So I've been meaning to do this for a while and didn't realise till I got on Twitter this morning that Thanksgiving was today, so I've managed to write this one up and hopefully it's okay :)

Just a little disclaimer to say that I don't own Hello Kitty, Spiderman or Kermit the Frog :)

"I can't belive you've just made me queue for twenty minutes and you didn't even go" Lindsay sighed as she held Joshua's gloved hand tightly and led him through the crowds of people. After the incident with Lucy wandering off to find the coin a few years back, crowds now made Lindsay nervous when her children were with her.

"I did need to go, Mummy" Joshua insisted.

"So why didn't you?"

"Cos by the time we had waited so long, the wee wee had all gone back up inside me"

"Well hopefully it won't come back down now till after the parade because I'm not queueing again" Lindsay told him as they approached the side of the road. She stepped down, still keeping hold of Joshua's hand and was just about to cross over when a police officer stepped in front of her.

"I'm sorry, Miss, you're going to have to go back on to the pavement"

"Oh no, you don't understand, my daughter and friend are just across there, waiting for us and..."

"I'm sorry" The police officer said again, interrupting Lindsay. "The floats are on their way and it's now unsafe for anyway to cross the road, so if you'd please like to just step backwards"

Lindsay sighed and stepped back on to the pavement. Reaching into her bag, she rummaged through the packets of crisps, nail varnish and a toy car among other things till she found her cell phone. Keeping Joshua close to her, she flicked through her phone until she found Jo's number, hitting call she held the phone to her ear.

"There you are" Jo's southern voice came through the phone after only two rings "I thought you'd got lost"

"No, there was a massive queue for the toilet and now we can't get across to you because the parade is on its way" Lindsay sighed.

"Oh no, well don't worry, I'll keep Lucy safe with me until you can get to us"

"Are you sure? I'm sorry to just dump her on you"

"Don't be silly, her and Ellie are having a great time together and she's so easy to look after anyway"

"Thank you" Lindsay smiled "I'll see you soon"

"No worries" Jo smiled before ending the call.

Lindsay felt a tug on her hand and looked down to see the curious face of her little boy looking up at her from under his green winter hat "What's wrong, Josh?"

"Are we going to go find Lucy now?"

"No, not yet sweetie, we're gonna stand here and watch the parade together and then we'll find Lucy and Auntie Jo, okay?"

Joshua frowned "So we can't watch the 'rade with Daddy and now we can't watch it with Lucy either?"

Lindsay gave the six-year-old a small smile before running her hand over his cheek "I know, it sucks that Daddy has to work today of all days, doesn't it? and now we can't get over to Lucy, but hey, at least we get to watch it together"

"That's true" Joshua smiled as he cuddled up to Lindsay's side.

Lindsay looked up when she heard the crowd beginning to gasp and cheer and she managed to see the top of the first float "They're coming" she told Joshua.

"Where? Where?" Joshua asked excitedly "I can't see!"

Lindsay moved her bag on to her shoulder before bending down to pick up her son "Can you see now?"

Joshua nodded excitedly as he watched the first float draw closer. "It's Spiderman! It's Spiderman!"

Lindsay smiled at her son's excitement "Shall we take some photos of it?"

"Yes, can I do it? Please?" Joshua begged.

"Okay, but you're gonna have to get down for one second while I find my camera" Lindsay said as she placed him on the floor.

"You got to much stuff in that bag, Mummy" Joshua giggled as Lindsay began to route through it to find her camera.

"I know, I really need to sort it out when we get home" Lindsay sighed as she carried on looking for the camera "Keep looking at the parade though, Josh, you don't want to miss anything"

Joshua turned around in time just to see the 'Hello Kitty' balloon go past "Oooh, Lucy will like that one, I bet it will be her fav'ite"

Lindsay glanced up and smiled knowing that her daughter did love 'Hello Kitty'. She soon located her silver camera "I've found it"

"Can I take the pictures?"

Lindsay smiled as handed the camera to Joshua "Nice ones though, okay? We don't need to see pictures of random people or of trash cans that you thought looked funny"

Joshua grinned and aimed the camera up at the back of the 'Hello Kitty' float "I gots to get a picture of this for Lucy so she can 'member it"

"That's a lovely idea" Lindsay smiled. "You okay staying on the floor or do you want to be picked up again?"

"Picked up again cos I can see better like that, then I can take better pictures"

"Okay" Lindsay smiled as she lifted him back up. She was glad that both Joshua and Lucy were small children so thankfully at six, Joshua was still quite light to carry.

"Santa!" Joshua exclaimed as another float came past. Holding the camera out he snapped another picture "I'm taking good ones, aren't I?"

"So far you are doing lovely ones" Lindsay told him before planting a kiss on his rosy cheek.

"Lets take a picture of us!" Joshua said as he held the camera up to face them, something he'd seen Ellie and Lucy do many a time.

"Aww, Josh are you taking your first selfie?" Lindsay giggled before smiling at the camera.

Joshua pressed the button and a flash lighted up both of their faces "Can we see?" Joshua asked.

"Pass it here then" Lindsay held Joshua tightly against her and then using her free hand she managed to get the photo that Joshua had just taken up on the screen. It was slightly an off angle, part of Joshua's chin was missing from the corner of the photo and part of his head was blocking some of hers but Lindsay still loved the cuteness of the picture and knew it was definitely one that she'd be getting framed and put on her desk at work, where she'd proudly tell anyone who'd listen that it was Joshua's first selfie.

"Mummy, look, a big frog is coming" Joshua said as he pointed across the crowds.

"That's Kermit, Josh" Lindsay explained as she held up the camera and snapped a picture of her own.

The two of the stood there watching the rest of the parade together, where Joshua got excited over each different float that appeared. Lindsay smiled, she was gutted that she couldn't get to enjoy this with Lucy and Danny but she was also pleased that she did get to spend this quality time with Joshua.