and killed him. We got Eleanor Veidt far away from here. But then more Red Dragons showed up and there was a shootout between them and us."

"What?!" said Jet.

"That's not all. Back at Basque Industries, Leandro Russ was killed. Basque's office was set on fire."

Donna put her hands on her knees. She was in shock. Jet put his hand on her back.

"Donna, we can't do anything here. I'm sorry." said Jet.

"These bastards are really trying to get away with it, huh?" said Donna.

"Donna. We need to leave. Please. My partner could be in danger."

Donna nodded her head. "Bob, tell Sarge I'll be back." she said. She slowly got back inside the car with Jet. They drove off. Bob took off his cap and wiped his sweat.

Spike and Faye hardly moved in the time they sat together. It was a long moment of peace they had. They were looking forward to the future, even if they still had obstacles ahead.

Shiro and Andre arrived. They parked their car adjacent the Swordfish. Shiro looked inside of it to find nothing. Andre looked through Faye's Redtail. Shiro scanned the area. His eyes then landed on Spike and Faye who were sitting on the bench. They moved quietly toward them.

Andre stood a few feet back and aimed his weapon. Shiro aimed his handgun directly at Spike's head. Shiro cleared his throat.

Faye's eyes opened. She turned around to see the two men aiming at them.

"Get up. Hands where I can see them." said Shiro.

Faye raised her hands and stood up while facing them. Spike put his hands in the air and slowly stood up, yet did not face them.

"You two. You were the ones in the building." said Faye.

"Yeah. I knew you weren't really there looking for a place to rent." said Shiro.

"What do you guys want?" said Spike.

"Spike Spiegel. We've come to collect you. I don't want to kill you. I'll let my boss decide what to do."

"Yeah? And who's your boss?"

"Lee. You'll meet him soon."

"He's the guy took over Basque Industries?"

"Yes. More importantly, he's also the one who took over the Red Dragon syndicate."

Spike winced. Faye gasped. Shiro and Andre did not move a muscle.

"You've been a thorn in our side," said Shiro. "I knew we should have taken you out the first time you attacked the syndicate. I am not making the mistake of letting you go again."

"Wait! This is all a big coincidence!" said Faye.

"Shut it!" said Shiro. "Now let's go."

Faye and Spike looked into each other's eyes. Spike turned around with hands still in the air. He went around the bench to face Shiro directly. Shiro smirked as he looked at Spike. Spike smirked back. Spike kicked Shiro in the face. As Andre tried to react, Spike kicked his gun out of his hands. Spike lunged at Shiro to try to grab his gun. Andre grappled Spike. Spike tried kicking out of the squeeze. Shiro grinned and pointed his gun at Spike's face.

"You thought that would work, huh?!" said Shiro.

Gunshots rang out. Faye had used the gun from the ground to shoot Andre twice in the back. Andre fell to the floor. A startled Shiro put Spike in a chokehold, used his body to shield himself, and pointed the gun to his head. Shiro looked as Faye aimed the gun at them.

"Let go of him!" said Faye.

"Is he really worth all of this?!" said Shiro.

"I said let go!"

Shiro aimed his gun at Faye and shot her. Faye dropped the gun and fell to the ground.

"No!" said Spike. His yell echoed out through the docks.

Shiro immediately put the gun back to Spike's head. "Don't move," he said, "my scanner says the police are already on their way. She's gonna be fine. But if you try anything, you'll both be dead for sure."

Shiro dragged Spike to the car. Shiro took out handcuffs and put them on Spike. He opened the trunk and Spike got inside. Shiro closed the trunk. Shiro got inside the front and sped away from the docks.

Faye crawled along the floor. She was bleeding from her stomach. "Spike…" she said in a hushed breath. Her eyes began closing, and she could not keep them open. In a blurry haze, she could see an ISSP cruiser approach her.

Jet and Donna got outside of the vehicle. Jet ran to Faye.

"Faye! Faye!" said Jet. He knelt to the ground and picked up Faye. He held her in his arms. She bled on him.

