So, GeorgeAndrews asked very nicely for a story that just had Joshua in and not Lucy and after much thought I've come up with this series, I'm going to try and write a small oneshot about Joshua on every holiday and as Halloween is only ten days away I thought I'd post the first one up now - enjoy :)

Six year old Joshua ran along the pavement in front of Danny with his small pumpkin shaped basket in one hand and a foam sword in the other. He stopped at the next lamppost and turned to face his Father. "Come on, Daddy, we don't want all the sweets to be gone!"

"I'm sure they'll be some left, Josh" Danny laughed.

"I know but we got to get extra for Lucy, don't we?"

"Yeah we do" Danny smiled as he caught up with Joshua. Lucy, who'd been so excited about coming trick or treating had become ill with a stomach bug a few hours before the family were due to leave, so Lindsay had offered to stay at home with her while Danny took Joshua trick or treating on the promise that they'd get some sweets for Lucy for when she felt better.

"Can we knock on this door?" Joshua asked pointing up to a big blue house with a white picket fence. Two smiling pumpkins sat on the porch at the front of the house and a 'happy Halloween' sign hung in the window.

Danny nodded after seeing all the Halloween decorations, he'd explained to Joshua before they left that they weren't going to knock on any house that didn't have any decorations as the chances were if they didn't have any it meant they didn't like Halloween.

Joshua placed his sword in his belt and took hold of Danny's hand as they walked up the path. "Will you knock the door?"

"I thought you said you were going to be a big brave pirate and ring the door bells this year?"

Joshua shrugged "I don't feel very brave now, Daddy"

"Okay, well how about I do this one and then you do the next?" Danny suggested.

Joshua nodded enthusiastically "That sounds like a good idea"

They reached the front door and Danny pressed the door bell. They stood and waited with Joshua bouncing on the balls of his feet causing his pirate hat to slip forward on his head. A few seconds later a teenage girl answered the door.

"Trick of treat!" Joshua grinned as he pushed his hat back on to his head.

"Oooh, you're a pirate" The girl smiled as she grabbed a bowl full of sweets from the table by the front door.

"I'm a scary pirate!" Joshua grinned "Arrrrr!"

"A very scary pirate!" the girl giggled "You better take some of this loot"

"Loot?" Joshua frowned looking up at Danny.

Danny smiled "It's what some pirates call their treasure"

"Oh" Joshua grinned as he took a sweet from the pot "Can I take another one for my sister? She's sick and couldn't come"

"Of course you can" the girl smiled.

Joshua took another sweet and placed them both into his pumpkin pot "Thank you very much"

"You're very welcome" The girl replied as she placed the sweet pot back on the side "Have a fun evening"

"You too" Danny said as he took Joshua's hand and led him back down the path. "Which house shall we go to now?"

Joshua waited till they got to the end of the path and looked up and down the street "Erm... that one" he said pointing to the house opposite "It's got a pumpkin on the porch, Daddy, so it's okay, isn't it?"

Danny nodded and led Joshua across the road "You go knock then"

"But you'll come with me?"

"I'll be right behind you" Danny smiled as he followed Joshua up the path.

Joshua looked over his shoulder to check that Danny was still there before reaching up and pressing the doorbell. As soon as he pressed it he ran back to his father and grabbed his hand "I did it!"

"You did" Danny told him proudly.

A few seconds later a older man opened the door "May I help you?"

"Trick or treat" Joshua grinned.

"Ooh... another trick or treater, let me just grab the treats I've got"

"Okay" Joshua smiled as the man shuffled back into his house. He soon appeared back again with a wrapped cake bar and placed it into Joshua's basket "Thank you"

"You're most welcome" The man smiled before closing his front door.

Joshua and Danny knocked on a few more houses each taking it in turns to ring the door bell and Joshua's pumpkin basket was now nearly full of sweets and cakes. They walked down to the end of the street passing a vampire, two witches, a princess and what Danny could only describe as a banana. They approached the last house, which was an old-looking house with a gate that was hanging from its hinges and one of the windows on the top floor had been partly smashed in. "I don't think we should do this one, Josh"

"Why not? I bet it's just like this cos its halloween"

"I don't think so" Danny replied as he felt a chill come over him. "Come on, let's go home"

"But... but... my buckets not full" Joshua pouted.

"Why don't we stop and Uncle Flack's on the way home then? I'm sure he'll fill your pot up"

Joshua grinned at the idea of getting to see his beloved uncle Flack "Let's go"

"Are you coming up or not?"

Danny looked up to see an old lady with long grey hair and a black floor length dress on, stood in the door way of the old house. "Oh... sorry we didn't think anyone was in"

"Well I am and I've got lots of treats here, no children seem to visit me"

Danny looked down at Joshua and then back at the old lady. He didn't really want to take Joshua up the path but he also felt it was rude to just walk away. Reaching down he took hold of Joshua's hand tightly and pushed open the gate. "What do you say, Josh?"

