Percabeth One-Shots

Lisa POV

"Come on!" I said, trying to get Annabeth to see sense. "It's Derek Prush! He is the captain of the football team, and hot, and he asked you to the dance!"

"No! I have a boyfriend, and I'm going to the dance with Percy!" She said.

"Oh yeah? How come I've never seen him?" I pressured, trying to get her to mess up.

"He goes to Goode High school. Not here." She said.

"Why has he never picked you up from school before?" I said.

"He is today. After next period, you will see him." She said.

And I was not able to wait to see the great Annabeth Chase, get caught in a lie. So, the next period went by in a breeze.

"So, were's your 'boyfriend'?" I said, putting quotation marks on the word "boyfriend".

"There he is!" She said, suddenly a lot happier than before. When I looked in her direction, I saw guy that was 100 times more hot than Derek Prush. He black hair, was tall, had the most amazing sea green eyes, and it didn't hurt that he had muscles. I was about to go flirt with him, maybe ask him out, but Annabeth run up to him and kissed him. Wait, she kissed him? What?

"Hey, Seaweed Brain." She said to him. Seaweed Brain? What kind of a nickname is that?

"Hey Wise Girl." He said, giving her another kiss. Wise Girl? What the heck?

"Lisa, this is Percy, my boyfriend." She introduced.

"Hi Percy." I said.

"Hi, Lisa. Nice to meet you." He said. He's so nice! Then, we heard a girl calling to Percy saying that we needed to go, because they need to get to Athens. He turned back to Annabeth. "Jason, Piper, Hazel, Leo, and Frank are waiting, and it's time for the trip." He said. Wait a second. What trip? And who are those people? Annabeth's been keeping a lot from me.

"They're all in there?" She asks. Percy just shakes his head. She whispers something in Percy's ear that I can't make out. Then, a boy calls out from the car. "Hey guys, the radio started playing the worst song ever! Can we go yet? Dirt face is waking up!" He said. Then, the same voice I heard earlier talks again. "Well, if you hate the song so much, well here's an idea. Change the station! I thought you were the 'all great son of blacksmith king Leo!' And Percy, Annabeth, he's right. Gaea is waking." She said.

"That's our cue." Percy said.

"Ok. Bye, Lisa." Annabeth says to me.

As they walk away, I see the hottest guy ever, for the last time.