"Red Dragons took Spike…" said Faye. She could barely speak.

"Faye!" Jet turned to Donna. "Donna! Please! We have to get her out of here!"

"Officers are on the way, Jet!" said Donna.

"No! I can't let them take her or know about Spike! Please!"

Donna sealed her lips. She looked at Faye who seemed like she was fading away. She nodded her head. Donna opened the back door of the cruiser.

Jet carried Faye in his arms. He took her to the cruiser and put her in the back. He sat in the back, and Faye's head rested in his lap. Donna got in the front and drove off.

Lee sat inside of a room with no light. The only thing on was the buzzing television set. The news was playing on the television. It showed the aftermath of the Red Dragon shootout at the Ganymede police station. The network showed an image of Demetrius Bardon. Lee watched the television with no reaction.

Shiro quietly stepped into the room. Lee didn't look at him.

"Where's Andre?" said Lee.

"He was killed, unfortunately." said Shiro.

"This is fantastic. All of our members on Ganymede are either dead or arrested."

"Sir, we need leave."

Lee stood up from the chair. He faced Shiro. "And yet, you wasted time and resources for your little excursion. Although Leandro Russ is dead, our men are in police custody. You allowed one of our top enforcers to be killed."

"I'm doing what's best for the syndicate."

"No, Eleanor Veidt's death is what's best for the syndicate."

"You shouldn't have left on your own, then."

Lee put his arm against Shiro's throat and pinned him against the wall. "You are over the line, Shiro."

"We'll start working on Veidt. She's gone, but we'll get her. However, Spiegel is important too."

Lee sighed. "You have him, then?"


Shiro and Lee went down to the garage. The car was moving as Spike struggled inside of the trunk. Lee stood by the trunk and watched it. Shiro used the remote to open it. The trunk let light inside which blinded Spike. Lee grabbed Spike from both collars and pulled him out. Lee stood Spike up against the back of the car. Spike grimaced. Lee came into a clear view before his eyes.

"Spike Spiegel." said Lee.

Spike breathed unevenly. "Yeah, you're the new guy in charge?" he said.

"Hmm. I've been in charge for quite some time. Ever since you killed Vicious. Every Red Dragon felt like you were a threat. I felt like I should have been thanking you. Because of you, I had the opportunity to take things over and contort it to my view."

"So, it's your fault that Faye was shot, huh?!"

"Oh, no. It seems as though my men jumped the gun. One of them is dead now, so consider us even. I never intended to catch you. Yet, you're still here. Right now, Eleanor Veidt is revealing everything to the police and now I really I have no idea what is going to happen to the Red Dragons."

"It's all his fault, sir!" said Shiro.

Lee raised his hand in the air to conduct Shiro's composure. "I suppose it is your crew's fault that Demetrius and Eleanor were arrested, Spiegel. But you had no idea we were here, did you?"

Spike exhaled through his nose.

Lee smirked. "You didn't. You wanted to steer clear of us and now here you are."

"Look, I want nothing to do with the Red Dragons. All I wanted was that bounty."

"Life is very unfair sometimes. Even with your efforts, Demetrius is dead. So, I've been thinking about what do with you. Shiro went through the trouble to bring you here, and now I think I've found to a way to solve my problems."

"What are you thinking, sir?" said Shiro.

"Spiegel, you're coming with us to Mars. You are a Red Dragon once again. In fact, you are in charge of the syndicate now. You have been for some time."

"What?!" said Spike.

"That's right, I was just following your orders the entire time. The police will be looking for me, no doubt. But I can give them the real leader. The man who attacked the tower and assassinated the old syndicate leader. You wanted to lead the Red Dragon, that was your motive. You wanted to be in charge. That's why."

"We're going to frame him, sir?" said Shiro.

"Yes, Shiro. And he'll go through with it unless he wants to be killed or his partners to be killed."

Spike winced.

"We'll figure out some way to mend this with Eleanor Veidt."

"You think anyone's gonna buy this story?!" said Spike.

"They will. You're going to make sure they do too. This is how you make things right."

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