"Trick or treat" Joshua whispered.

"Pardon?" the old lady asked "I can't hear you"

"Trick or treat" Joshua said again as they got closer.

"That's better" the lady smiled. Turning around she picked up a pot of sweets and carried them over to Joshua "Here you go"

Joshua took a small handful of sweets and placed them in his basket "Thank you"

"You're welcome"

"Daddy, can we go to Uncle Flack's now?" Joshua asked looking up at his Father.

"Yeah, let's go" Danny replied

"Yes, I should head back in any way and tend to my cat, she's a bit sick"

"You've got a cat?" Joshua asked "I want a cat but Daddy won't let me have one cos Uncle Flack is allergic to them"

"Yes, I've got a black cat called Raven"

"Nice name" Joshua grinned "Can I see her?"

"No, I don't think that's a good idea, Joshua, not if we're going to see Uncle Flack" Danny told him

"Yes, I agree with your Father, it wouldn't be fair on your uncle" the lady smiled.

"Oh okay" Joshua said.

"It was lovely to finally have some visitors, so thank you" the lady smiled

"That's okay" Danny replied as he kept hold of Joshua's hand and led him down the path.

Half an hour later Joshua was sat on Flack's couch watching the end of a Scooby Doo episode and eating a handful of sweets from his bucket which Danny had allowed him to have while Flack and Danny had a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

"So how was your first trick or treat alone?" Flack asked.

"I wasn't alone, I had Joshua"

"I know that, I meant without Lindsay, doesn't she normally come and like vet each house before the children knock?"

"Oh yeah" Danny replied "Yeah, it was okay, me and Joshua have come back on one piece. Although, we did go to this creepy house right at the end, I didn't want to knock and had convinced Joshua not to but as we we're leaving the lady came out"

"Where's this house?" Flack wondered.

"Oh erm... Sycamore street, right at the end"

"Sycamore street... near Willow lane?"

Danny nodded "That's the one, it was the house at the end where the gate is falling off"

Flack frowned "No one lives in that house, Danno, it's been empty for years"

"Very funny, Flack. Your stupid wind ups might work on my children but they don't work on me"

"Danny, I'm not winding you up... honestly, no one lives there, I had to go there a few months back because someone was hearing weird noises but it was empty apart from a few ravens that lived in the roof"


Flack nodded "Yeah, there was about two or three of them up there"

"Oh" Danny replied. "It's just the old lady... she said her cat was called Raven"

"You are proper freaking me out now with this old lady... I told you no one lives there so I don't know who you saw"

"Freaking you out? Think about how I'm feeling! There was definitely someone there, Flack. She gave Joshua some sweets... look" Danny pulled Joshua's pumpkin basket that sat on the side over towards him and tipped it out "They were little green ones" he said as he began to rummage through.

"I don't see any green ones" Flack stated.

"Maybe... maybe Joshua's got them"

"No, you only gave him a handful of orange and black jelly sweets and a cake bar"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive because I remember thinking that I get how the orange and black sweets are halloweeny but I didn't get how the cake was"

Danny sighed as he began to put all the sweets back into the pot "I definitely didn't imagine this, I mean you can ask Joshua, he saw her too!"

"I believe you, Danny" Flack said with reassurance in his voice. "Look, I'll send some people out tomorrow okay? They can take another look round the house, maybe they might find something that'll explain all this"

Danny nodded "Yeah... yeah that sounds good and in the mean time, let's not mention this to anyone else, I don't want people thinking I'm going loopy"

"I won't say a word" Flack smiled.

"Daddy, Scooby's finished" Joshua said as he entered the kitchen.

"Are you ready to go home then bud?" Danny asked.

Joshua nodded "We can see if Lucy is all better"

"That we can" Danny smiled as he took Joshua's hat off the side and passed it to the six-year-old "Put this back on"

"But I don't want to wear it now"

"We'll you'll have to hold it then and I'll carry your sweets"

"I want to carry my sweets!"

"No, I'll carry them because I know you'll start eating them on the way home"

"I won't, I promise" Joshua begged.

"No, Josh. Carry your hat and I'll carry your sweets and then you can help me sort them out when we get home, okay?"

Joshua sighed "Okay but Lucy can have them sweets from that weird lady we saw last, I don't want any of her sweets"

Danny looked at Flack with an 'I told you so look' before turning back to his son "It's okay, I got rid of them anyway" he picked up the sweet bucket and led Joshua out towards the door way.

Flack frowned as he followed the pair out to the door. "I'll definitely make that call tomorrow"

"Yeah, please do" Danny replied.

"Okay, catch you tomorrow. Bye Josh"

"Bye Uncle Flack" Joshua replied as he walked past his Father and wrapped his arms around his Uncle's waist.

Flack smiled and hugged his nephew back "Give Lucy my love"

"I will" Joshua said as he let go of Flack and took Danny's hand. The pair then left Flack's apartment and took the short walk home back to their own house.