So, here is the next chapter, I did struggle with this as I don't tend to write a lot of Sid but I wanted to include him in this little bunch of oneshots, so this is my Father's day oneshot :)

"Hi!" Joshua grinned as he ran into the small hospital room and hoisted himself up onto the bed "I missed you"

Sid let out a little laugh "I missed you too, Joshua"

"Are you sure you're okay to have him?" Lindsay asked as she stood in the doorway.

"Of course" Sid replied "It's always a pleasure to spend time with your children, Lindsay"

"They love spending time with you too, Sid" Lindsay told him before going on to tell him her plans "I'm literally just going down with Lucy to get her cast changed on her arm and then I'll be back to see you, with Lucy"

"Where is Lucy now?" Sid frowned looking for the nine-year old Messer.

"We were running a bit late, so Danny has taken her down to the children's bit but once I get down there he has to shoot off to work"

"It all seems to be go in your life at the moment" Sid replied.

"You don't know the half of it" Lindsay laughed.

"Tell me about it later" Sid said with a warm smile "You go and be with Lucy and I'll look after little Joshua here"

"Thank you" Lindsay told him gratefully "and you be good Joshua!"

"I will, Mummy" Joshua smiled before crawling up the bed and snuggling up next to Sid.

Lindsay smiled at the two of them sat on the bed together, she loved how much Joshua looked up to Sid and even though the six-year-old hardly saw the medical examiner now since the cancer had stopped him from working at the lab, Joshua still spoke of him fondly and was forever asking her and Danny when he could see him next. So when the date of the appointment to get Lucy's cast changed came through, Lindsay first of all struggled to find someone to look after Joshua during the appointment until Jo told her that even though Sid was having a relapse with the cancer, he was having quite a few good days at the moment and suggested that it might be worth Lindsay asking him whether he could watch Joshua as it was only for half an hour. Sid jumped at the chance when Lindsay later phoned him to ask and now looking at the both, Lindsay was glad that Jo had first made the suggestion, giving one last smile to the pair, Lindsay left to find Lucy and Danny.

"So how did Lucy hurt her arm?" Sid asked Joshua who was snuggled into his side.

"We we're at the park with Daddy the other day and while Daddy was helping me with the monkey bars, Lucy went to high on the swing and felled off and landed on her arm"

"Poor little Lucy"

"She's okay, she's getting a pink cast today and she's 'cited about that!"

"I bet she is" Sid smiled "And how is your Daddy? I bet he feels awfully guilty?"

"Daddy got Lucy a big teddy bear and some chocolate"

"Ah, that's good, I bet that made Lucy feel lots better"

Joshua nodded "And I got Daddy some chocolate!"

Sid frowned starting to feel slightly lost with the conversation "Why did you get Daddy chocolate?"

Joshua giggled "Cos it's Daddy's day tomorrow. I got Daddy some chocolates and some socks and I made him a card"

"You did? From what I know of your Daddy, I know he'll love that" Sid told him.

"What do you know about my Daddy?" Joshua asked as he snuggled closer to Sid. "Did you know him when he was little like me?"

"No" Sid laughed "I haven't known your Daddy all that long..." Sid thought for a moment "Well actually I guess it's got to be coming up 15 years or so now"

"That's a long time!"

"It is" Sid replied "We've had some good times in that time"

"What have you done?"

"Well we've done lots of work together, as you know and I also saw your Mum and Dad outside of work occasionally"

"So did you know my Mummy and Daddy before they fell in love and lived happily ever after?"

Sid laughed at Joshua's wording. "I did. I actually knew they'd get together before they even did"

Joshua frowned "How?"

"Because of a certain nickname your Dad used to call your Mum"

"What nickname? He calls her Baby, is that a nickname?"

"No, well yes it is a nickname but it's not the one I'm talking about" Sid explained "Do you hear your Dad call your Mum Montana sometimes?"

Joshua thought for a moment before nodding enthusiastically.

"That was the nickname that made me know they were going to be together"

"How come?"

"I'm not sure... I guess I just saw something special between the two of them" Sid replied with a small smile as he thought back to the time when Lindsay and Danny used to flirt with each other and how he loved watching everything blossom between the pair of them.

"They are super special!"

"That they are and you needed to show your Father how special he is tomorrow because it's Father's day. Although really, you should be showing both of your parents how special they are every day"

"I do!" Joshua replied "I make sure I tell them and Lucy that I love them every night before I go to sleep so that they know"

"That's good" Sid smiled

"And I tell Bluey too that I love him... I did bring Bluey today but I lefted him in the car"

"Oh I'm sure Bluey will be okay in the car, won't he?"

Joshua nodded "Daddy will look after him"

"Just like Daddy looks after you"

"Yep" Joshua grinned. "Daddy is so good at looking after me and Lucy... even though he didn't watch Lucy on the swing but Mummy said it was okay cos it was just an ki..."

"Accident?" Sid suggested trying to help the youngster out.

Joshua giggled shyly as he nodded "That's what I was trying to say"

"I know, Some words are just a little bit tricky to say but you'll soon get there"

"I can say investigator" Joshua told him proudly "I know that cos that's what Mummy and Daddy are"

Sid smiled "They are and what do they investigate?"

"Bad people!" Joshua replied "They have to find out what they did and then put them in prison for doing all the bad stuff"

"That's right and your parents are two of the best investigators in the whole of New York"

"Apart from Uncle Mac"

"Is he better than your parents?"

Joshua nodded "But only cos he is their boss and so if you are the boss you have to be the best, right?"

Sid let out a small laugh "I guess you do"

"And Daddy told me that one day he will be the boss and so then he will be the best!"

"That wouldn't surprise me in the slightest" Sid replied knowing that Danny would one day make a great head of the crime lab.

Joshua grinned at him before beginning to look around the small hospital room "Do you still have them books here?"

"Which books?" Sid wondered.

"The ones you read me when I came to see you last time, do you remember?"

Sid nodded and pointed to the small cabinet by the side of his bed "They're in the bottom, do you think you can get them for me?"

"Course" Joshua smiled as he slipped of the bed and knelt to pick the three books that had been stored there. "We read that one last time" Joshua said putting back the top book which was about a lonely Lion. Standing up he placed the other two books on the bed before hoisting himself back up.

"So which one do you want today?" Sid asked as he laid the two books out on his lap "Do you want the book about the mad monkey or the story of the clever cow?"

"The monkey one!" Joshua exclaimed as he sat back next to Sid.

"The monkey one it is" Sid smiled as he picked up the book and began to read to Joshua. The two of them sat there snuggled up together, reading the books and looking at the pictures until Lindsay came back with Lucy and her new pink cast.